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Fore-edge Painting: Images on Book Edges

Modern book design focuses on typography, cover art, and internal flourishes, but several hundred years ago book designers also added art to the sides of pages. 361 kata lagi


Indie Horror Fiction Review #1

Sickness in Hell by Tarl Warwick

While spinning down the post-election rabbit hole (yes, I voted for Hillary), I decided to take a trip to the dark side of underground news. 898 kata lagi


How to Find a Cover Designer

I believe I mentioned in one of my recent Friday Write-Day posts that I had begun the process of finding a cover artist for my novel… 634 kata lagi

Writers - Steve D


Do you love books? We all know I do, and I’ve just come across this awesome site called NetGallery where you can review all kinds of books before release! 27 kata lagi

General Nonsense

good friends

For a ten-year-old boy and girl to become good friends was not easy under any circumstances.

Haruki Murakami, 1Q84


full of gaps

She undressed and took a hot shower to wash off the unpleasant sweat smell. Not all guns have to be fired, she told herself in the shower. 31 kata lagi


his rules

“Exactly. Chekhov was a great writer, but not all novels have to follow his rules. Not all guns in stories have to be fired,” Tamaru said.

Haruki Murakami, 1Q84