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Noodle Soup

Hello, hello!

I got quite sick this week end and needed something warm to feel better, so I made myself an experimental noodle soup. It resulted in something pretty yummy. 292 kata lagi


Beef Sate Noodle Soup - Tan Ky Mi Gia, Mira Mesa (by mmmyoso)

Beef Sate Noodle Soup – Tan Ky Mi Gia, Mira Mesa (by mmmyoso)

Chicken Noodle (fides) Soup

This is the perfect soup for colds and flu’s, or even just a light, evening meal.  I make loads of it, since it’s all my sickies can swallow, until they feel better. 142 kata lagi


It's Waaaaay Beyond Normal : Warung Upnormal

Cerita bermula dari ketika teman saya memberi list tempat makan yang belum pernah kami coba di Jogja. Saat itu setelah menimang-nimang dengan baik, benar, dan matang, akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk ke salah satu tempat makan di daerah Seturan ini. 419 kata lagi


Meal of the week - Garlic, ginger and chilli chicken noodle soup

Hi again! Welcome to the second post in my “Meal of the week“, where I look at what lovely grub I’ve consumed and provide you guys with the low down on why you should try it at home for yourself! 587 kata lagi


What The Pho?!?!

I am part Vietnamese and have had the luxury of eating authentic, home made dishes growing up. So I spent the weekend making Pho, it’s a popular Vietnamese noodle soup. 29 kata lagi