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Neon Atomic Structure

When trying to find the Nitrogen atomic structure, based on my theory, I realized that it too was probably a reduction of the next in the star fusion chain. 286 more words


Element Nucleus Structures, Hydrogen thru Carbon...

Video of the pictures below, saying basically the same thing.

Hydrogen 1,

Helium 4,

After understanding that electron orbitals can compress other electron orbitals, I began to understand the shapes of the other atoms.  184 more words


Model of Carbon 12 Isotope Nucleus Structure -Video Included

My theory, as stated a few posts ago, shows the inner structure of the carbon 12 Isotope nucleus and explains why the orbitals are shaped the way they are. 10 more words


The Bee Diaries - Siting the Hive

The nucleus of Bees should be arriving in about a month, so now is a good time to test the site for the bee hive. 471 more words


Passengers and Something New

We purchased some bee’s today. I stayed calm all of the way home. The store Glory Bee in Eugene, Oregon was interesting. It had everything you would ever want for beekeeping as well as all sorts of gadgets and goodies. 37 more words



Hello everyone. One of the first things we learn in Biology is cells. All living organism consist of cell, and many structures (organelle) within the cell are common to most organisms, with a few exception. 190 more words


Electric / Eclectic

At the the end of the sixties many jazz musicians wanted to become rock stars. Miles Davis with “Bitches Brew” and “Live-Evil” was one of the first to embrace the use of electronic instruments. 115 more words