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Day 91

It felt so great to get back into script writing. I wasn’t able to write as much as I thought I would. But I was able to do a little brainstorming. 155 kata lagi

Haiku, Pynchon Redux

“Ambitious without – being pretentious, ‘The Nix’: – the new masterpiece”

Mistakes That'll Plague Your Writing

Long time author, Angelo Booth of LifeHack shares with us, 8 Common Novel Writing Mistakes Even Good Writers May Make. Predictable- boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love and get married – type stories, cliche characters and boring content are just a few of the things she mentioned, that might plague your writing. 125 kata lagi


1st draft extract #1

I unloaded our little camping stove, which was dented and covered in spatterings of dried tomato sauce and dust, and banged it upside down and placed it right by the front right tyre after standing straight and still for a moment to try and determine exactly where the wind was coming from looking (I hoped) like a very serious meteorologist. 218 kata lagi


[Book Review] Autumn in Paris by Ilana Tan

Tittle                      : Autumn in Paris

Author                  : Ilana Tan

Released             : Juli 2007

Pages                    : 272

Price                      : Rp. 47.000,-


We can’t choose to whom we may fall in love with, but we can choose whether we want to keep it or not. 918 kata lagi


Bulletproof Werewolf - Chapter One

The bead of sweat finally reached my neck. I wiped it away. It was a typical July evening on the Texas Gulf Coast: hot enough to make you sweat, humid enough to keep the sweat sticking to your body like a second skin. 2.267 kata lagi


My Thoughts on Reading Slumps

Hey guys!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m having a really tough time coming up with blog posts. My reading slump has come back with a force, my job took away a lot of my free time to play video games or watch tv shows, and now I’m preparing to return to school for the year. 502 kata lagi