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I ignore....Anna....the writer. Me.

I got asked this evening when I was going to write my novel.

I don’t think that Timone (one student who is going to change this world in so many great ways….Sorry, love, but you are….) recognized the fear that automatically filled my heart when he asked that question. 323 more words


The Muse has stopped, now what?

Welcome back to the Muse series.  You have managed to cooperate and guide the muse, and it has told you that the last word has been written.   713 more words


Review: Hawk by Steven Brust

Hawk by Steven Brust (9780765324443): Tor (2014)

It’s been years since Vlad Taltos has been back to the Imperial city of Adrilankha. He’s been on the run from the Jhereg, the Dragaeran House of the criminal underworld, who he made extremely unhappy. 294 more words


Case Law, Strasbourg: Almeida Leitão Bento Fernandes v. Portugal, No violation of Article 10 in 'roman à clef' case - Hugh Tomlinson QC

In the case of Almeida Leitão Bento Fernandes v. Portugal (Judgment of 12 March 2015)(available only in French), the First Section of the Court of Human Rights held that the a libel conviction and award of damages against an author whose novel was held to have libelled members of her husband’s family did not violate Article 10. 1.252 more words

Freedom Of Expression

Deskripsi Fisik Para Tokoh Mawar-Mawar Violet

Sangat menyenangkan pada saat kita menerima feed back dari orang yang telah membaca novel yang kita tulis, entah itu ungkapan satu kata seperti menarik, Wow!, atau hal yang kemudian menjadi pembicaraan panjang lebar seperti yang telah terjadi antara saya dan Ruhaida. 456 more words


The final days of the First Draft--Part 1

This morning I’m beginning the process of finishing the First Draft.

If you recall from earlier posts, the First Draft is actually the second draft. The REAL first draft was from NaNoWriMo in November, which I’m now calling the Discovery Draft. 803 more words