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Inilah Berbagai Kisah Misteri Dibalik Kartun Doraemon

“Aku ingin begini, aku ingin begitu. Ingin ini ingin itu banyak sekali.. Semua, semua, semua, dapat dikabulkan. Dapat dikabulkan dengan kantong ajaib..

Jika Anda hafal dengan lagu tersebut, maka dapat dipastikan bahwa masa kecil Anda bahagia. 801 kata lagi

UPD: Sunflower Season 2017

Oyeah. It’s that time of the year when sunflowers bloom in UPD because it’s graduation rites all over again. Since sunflowers are <3, we try to visit this season in UP. 181 kata lagi


Doraemon: Nobita and The Birth of Japan (2016): Cute Answer to Your Longing for Doraemon

The official movie site, unfortunately in Japanese, is here.
Said to be the 36th movie in Doraemon franchise, this movie told us about Doraemon and Nobita (and of course Shizuka, Giant and Suneo) adventures to help a lost boy named Kukuru, who has transported through space and time from the Pleistocene era 70,000 years ago. 308 kata lagi

My Review

The House from Doraemon 3Ds Max

The simple and joyous house from Doraemon (Nobi Resedence) Anime. Model, texture, and lighting by Parijat Bora on 3ds max, and vray.


Japan Trip 2016 [Kawasaki] - Walk Down The Memory Lane

Aku ingin begini, aku ingin begitu

Ingin ini, ingin itu, banyak sekali

Semua semua semua dapat dikabulkan

Dapat dikabulkan dengan kantong ajaib

I bet you read that by humming the song in your head. 1.582 kata lagi

Travel Journals

Mt. Gulugod Baboy 2016

Similar with Mt. Talamitam, this is another one of those beginner-friendly mountains with a difficulty rating of 2/10. Seasoned climbers that we met along the way tell that this climb will only last for one (1) hour. 1.519 kata lagi


Birthday of Doraemi

Let’s see what gift Doraemon gave to his cute sister Doraemi on her birthday …..

Doraemi’s Birthday Episode is on our channel , checkout now…. 19 kata lagi