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Putin 'Pleased' With Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin is “pleased” with Donald Trump’s successful campaign and rise to become the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, but veteran U.S. diplomats are not so sure if his call to improve relations with the Communist leader is such a good idea. 419 kata lagi

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... Mad Vlad is Having a Fit [#US][#Allied missile defense]..

.. temper , temper , Vladimir . You should know better ..

.. the missile defense sites being built in Central Europe are fairly small in size . 71 kata lagi

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NATO warplanes escort Russian defence minister's plane and fighter escort over Baltic

Footage has appeared on the Russian government funded news channel RT of NATO jets intercepting and escorting the Russian defence minister’s aircraft as it flew over the Baltic. 75 kata lagi


Manhunt for Brussels Terror Suspect Continues

Belgian police searched what officials said was home of suspected airport attacker

Belgian troops man a roadblock near Brussels’ Zaventem airport following Tuesday’s bomb attacks in the capital on Wednesday. 320 kata lagi

Polish President Calls for Visible NATO Force to Deter Russia

Andrzej Duda said increased presence was necessary to deter Russian aggression

Russia’s Putin seems to be working to break up the alliance….


German troops take part in a NATO exercise in the Masuria region of Poland in October last year. 573 kata lagi

NATO's Baltic intercepts of Russian aircraft up by 14% in 2015

NATO’s on-going Baltic policing mission saw armed combat fighters launch 160 “live” intercepts of Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea in 2015. According to figures produced by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense this number represents a 14% rise over 2014. 171 kata lagi


Mary Beaudoin | Armies on the Move: Trident Juncture 2015

Over the last few decades, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has grown in strength to become a dangerous force in the world 1.933 kata lagi

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