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Life and the Cells start small

Eukaryote (Eucaryotic cells)

A eukaryote
is any organism whose cells contain a nucleus and
other organelles enclosed within

membranes. Eukaryotes belong to the taxon… 265 more words


1975-1976: Haywood & Napier, Albany Trust & Nucleus at Earl's Court

November 1976: Earl’s Court – Haywood & Napier, Nucleus & Albany Trust

On a cold Sunday afternoon, Robin Lloyd, a US based NBC photo-journalist at the time of writing ‘Playland’ in 1975/6, walked around Times Square, in particular looking in two amusement arcades. 3.161 more words

Breaking Down the Silo: Do I Own the Content?

Breaking Down the Silo is a new video series for forward-thinking healthcare marketers who are interested in learning more about Nucleus and what we have to offer. 71 more words


This three person baby thing.

I think the main reason why some people are making a big hoopla over the three person baby gig, is that people don’t quite get the science behind it and it’s freaking them out. 624 more words

General Interest

The Cell Series: Nuclei

Continued………how the pieces are created, I first render each piece as a mono print with acrylic paint onto acetate sheets, I layer the prints onto the acetate creating layers of colour and adding depth and texture. 60 more words

How strong would a magnetic field have to be to kill you?

There’s a great joke in Futurama, the cartoon comedy show, about a horror movie for robots.  In the movie, a planet of robots is terrorized by a giant “non-metallic being” (a monsterified human).   1.462 more words


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Cell Organelles

Before establishing what the functions of the cell are, it is important to note that cells must receive nutrients from somewhere. The cell receives its nutrients from the interstitial fluid. 705 more words