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Fairy tale lessons

Time passes by. So quick. Soon we will celebrate 5 months here, we keep counting and I hope, soon, I will let it go. Summer came and now in Netherlands it’s hot, the sun is up in the sky and all you think about is… a cold beer on a terrace or on the beach, a new book – another story. 851 kata lagi


De NS kan er wat van (soms)

Onze Nederlandse Spoorwegen krijgt even een flinke pluim vandaag: voor het aannemen van goed personeel.

Ik had een feestje, het was gezellig, en plotseling was het laat (nou ja, ik ben wat ouder tegenwoordig en alcoholvrij, dus u mag dat woord met een korreltje zout nemen). 265 kata lagi


NS: Advice for girls whose boyfriends are about to enlist/have enlisted in NS

This post is relevant to any girls who, despite all odds and possible risks of getting critically wounded, landed themselves in a relationship with an NSF before or during the course of his enlistment. 1.747 kata lagi


The Green Train

In collaboration with Eneco, the NS presented the green train. The train travels crisscrossing The Netherlands and shows that all trains will soon be running on green electricity. 207 kata lagi

Human Movement

New app helps NS students with math problems

WATCH: You’ve heard the saying “There’s an app for that,” and it seems there really is an app nowadays for just about everything – including education. 402 kata lagi


20150624 National service revamp not possible with PAP in power

Male Singaporeans are disadvantaged by a 2 year conscription. Many employers also prefer to employ foreigners who do not have reservist obligations up to the age of 40/50 depending on one’s rank. 758 kata lagi



‘Ik zou graag wat harder rijden maar dat kan niet. Er rijdt een goederentrein voor ons.’ Een grinnik gaat door de volle treincoupé. Zo’n mededeling van een machinist hoorden we nooit eerder. 687 kata lagi