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Smartphone Pujaan Hatiku

Sekarang Handphone/Smartphone dah jadi satu keperluan. Kalau dulu (around 1999) pakai handphone cap nokia pon dah kira gah gila. Ayen pakai handphone start diploma di UiTM Shah Alam. 1.021 kata lagi


I gave up my phone for a month and here's what happened...

Hello everybody!

Just before we get started, can I just say thank you to those following me or who have liked my posts, I do a little squeal every time there is a orange dot next to the bell! 422 kata lagi

Should I Give Up Social Media?

Unknown Facts : Finland

  • There are no payphones in Finland, it’s the home of Nokia.
  • When driving in Finland, you are required by law to keep your headlights on at all times, regardless of weather or time of day.
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No ‘prisoner’ to their cells: Dumbphones over smartphones for some in Singapore

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: You may know someone who owns three iPhones, but what about someone who owns – and still uses – three Nokia 8250s? 1.178 kata lagi

Current Affairs

Spark moves to 200Gbps wavelength

Spark is using Nokia kit to roll out New Zealand’s first 200Gbps wavelength network link.

The link connects Spark’s core network node at Papakura with the… 196 kata lagi