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4-neutron nucleus

Researchers in Japan claim to have discovered a neutral nucleus of an atom containing only 4 neutrons. They fired neutron-rich helium nuclei (two protons, six neutrons) at liquid helium (two protons, two neutrons) and the reaction sometimes produced a beryllium nuclei (four protons, four neutrons) leaving a neutron quartet!  20 kata lagi


The Nucleus: Identity and Danger

Hello again! It’s finally time to discuss the part of the atom that makes it what it is: the nucleus. While the electrons in their orbitals determine how an atom may react with others, the nucleus is responsible, as I have mentioned before, for establishing the elemental properties of the atom. 644 kata lagi

Nucleus by Witchcraft

The earth rumbles below and wakes you from your slumber under a large tree. A howling wind blows through the leaves, and increases in volume until you wrap your palms over your ears. 257 kata lagi

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The Cell

The cell is the unit of life. Life originated on earth as a bit of protoplasm. Each cell contains protoplasm surrounded by a limiting membrane called cell membrane. 61 kata lagi


ALBUM REVIEW: Nucleus - Witchcraft

WORDS: Laura McCarthy

The album begins with pretty, folky intro to Malstroem before gradually turning up the gain and making this a funky, darker song. A great way to start off a record, the music holds back just enough for the first quarter to keep your interests. 765 kata lagi

Album Reviews

Bee Improvement for all - Workshop 20th Feb 2016

Bee Improvement for all – Roger Patterson

This is a one day course that is designed to help beekeepers use these opportunities to improve their bees, as well as giving information to those who wish to raise more queens. 552 kata lagi

Assessing Honeybee Colonies

Saban Brands and Nucleus Debut Power Rangers Exhibit to Celebrate New BOOM! Studios Comic

To celebrate the release of its new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios has teamed up with Nucleus and Saban Brands for the… 223 kata lagi