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Reading about so many fellow ICPDD patients with terrible headaches, pain, when their pressures are high.  Questions about “How can I make this stop?!”.   Short of proper diagnosis and medical intervention, relief from symptoms of high intracranial pressures may not be completely possible, but I know from personal experience that certain things help me enough to make things at least… 2.531 kata lagi


A Rosetta Patient Speaks: The Cerebrovascular Theory of Intracranial Hypertension

Cerebrovasular Theory of Intracranial Hypertension, Part 2:  Leading to The Danger Zone

During my “experiential residency” in the study of Intracranial Pressure Dysregulation Disorders, it has become apparent that certain areas of the brain appear to be more susceptible to increased CSF pressure.   1.302 kata lagi


Let There Be No Doubt...

…about how serious Intracranial Hypertension and the group of related/associated conditions I refer to as Intracranial Pressure Dysregulation Disorders (ICPDDs) are.

The toll they take on aa patient’s function and quality of life. 264 kata lagi



noun | ba-rom-et-rick presh-shure|

1) the force exerted on an object by the weight of the column of air above it; affected by changes in weather patterns and altitude… 2.146 kata lagi


Is large volume spinal tap necessary in diagnosing normal pressure hydrocephalus?

Lumbar puncture test in normal pressure hydrocephalus: does the volume of CSF removed affect the response to tap?

Thakur SK, Serulle Y, Miskin NP, Rusinek H, Golomb J, George AE. 309 kata lagi


Intracranial Pressure Spectrum Disorder: A New Name For An Old Medical Condition

My name is Wes Haddix.   I am a 57 year old dentist, currently medically disabled as a result of a sports injury in 2007.  I was diagnosed with an Intracranial Pressure Spectrum Disorder (my term) in November of 2016 and received a vp shunt in late March of 2017.  1.161 kata lagi

Adrenal Insufficiency

Does acetazolamide improve normal pressure hydrocephalus?

Low-dose acetazolamide reverses periventricular white matter hyperintensities in iNPH.

Alperin N, Oliu CJ, Bagci AM, et al.

Neurology 2014; 82:1347-1351.



To assess the effects of low-dose acetazolamide treatment on volumetric MRI markers and clinical outcome in idiopathic normal-pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH). 237 kata lagi