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Vegan London: Oasis Cafe at Harvest E8

Attached to the health food store at Harvest E8, the Oasis Cafe has so many vegan cake options I nearly became a gibbering wreck before I’d ever overdosed on way too much sugar. 159 kata lagi

Vegan Friendly London

Hello World

I was born too late and should have been a Gunter. Back before the contest to find Halliday’s egg had come to it’s climatic end. I wasn’t there outside Anorak’s Castle when the IOI activated the Catalyst. 218 kata lagi

Ernest Cline

New Band: Shambolics

As far as ironic names go, Shambolics is up there. Because the band couldn’t be further from shambolic. This band is actually quite admirable. As musicians are now more and more influenced by the noughties, we are reaping the rewards. 191 kata lagi

New Music


Today we have a quintessential UK album from the nineties, it’s the Gallagher’s with my personal, fave album from their back catalogue.

Oasis, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? 898 kata lagi