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A Small Introduction

So, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a senior at a small liberal arts college. Whittier College to be exact. It’s so small it hasn’t even been given the title “university”. 254 kata lagi


Sexy Political Scandals

Before listening to the latest episode of Radio Lab over the weekend, I’d never heard of Gary Hart. Poor guy might have been president if the American public and media hadn’t suddenly taken an interest in his sex life. 369 kata lagi


The Colorful New Hampshire Primary That Gives This Year a Run for Its Money

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, this year’s crop of presidential candidates will duke it out for the affection of Granite State voters, as the field continues to… 429 kata lagi

There was a time when when people did the right thing for the good of the country

Nixon did not resign because he wanted to, But he did resign and it could not have been an easy thing for him to do. His resignation showed that whatever his flaws were he still maintained the ability to do what was needed of him for the good of the country and I stress it was not what he wanted but it is what was needed for the country. 367 kata lagi

Trusted Government and the Resurgence of American Exceptionalism

As public opinion polls have shown, the American people have lost confidence in the very government they elected, stretching back most significantly to the Nixon Administration and the Watergate Scandal. 2.063 kata lagi



Liberal Democrats have a very short memory.   No…….this is how they roll.  Over-looking a corrupt liar, traitor makes you a corrupt liar and traitor.    Don’t let the blood on Hillary’s hands rub off on you!