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Maybe - an Acrostic poem

Many the choices we face each day
Am I doing the right thing?
You may have chosen differently, but, hey —
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Common Causes of Lower Body Parkinsonism: By Dr. De Leon

Once upon a time “arteriosclerotic (hardening of arteries) or vascular parkinsonism  (VaP)” was also known as ‘lower body parkinsonism.’ The latter refers to a type of Parkinson’s in which patients present with what is now referred to… 613 kata lagi

Parkinson's Disease

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus – My Lifeline

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus can present a triad of things affecting gait, incontinence and dementia. It usually affects people over 60. When Sue Skinner was diagnosed with NPH in her late 20s she felt her life had ended – until she discovered… 253 kata lagi


#ShineTogetherMagazine - SUMMER Edition NOW on-line!

The Summer 2016 edition of the Together Magazine, published by the charity Shine, is now available for you to swipe …… on Slideshare! 59 kata lagi


15-42 Segment 1: Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus


Synopsis: As many as five percent of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s diseases may in reality have a treatable disorder caused by “water on the brain.” An expert and patient discuss. 1.912 kata lagi

Radio Health Journal Podcasts

What is Normal pressure hydrocephalus?

This information comes from Alzheimer’s Society, a wonderful organization based out of the UK. They are one of my go-to sources for information and I highly recommend taking a look around their website. 314 kata lagi

Alzheimer's Disease And Other Dementias