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Islam Itu Media Iblis Untuk Memperalat Manusia

Penanya: Wak Duladi, anda bilang bahwa Islam akan menguasai dunia. Bukankah ini menunjukkan ekspresi pesimis anda bahwa anda tidak akan berhasil membebaskan muslim dari belenggu Islam? 792 more words


Blogging from A to Z Day 14: "Non-Muslim" vs. "American"

N is for “Non-Muslim” vs. “American”

It has always been one of my biggest pet peeves when I hear Muslims refer to people who are not Muslim or cultural practices that conflict with Islamic practices as “American.” 352 more words


If non-Muslims have good morals, will they enter Paradise? Will the children of the non-Muslims enter Paradise?

Praise be to Allah.  

You should note that all the kaafirs who hear the message of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and do not enter Islam will go to Hell. 733 more words



If I did not know better, then I would think a terrorist is a Muslim who plans and commits violent acts.  Non-Muslims who plan and commit violent acts are… 205 more words

Women wear Hijabs for a day

This short Buzzfeed video about the experiences of non-Muslim women wearing hijabs for a day, looks at what they stand for and how by wearing one, people judge or identify with you. 45 more words


Marriage: to be or not to be- Should black Muslim girls marry non-Muslim men?

This article is written not so much with trying to twist  the religion or rectify any fatwas, but rather from the perspective that this is something that is happening and more so as time passes. 1.399 more words

Misconceptions And Religion

Islam,Musalman aur Ghair Muslim

Islam,Musalman aur Ghair Muslim.

Islam ek hama geer aur Jame mazhab hai, jo zindagi ke tamam shobon me Insaniyat ki rehnumai karta hai, wo banda ko Khuda se jordta hai, wo ek musalman aur doosre musalman ke darmiyan rishta ukhuwwat ko istewar karta hai, wo poori insaniyat ko ek doosre ke sath Wahdat ki ladi me pirota hai, aur 2 Qaumo ke darmiyan baham rawabit(connections) ke usool par raushni dalta hai isi liye Quran o Hadees me Musalmano aur Ghair Muslimo ke talluqaat ke baare me wazeh Usool maujood hain aur Fuqaha ne Apne Ijtehadaat ke zarye unhe mazeed munaqqah (wazeh) kar diya hai. 175 more words