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Aster untuk Gayatri (Irfan Rizky)

Judul : Aster untuk Gayatri

Penulis: Irfan Rizky

Penerbit: Mazaya Publishing House

Editor: Tiara Purnamasari

Desain Sampul: @megapuspitap

Jumlah halaman: 158 hlm.

ISBN: 978-602-6362-35-3

Reviewer: … 644 kata lagi

Drowning Above Water

That’s my novella.

Today I finally sent my young, long-suffering pile of pages to an editor. (Who is also a friend, a great writer is his own right, and possibly a masochist for agreeing to muddle through my ramblings. 287 kata lagi

Character Interviews | Ryder Kline

The Edgelin Times

“Neighbor to Neighbor”

Interviewer: Barth Gramson

Neighbor: Ryder Kline

B- Well this is always a real pleasure. Today ladies and gentlemen we have a stunning and skilled woman amongst us. 1.262 kata lagi

How to Write a Fiction Narrative

I have a feeling this one’s at risk of becoming a long post, so I’ll try to keep it simple. Writing a fiction narrative is all about maintaining the balance between story and plot (story being defined as the events that don’t directly affect the main arc, and plot being events that do). 541 kata lagi

Self-Pub, Indie-Pub, or Big 5? Part 4

We’ve been talking about the paths to publishing for the last few weeks. Every author is unique. One author’s publishing journey is right for them but might be wrong for you, and so I’ve laid out some general information so you can make a wise business decision about the publication of your books. 468 kata lagi

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Alarms and lights blared from every direction. Matt still held Keiko in his arms. He had spared her harm by having her land on his body. 505 kata lagi