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Welcome To The Shunt Whisperer

Welcome to The Shunt Whisperer.  I’m a 57 years old professional forced into retirement and disability as the result of a sports injury over 10 years ago.    549 kata lagi

Defining Your Disorder: Quality of Life by the Numbers

ICPDDs affect the lives of patients according to its unique set of symptoms, and how those symptoms apply to each patient.  Pain may be a component, but also, so may fatigue, insomnia, mood alteration, memory, cognitive function, and more.  1.571 kata lagi

Welcome; let's get to work...

Welcome to ShuntWhisperer.com.

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

I started this site after being treated with a VP shunt for an Intracranial Pressure Dysregulation Disorder (ICPDD) 1.560 kata lagi


A Christmas Story: Barometers, Blood, and Swollen Brains...now with Pictures and Proof!!!




The latest installment in my ongoing narrative of the effects that barometric pressure has on my condition, and presumably, others as well.  2.998 kata lagi


Reading about so many fellow ICPDD patients with terrible headaches, pain, when their pressures are high.  Questions about “How can I make this stop?!”.   Short of proper diagnosis and medical intervention, relief from symptoms of high intracranial pressures may not be completely possible, but I know from personal experience that certain things help me enough to make things at least… 2.531 kata lagi


A Rosetta Patient Speaks: The Cerebrovascular Theory of Intracranial Hypertension

Cerebrovasular Theory of Intracranial Hypertension, Part 2:  Leading to The Danger Zone

It’s really simple.  Damage/squeeze (“stenosis”) the main veins that drain the brain and a situation is created where the damaged veins can’t drain blood OUT as fast as the heart pumps it IN.   1.443 kata lagi


Let There Be No Doubt...

…about how serious Intracranial Hypertension and the group of related/associated conditions I refer to as Intracranial Pressure Dysregulation Disorders (ICPDDs) are.

The toll they take on aa patient’s function and quality of life. 264 kata lagi