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Struggles of a Revert

As a revert you find yourself in some difficult situations with so many mixed emotions. The enormous peace and happiness at having accepted Islam; the pressure and strain of having to learn so much from scratch; the confusion at being told different opinions. 821 kata lagi


A Muslim Expat Marrying A Local Non-Muslim in Malaysia - The Process

The reason I decided to write about my experience as an expat in Malaysia is the amount of time wasted online/offline trying to find the needed information and the exact details to go through the process of marrying a local Malaysian. 2.496 kata lagi


Sia’s “Non-Muslim Decisions”


Sia’s “Non-Muslim Decisions”

If Sia reverted to Islam, the lyrics of her original song “Midnight Decisions” would be as follows:

“Non-Muslim Decisions”

 Remember when we had it all? 445 kata lagi


Dear non-Muslims, I'm Sorry.

“I’m sorry.” They said. For the umpteenth time. It occurred to them that, in fact, they had nothing to be sorry for but if they didn’t say it, life would be much harder. 365 kata lagi


Guest Post: Through My Sister's Eyes

Salaam y’all. Today I’ve got something a weeeeee bit different for you guys…a guest post from my sister!

I read a book ages ago, when I first converted, called  748 kata lagi


"Imitating the Kuffar"

Salaam everyone.

This post has been a long time in the making, basically ever since I wrote my slightly rant-y post on divisive (and super offensive) … 1.385 kata lagi


US suspends immigration program helping non-Muslim Iranians

VIENNA (AP) — Austria has shut its door to about 300 non-Muslim Iranians hoping to use the country as a way station before establishing new homes in the United States, The Associated Press has learned. 599 kata lagi

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