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Šta je to nuklearna fuzija?

Nuklearna fuzija

Fuzijska reakcija deuterij-tricij (D-T) smatra se najboljom reakcijom za dobivanje energije fuzije

U fizici je nuklearna fuzija proces u kome se spaja više atomskih jezgri pri čemu nastaje teža atomska jezgra. 4.164 kata lagi

Nuklearna Fizika

Versus: The Amiga Demo Chart - AmigaOS 4 and Android versions available

Hi everyone,

The 7th edition of Versus, the Amiga demochart by Nukleus and Void, is now available for AmigaOS 4 and Android!

Here’s the download links: 57 kata lagi


Versus: The Amiga Demo Chart – Issue 7 has been released!

Happy New Year everyone,

Welcome to the first post on Old School Game Blog in 2017. :)

Today I’m very proud to announce the the release of the 7th issue of the Amiga demo chart… 128 kata lagi


Versus: The Amiga Demo Chart - Voting Deadline!

Hello guys,

As some of you might know, we’re currently gathering votes for our upcoming Amiga demo chart (Versus).

Just wanted you to know that the deadline for voting is Sunday this weekend, so this is your last chance to submit votes for the upcoming issue. 97 kata lagi


Versus: The Amiga Demo Chart Returns - Votes Needed

Hello everyone,

If you’re interested in the Amiga demoscene, I’m sure this news will be of interest. :)

Two groups, Void and Nukleus, are bringing back the Amiga demo chart called… 140 kata lagi