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Dear books,

When no one was there to hold my arms and walk along, you took me to a whole new word. A world that was beyond imagination and a world that filled my lungs with the air of joy and peacefulness.

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The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot - A Series Overview

What’s it About?

Derek Strongarm and Felix Lightfoot are a pair of hard-luck adventurers for hire with an unfortunate knack for landing jobs that pay too little and threaten their lives too much. 516 kata lagi


Stardusters... Canto 61

Canto Sixty-One – Sizzahl’s Primary Laboratory

Sizzahl awoke suddenly as a large chunk of metal crashed down from the ceiling above.  The Bio Dome shook with the shockwaves of some massive crash above the lab. 472 kata lagi


Five Essentials of Novel-Writing for Self-Published Authors

I scribed this for A Writer’s Path, where it will appear sometime in the next month. Editor Ryan Lanz graciously suggested I feel free to publish it here first. 592 kata lagi

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[Novel Project] Eternally Yours

Novel Project: Eternally Yours

Cast: Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Saera

Category: Adult, Romance

Synopsis: 354 kata lagi


You Were There Before My Eyes--Book Review!

This book is wandering mammoth of a story, in roughly the same vein of generational stories like The Thorn Birds, but it falls short of the aforementioned’s greatness because of some serious flaws. 314 kata lagi