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How Many Trump Advisors Did It Take to Realize Healthcare is "Complicated"?

Today, Donald Trump spoke to the National Governor’s Association. While he was talking about how his team was working on a plan that would replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), he said this: 624 kata lagi

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How America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up

This is what America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up…It wasn’t pretty

Outflow Pipe from the Oxford Paper Company into Androscoggin River

❝ In 1970, Republican President Richard Nixon signed an executive order creating the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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Daughters Diplomacy Soon Followed by Government Diplomacy

Chinese market is indispensable for the US if it pursues job creation and economic growth, period!

That is why while employing harsh rhetoric, US President Donald Trump used his attractive daughters to win goodwill among Chinese people and conducted friendly talks with China in secret. 198 kata lagi

The 'enemy of the American People' doesn't work at your local newspaper

It engenders anger to know the president of the United States says that what I did for a living for 20 years — and what I’ve spent 25 years teaching — represents the acts of “an enemy of the American People.” 956 kata lagi

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Media an unelected aristocracy hoping to do to Trump what they did to Nixon

Economist and actor Ben Stein, speaking to Brianna Keilar on CNN, said he wasn’t surprised nor disappointed “that President Donald Trump planned to skip the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April.” 209 kata lagi


Lady Bird Johnson + Redwood National Park

Contributed by Will Rice

On the North Coast of California grows a grove of big honkin’ trees. Often shrouded in a salty mist, they stand in a kind of surreal majesty that beckons nostalgia of an earlier planet, one dominated by mega flora and fauna. 1.442 kata lagi