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Drum and Bass mixes: July (Part 1)

Confusion is still all over here in the UK at the weird bright circle thing in the sky but one thing that does go with it nicely is a fresh drum and bass mixes. 210 kata lagi


Physical Chemistry Lesson of the Day - What is the Primary Determinant of the Effective Nuclear Charge for Outer Electrons?

Electrons in the inner shells of an atom shield the electrons in the outer shells pretty well from the nuclear charge.  However, electrons in the… 93 kata lagi


The Bee Diaries - Arrival of the Bees!

Finally after much preparation  the nucleus of bees were collected, the best method of getting the bees settled into their new hive was explained and with reassurance that the queen was included, marked and clipped I was on my way home with my new hobby in a box. 896 kata lagi


Dear Belgian Systems Integrator. Is cloud computing in your comfort zone? If not, it better be some time soon!

Cloud is in. Any systems integrator you meet, will tell you that they offer cloud solutions, and that you should go cloud. With them, of course. 292 kata lagi


Summer Meeting 2015

We have another fantastic free evening event planned for you, so make sure you secure your place and register by following this link (or click on the advert below). 31 kata lagi

Cellular Pathology

The Bee Diaries - Quick Update & Final Preparation for the Arrival of the Bees.

Previously we sited the hive….

Finally, after months of waiting, I finally get to collect the Nucleus of bee’s next week on Wednesday 17th June. 191 kata lagi


Neon Atomic Structure

When trying to find the Nitrogen atomic structure, based on my theory, I realized that it too was probably a reduction of the next fused atom in the star fusion chain. 286 kata lagi