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Love Lost In A Fire

Where are you now,
but tinder and smoke.

Forty floors of orange,
and the ash of the earth.

Love lost in a fire,
long beneath the crust.


In Gardens

Not all that follows are ghosts. We live clumsily among the garden of our past, and though we move, fatefully forward, any seconds stumble sends us back. 34 kata lagi

The Restless Rhythm

Pegasus, Teman Seperjuangan Saya yang Tangguh

Hai … teman-teman, apa kabar semua? Nggak terasa ya sudah masuk akhir Ramadhan. Sedih nggak? Iya pastilah sedih ya. Secara bulan penuh keberkahan sebentar lagi ninggalin kita. 1.485 kata lagi

Sweet Tooth // Field Notes

It’s been some time since the last post, and while I’ve been steadily cooking up the next review, I’ve also been caught up with a lot of routine life derailing things. 445 kata lagi


DIY or die

Oh that Midori Traveler’s notebook. For just 32$ You’ll have the fanciest grocery list in all of Whole Foods. But just think for a second about what actually goes in to the thing you’re about to buy. 280 kata lagi


Me and My Handy Notebook

Happy Wednesday! I have not posted here is over a week due to being on a family vacation. My wife and I have been planning a getaway for a few months now. 685 kata lagi