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Second Chances

What do you do when your bright, shiny, fabulous life in New York City blows up spectacularly: apartment uninhabitable, abruptly single, and jobless? If you’re Grace Hammond, you go back home to Connecticut for a few weeks. 394 kata lagi


Review: The Architecture of Love

Judul Buku: The Architecture of Love
Penulis: Ika Natassa
Penerbit: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tahun Terbit: 2016
304 halaman


Bagi Raia Risjad, New York is the city of love. 384 kata lagi

A Natural

Ross Raisin

First Sentence:     A few drivers had slowed to look up at the side of the coach as it circled the roundabout.

Back of the book: 256 kata lagi


Protocol Six: Episode Twenty-Five


The driver stuck to the alleyways as much as possible; it provided slightly better cover and minimized the risk to any bystanders. But ahead, a moving crew had the passage completely blocked off. 793 kata lagi

Alan Augustson

Character: Ian Morton

Ian had made a career out of being unruffled and presenting a detached, even distant front, however testing the circumstances.  Since university, he’d worked in the Internal reporting team at Smash-It plc, the well-known, occasionally infamous discount retailer run by its maverick owner James Wallace.   172 kata lagi

Character Description

The Waterwood Box, 46

Catch up!

How’d they get light? Adam wondered. That thought passed though as he came to understand the massive scope of the valley city. The three, outer spires’ color inspired the rest of the city’s color scheme. 274 kata lagi


The Good Ship "Pegasus", In Story And For Real

In my historical novel, China Lily, set in the 13th Century, I have spent a good deal of time writing about (and thus aboard) the good ship Pegasus. 469 kata lagi