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Early Preview of My Book Cover. "Katu Justice" Soon on #Kindle, #Youtube, #AudioBook #scifi

Hi  everyone! I’m so excited that my fooling around with the Lt. Mazula’s story turns into a  reality. What do you think of this early version of the book cover? 56 kata lagi

Seven Lines Challenge

For this challenge, you’re supposed to go to page 7 of your WiP, count down 7 lines, share 7 lines or sentences, and then tag 7 other writers. 226 kata lagi


"The Highway" by C. J. Box

Genre: Thriller

(Serial Killer Truck Driver)

Buy It!

Cody Hoyt is a terrific cop with the best arrest record on the force.

His only fault, is that he sometimes crosses the legal line when pursing criminals. 211 kata lagi


Book: "Dune" by Frank Herbert

Just finished reading Dune – I recommend it to everyone. My hair stood on end as the last line faded. I had to read the sentence over and over again. 188 kata lagi


Prologue - The Graveyard

“We shouldn’t be here,” Barret said. “The thief’s dead anyway.”

“Are you afraid, Barret?” Captain Vulpoon growled. Barrett opened his mouth as if to stammer out a reply, but the captain cut him off. 2.596 kata lagi

A Glimpse Inside The Eternals

Jean and the Marquis: a discussion on being French.

“Anyway, names don’t come anymore French than Jean.”
“Ah, but that is through parentage, not allegiance. I neither chose it, nor wished it, and unfortunately have not had the time to change it.” 45 kata lagi


Hike Part 1

Evans leaned his back against the tree and pulled out a few pieces of hardtack and his canteen. Tiscornia sidled up next to him, “So, how long before we move out?” 603 kata lagi