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DNA of Snow

I am of a land of snow

Grey sky clouded, a silken mantle
penumbra of summer’s fireball,
my rooted winter seduction.

Here I rest.

My body loosens heavy with DNA…

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The Cell Part I: Introduction and the Nucleus

Note: When describing the parts of a cell, I will be describing the animal/human cell unless I specifically state otherwise.

Edit 11/4/2015: Error: When describing protein synthesis, I should’ve wrote the formation of proteins, not the copying of them. 645 kata lagi

9th Grade

Cloning in Mammals: A* understanding for iGCSE Biology 5.19 5.20

The most famous sheep in the world currently resides in a display cabinet at the National Museum of Scotland.  Dolly became internationally famous in 1996 as the first animal cloned using a nucleus from an adult animal.   526 kata lagi

IGCSE Biology Posts

How a 2 meters long DNA is fitted into a 2 micrometers Nucleus?

An average Human cell (diploid) contains about 6.4 billion base pairs of DNA divided among 46 chromosomes. The length of each base pair is about… 814 kata lagi

Cell Biology

Designing the Intracellular Superhighway

Intracellular transport of vesicles and organelles is essential for maintaining spatial organization within eukaryotic cells. Transport of cargo is typically carried out by a combination of diffusion and active, motor-driven translation along networks of actin and microtubule cytoskeletal filaments.  483 kata lagi

Biophysical Journal

Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Nuclear Reactions

We continued our exploration of how the nucleus of an atom can change by launching into Lesson 15.  The lesson revolves around the Nuclear Quest board game where students learn how new elements are created.   192 kata lagi


Nucleus: A smart intercom designed to connect your whole family

Nucleus is a family communication system inspired by the home intercom system. It is designed to make communication with your family effortless and pleasant and to save you time at each use. 233 kata lagi