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NUCLEUS: a northern treasure trove

Maybe you have to be nosy to be a writer. When something interesting crosses our path, we always want to know more. What it’s really about. 296 kata lagi

Why Can't You Walk Through Walls?

You simply can’t walk through walls. Because according to the Pauli Exclusion Principle, no two particles can exist in the same place – it’s just impossible for both the particles — within the limits set by the uncertainty principle — to have the same position and same velocity. 26 kata lagi


Who Am I

For the last coupe of years, I’ve been working on a legacy book for my kids, so that when I pass, they might know who they are and from where they came. 859 kata lagi


Plant Cells

A plant cell as seen under a compound microscope show three basic parts – the outermost cell membrane also called plasma membrane, the cytoplasm and the nucleus. 397 kata lagi

Fundamentals Of Primary Science

Wingardium Leviosa

Fact: Everything on the planet is floating – including you.

A book on a coffee table, a car on the road and your arse on an office chair – everything on our planet is actually floating a tiny, tiny distance above the ground but never touching it. 288 kata lagi


When You Get To The Door, Tell Them JESUS Sent You... Two FRANCO Monster Mash-Ups On Nucleus Blu-Ray



BD. Region B. Nucleus. 18.

Just as you were bracing yourself for their long-trailered restorations of Giulio Questi’s surrealistic giallo Death Laid An Egg (1968) and Mel Welles’ Lady Frankenstein (1971), the boffins from Nucleus outflank you with a couple of unexpected corkers from Jesus Franco. 1.489 kata lagi

Blu-ray / DVD Reviews

Boredom and the Urge to Sleep: The Link Explained

By: Meenu Johnkutty ’21

If you have ever felt the strong impulse to sleep during a boring lecture or movie, researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan can explain why. 385 kata lagi