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Obama refuses to meet with NATO head

One can only wonder at the absurd behavior of Obama. Why in the world would he not meet with these folks? NATO, the last stand when the Russian bear rises again, and he is rising. 347 more words

Barack Obama

Russia is Heating up the Arctic

By Jeff Stein


The Mågerø air defense monitoring base is inside a mountain at the end of an unmarked country road two hours south of Oslo, Norway. 427 more words


Putin's War in Ukraine

The war of the President of the Russian Federation in Ukraine has plumbed new depths.

When President Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea in February 2014, much violence was avoided; this was partly because the professional soldiers from Russia and Ukraine involved were neighbours with families living in the same communities and children at the same schools. 312 more words

European Union

For Ukraine, Weakness Could be its Greatest Strength

By Samuel Charap & Tymofiy Mylovanov

The National Interest

The United States and the EU have demonstrated significant commitment to Ukraine’s success since the Maidan revolution. 264 more words


The Ukraine Crisis is More About the West than Russia

By Eliot Cohen

The American Interest

Whether we fully realize it or not, the West in general and NATO in particular face a new crisis—by far the most serious and dangerous of the post-Cold War era. 330 more words


Is NATO Dying?

Declaring the North Atlantic Treaty Organization dead has been a pastime of analysts since the end of the Cold War. The alliance, today 28-members strong, has survived 65 years because its glaring contradictions were often overlooked, given the dangers of an expansionist and nuclear Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact subjects. 1.701 more words