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White Oleander by Janet Fitch with Lavender Tea

White Oleander by Janet Fitch is a uniquely powerful story that shows how circumstances can ruin the chances of even those with the most potential. Janet Fitch weaves the tale of a young girl who idolizes her mother until her mother is arrested and the young girl is bounced from foster home to foster home. 267 kata lagi


In Twenty Years (Allison Winn Scotch)

When six friends graduate from Penn, they make a pact to stay friends forever, largely because their ringleader and glue, Bea, made them promise. On their last night together, Bea has them write letters to their future selves and uses them to create a time capsule that they can open 20 years later. 100 kata lagi

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Two Days Gone (Randall Silvis)

When Thomas Huston’s wife and children are found brutally murdered, and Thomas is nowhere to be found, everyone assumes that Thomas is behind the deaths and fled after he killed his family. 71 kata lagi

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{Prose}: Excerpt of my Debut Novel

A low, loud rumble resounded throughout New Amhurst, but this time, Aisling was certain it wasn’t thunder. Her eyes darted around as she struggled to find the source of the sound. 738 kata lagi


Small Great Things (Jodi Picoult)

I love, love, love Jodi Picoult books. She is so very talented at tackling tough issues in her books, and often helps readers think about situations from other perspectives. 113 kata lagi

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To my fives of fans: on the topic of Frank Danger

For those of you who have been following the adventures of Frank Danger, an apology is in order. I’m done with his saga for the time being and the stories are coming down. 264 kata lagi