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Spotlight: Supporting Nucleus' Core

This month’s spotlight on voluntary organisations features Nucleus Legal Advice Centre, who operate from a base on Old Brompton Road in Earls Court and provide free legal advice, help and representation to disadvantaged local residents. 181 kata lagi

Earl's Court

Nuclear physics

The nucleus is the small, dense region consisting of protons and neutrons at the center of an atom. The atomic nucleus was discovered in 1911 by… 82 kata lagi

today i am a biologist

Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping. –    Julia Margaret Cameron

This is the second time I make a map. The first, a few years back, was a map of the city of Phoenix laid out as a living cell.

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Nucleus & Paradox Интервью 2015

«Ощущение реального времени первостепенно, и именно в нем рождаются нужные хитросплетения…»

Мир, созданный Nucleus & Paradox – это мир культуры брейкданса, ломанных ритмов, науки и чистейшей загадки. 107 kata lagi


My Valentine

Whose voice is that I hear?

So loud and clear

Reverberating each cell of my being

Mesmerizing, haunting, jaunting,

Firmly resounding in the air.

A Voice- 70 kata lagi

Drum and Bass mixes: July (Part 1)

Confusion is still all over here in the UK at the weird bright circle thing in the sky but one thing that does go with it nicely is a fresh drum and bass mixes. 210 kata lagi


Physical Chemistry Lesson of the Day - What is the Primary Determinant of the Effective Nuclear Charge for Outer Electrons?

Electrons in the inner shells of an atom shield the electrons in the outer shells pretty well from the nuclear charge.  However, electrons in the… 93 kata lagi