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The interdependency of cellular and subcellular DNA

Evolution of eukaryotic cells was certainly a remarkable step in the emergence of complex organisms. This revolutionary step had occurred through the endosymbiotic relationship of different types of bacteria – survival of bacteria within another bacterium. 487 kata lagi

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Nucleus raises $5.6M in Series A funding led by Amazon's Alexa fund

Nucleus, the home intercom system which started shipping in August, has closed $5.6M in Series A Funding.

The round was led by Amazon’s Alexa fund… 414 kata lagi


The true cost of investing

Paul Lewis has had a summer holiday sitting in his tent reading spreadsheets. I spent the past 24 hours listening to people within the investment industry, either boasting that they were enabling as much as 3% pa of a client’s investment to be “retained” in the financial services food chain or moaning that they were prevented from taking more than 0.75% pa from the member’s pot. 1.443 kata lagi


"Strap me in and platform me up"

One of the great financial mysteries of Britain today is the success of fund platforms.

Last night, light was shed on their murky secrets by a high priest of their dark arts at a talk I attended in a dodge-spot in Berkshire. 1.081 kata lagi


Mini Wiki 6b: More Organelles!

Last time on mini wikis I introduced you guys to the world of organelles, today we’re going to look at some of the organelles in cells. 436 kata lagi



The second and last season of Powers came to an end…and if I’m not mistaken, this time most of the newcomers are original characters, and besides the one we already spoke about, there’s just one new entry from the comics (if I’m wrong, tell me the usual way). 903 kata lagi


What Happens to Metal in the Microwave?

You’ve probably seen it before on Youtube, one of the tens of thousands of videos of people microwaving knives, forks, coins, lumps of metal or (my personal favourite)  1.775 kata lagi