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Indomie Goreng Oplosan

Bangun dan merasa lapar, sudah biasa. Ke dapur dan melihat apa yang bisa dimasak, dimakan.

Mie “udo” yang dibeli kapan hari masih separuh. Tomat, wortel dan bumbu dapur masih ada banyak. 87 more words


Lighter Tuna Noodle Casserole

The first of many upcoming casserole dishes…hopefully made a bit healthier, being from midwest these dishes are always a dinner staple.

Recipe pdf here ~


Nong Shim Chapagetti (농심 짜파게티)

Nong shim adalah salah satu merk mi instan Korea yang terkenal. Banyak pula pilihannya. Salah satu yang baru saja kucoba adalah Chapagetti.

Dengan bumbu hitam mirip kecap, namun rasanya tetap gurih dan tidak semanis kecap manis Indonesia. 65 more words

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~*Creative Blogger Award*~

Would you look at that! Another blog award! This time it is from my friend over at Flights of Fancy. The Creative Blogger Award is given to those that you feel are inspiring bloggers. 417 more words

Khia, Outside Time, My Man Cave, and Grooming Torture

I almost completely forgot to tell you about our backyard adventure that happened before the park adventure!

It all started with this:

A gloomy Khia. 223 more words

Udon. From Scratch.

Are you a noodle person or a rice person? Tell you what, I’m both. And as a noodle eater, I can tell you that the one noodle you can’t go cheap on is udon. 990 more words



Found a new (to me anyway) photo editor: picmonkey. It has a collage function! Awesome.

But first, “brunch”.

From here. Hapa rice (that’s brown and white rice mixed, get it? 110 more words