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The second and last season of Powers came to an end…and if I’m not mistaken, this time most of the newcomers are original characters, and besides the one we already spoke about, there’s just one new entry from the comics (if I’m wrong, tell me the usual way). 903 kata lagi


What Happens to Metal in the Microwave?

You’ve probably seen it before on Youtube, one of the tens of thousands of videos of people microwaving knives, forks, coins, lumps of metal or (my personal favourite)  1.775 kata lagi


Waving Your Wand

Often, image analysis involves the measurement of objects, be they nuclei, cells or bacteria. There are plenty of good ways to select the boundaries of these objects, using freehand or segmented selections, and we’ve covered segmentation based on thresholding before. 399 kata lagi


Nucleus Home Intercom Gets Alexa Advantage

The smart home of the future could be a wee bit smarter with the addition of the Alexa-powered connected intercom system Nucleus announced last week. 233 kata lagi


Nucleus’ smart intercom adds Alexa functionality

Amazon’s friendly AI is continuing its brisk march across smart home services. A week after August announced Alexa functionality for its smart lock, Nucleus is doing the same for its… 119 kata lagi


Confirmation of Pear-Shaped Barium Isotope Nucleus

Quantum gravity expert Klee Irwin leads a team of expert physicists and mathematicians at the Quantum Gravity Research center in Los Angeles, California. There, Klee Irwin and his associates work on unraveling some of the great mysteries in science, and understanding the real-world implications of these discoveries. 157 kata lagi

Klee Irwin

DNA origami

In the cells that make up your body, about 2 metres (6 feet) of DNA – strings of genes – are coiled up and packaged into a typically roundish nucleus. 207 kata lagi