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NATO’s Essential Minnows and the Russian Threat

By Joseph Rollwagen & Justin McCauley

The Bridge

When living on a shoestring budget, it is important to make your limited resources go a long way. 412 kata lagi


Following Up: Germany's Merkel on NATO and Defense May be Leading, but Could Lack Followers

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who’s not known as a bomb-thrower, at least chucked a pretty good sized grenade into newly volatile relations between the United States and the European members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 730 kata lagi

Our So-Called Foreign Policy: Desperately Seeking Adult Polling on NATO

There’s not much doubt that the main purpose of this recent Pew Research Center poll was to show the unpopularity in America of President Trump’s skeptical views of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 393 kata lagi

If This is Thursday, This Must Be Belgium

President Donald Trump’s first foreign trip went well enough through its first six days, with some potentially significant successes offsetting a few relatively minor if undeniably embarrassing missteps, but all along even his most ardent well-wishers had to admit to a certain nervousness about how long that would last. 957 kata lagi


NATO to Take New Counterterrorism Measures

The announcement comes on the first full day of the U.S. president’s visit to Brussels, the alliance’s headquarters

By Julian E. Barnes and Carol E. Lee… 79 kata lagi

NATO: Misunderstood, Underused, and Entirely Legitimate

Before you read this, you should know it is quite long (29 double spaced pages). If you feel like you still want to read it, I encourage you to and to leave comments. 8.274 kata lagi


Tornado GR.4s participate in Frisian Flag 2017

The RAF has been putting six Tornado GR.4 aircraft and their crews from No.31 Squadron through the gruelling two-week-long exercise, Frisian Flag 2017, which was held at Leeuwarden Air Base in the Netherlands. 242 kata lagi