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At Mobile World Congress, industry leaders try to work out what comes after the smartphone

Barcelona, Spain

As smartphones have proliferated, so have the kinds of people obsessed with them, from car-makers to media chieftains. Every year, they gather at Mobile World Congress, an annual extravaganza that brings together telecom companies, internet giants, handset makers and everyone in between to talk mobile computing for four days in Barcelona.  929 kata lagi

Inikah Bentuk Nokia 3310 yang Baru?

HMD Global, pemilik lisensi ponsel Nokia pada minggu lalu dikabarkan bakal merilis ulang Nokia 3310. Kini, muncul video penggoda (teaser) yang menampilkan wujud Nokia 3310 yang dimaksud. 140 kata lagi


Με livestream 360 μοιρών θα καλύψει η Nokia τη MWC

Η Nokia έχει δείξει με κάθε τρόπο ότι επιστρέφει δυναμικά στην αγορά της κινητής τηλεφωνίας και στο πλαίσιο του Mobile World Congress 2017 αναμένουμε αρκετές ανακοινώσεις. 21 kata lagi


Smart City Denpasar, Layanan Cepat di Pusat Pulau Dewata

Photo by TIMES Indonesia

Menteri Dalam Negeri (Mendagri) Tjahjo Kumolo mengapresiasi pelayanan cepat yang ada di Kota Denpasar lewat program “smart city”.


What to expect at MWC: Five flagship smartphones and the return of the brick

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Every year the smartphone industry gets together and has a big conference in Barcelona, Spain called “Mobile World Congress.” The show floor is open from February 27 through March 2, but most of the big press conferences happen the day before the show: February 26. 1.461 kata lagi


Nokia 6

So, In this Article I will be telling about Nokia 6.(Detailed)

So, Let’s get started.


One of the many things that made Nokia great once upon a time was the legendary durability of its phones. 825 kata lagi