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THE vs Nucleus

THE – paper link : http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~shanlu/teaching/33100_fa15/papers/THE.pdf
Nucleus – paper link : http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~shanlu/teaching/33100_fa15/papers/nucleus.pdf

These are two great papers that has shaped the operating systems designs in the beginning of the operating systems development. 844 kata lagi

Computer Systems

Coding for Proteins: Translation

Throughout this post, there are going to be specialist vocabulary used for this topic, and it will be much more useful if you know the definitions: 668 kata lagi

A2 Biology

The Effects of Src64 on Nuclear Distribution in Drosophila melanogaster Syncytial Blastoderm and Pre-Blastoderm

Carissa DeRanek

North Broward Preparatory School



During Drosophila embryonic development, nuclei divide within the single cell of the embryo, starting in the center and then moving to the periphery where they form the cellular blastoderm and, eventually, all the tissue in the body. 175 kata lagi

Major Article

Revenge of the Cloned Sheep

The art of cloning is usually regarded by the average science layman as something that’s only found in science fiction. However, cloning is done naturally (horticultural in plants and parthenogenesis in animals) and also artificially (pretty much every animal you can think of has been cloned at least once). 906 kata lagi

Spotlight: Supporting Nucleus' Core

This month’s spotlight on voluntary organisations features Nucleus Legal Advice Centre, who operate from a base on Old Brompton Road in Earls Court and provide free legal advice, help and representation to disadvantaged local residents. 181 kata lagi

Earl's Court

today i am a biologist

Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping. –    Julia Margaret Cameron

This is the second time I make a map. The first, a few years back, was a map of the city of Phoenix laid out as a living cell.

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Nucleus & Paradox Интервью 2015

«Ощущение реального времени первостепенно, и именно в нем рождаются нужные хитросплетения…»

Мир, созданный Nucleus & Paradox – это мир культуры брейкданса, ломанных ритмов, науки и чистейшей загадки. 107 kata lagi