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Nucleus / Macabra - Fragmented Self

 The great thing about splits is how they bring together bands of similar style, and that helps us as listeners find new acts if we happen to like one band featured on a split. 409 kata lagi


Welcome Home!

Today we had some new arrivals on the farmy. About 300-400 of them. And thus far they seem to be content in their new location. 624 kata lagi


Atoms to Molecules

Click on the title of the cK-12 lesson below to access the materials –>

Atoms to Molecules

Read the article, watch related videos, access study guides, 13 kata lagi

Unit 7

The Future of Work

Back to the topic of employment, welcome guest contributor  Sarah Allen, community manager at Nucleus.  Yes, she’s selling something, but it’s interesting nevertheless:

The Future of Work… 279 kata lagi


Hey Walmart, here’s the startup that inspired the thing Amazon just launched

Amazon’s Echo Show killer feature is video calls. If you buy a couple of devices, you can call each other using the device. And it should be so easy that young kids and grandparents will be able to use it in no time. 654 kata lagi


Two New Biomedical Projects

The Zooniverse has just  launched two brand new biomedical projects!

Bash the Bug

Over 1 million people die from tuberculosis each year. Help researchers fight tuberculosis and its resistance to antibiotics now at  41 kata lagi

Citizen Science