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Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day featuring J.D. King

It’s “Friday Junior” or “Friday Eve” or “Just Thursday” again, and its time for another Top 5 Music Obsession set of Songs. Today’s Mix of 5 is an eclectic group of Tunes that all have a bit of mellow psychedelia to them, at least in their core sensibilities, if not genres. 326 kata lagi

My Top 5


It was beautiful because.

A cool light shaded the solitude

of a sycamore lined dirt lane.

Broad leafy boughs arrested the

passage of afternoon sunshine. 33 kata lagi

Huacachina, Peru

STOP 38 | Day 117 to 121 |

It was in Cusco we decided to part ways with our Bolivia Hop bus journey. We chose to introduce some efficiency into our schedule by flying directly to Lima. 989 kata lagi


Outfit: Winter Blues

Firstly, a disclaimer – I really must apologise for the horrific state of my hair in these photographs! Taking outfit photos in England in December is not an easy task as it is, but on this particular grey, drizzly, cold day, this is how they came out. 363 kata lagi

My Style

Some Might Say

De esas épocas de melenas frondozas en Madrid, con John, rubio de ojos color miel y cerveza de caña, de tapas, de historias de recitales de Oasis antes de su trágica separación, de fiestas de gala en terrazas de edificios, de terrazas de edificios con pileta y vestidos de raso, de largo, de glamour. 98 kata lagi