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Random Post - Best Phone Image of 2007....("Pull a Face (You)" by Horsman on Flickr)

This was taken on a Nokia N73 back in 2007, incredibly good technically for the device and the year. Now it’s relegated to “demotivational” sites, tho’ the photographer has still got it on his… 32 kata lagi

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Assalamu’alaikum wrwb

Night all, :D

How was your holiday ? Of Course happy right ? :)

Well, Pict above also from my N73 Superb Camera. Why I post this, because I don’t use my holiday as usual. 22 kata lagi


Yellow Flower

Assalamu’alaikum wrwb

Morning All :D -Tee Hee

Well in my country this day is a holiday day because there a red mark oh the date. HOLIDAY :lol… 80 kata lagi


My Nokia N73

He was my bestfriend for more than four years. He was there to comfort me when I needed someone to talk and listen to. If I wanted to be entertained, he was there playing his several songs installed on him. 140 kata lagi


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

With the scorching summer on and the blistering heat frying away the days, the least favourite thing in the universe right now for me is the SUN :-( 380 kata lagi