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John Pilger on Paris attacks, root causes of terrorism and what we can do about it

John Pilger is a war correspondent, film-maker and author.

A truce is the only way out of this maze, says John Pilger, otherwise, the atrocities in Paris and Beirut will be repeated.

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I believe that a truce is the only way to combat the increasing atrocities, for any acts of violence from any quarter will only encourage more. But for a truce to have any success there needs to be a willingness from all sides to participate and underlining this will be the element of trust. However, this is not only a West versus Middle East situation, but also to be considered is Israel and Palestine, all the conflicts within the Middle Eastern countries and all the long standing historical events. Is this achievable, only time will tell, but with the considerable mistrust abound and the long standing history, it will not be an easy task. Then that is if the heart is willing.