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Quiz time!

What do the following 3 men have in common?

1). George H. W. Bush

2). Richard Nixon

3). Joseph Milteer (organizer for the National States Rights Party who was in Miami two weeks prior to JFK’s assassination when he was captured on Miami PD audio recordings speaking of JFK’s assassination “from an office building with a high-powered rifle,” and stating “they would pick up somebody within hours . 13 kata lagi


Veterans: The True Heroes

Saint Leo University observed Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 10, with a commemoration held in front of the “For Those Who Serve” statue. The ceremony saw a large turnout which consisted of students, professors, and military members and their families. 533 kata lagi

Campus News

The famous mathematician Stanislaw Ulam thought of the following paradox, which is now known as the Ulam Paradox: When President Richard Nixon was appointed to office, on the first day he met his cabinet he said to them: ‘None of you are yes-men, are you?’ And they all said, ‘NO!’

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The 1970s, Generational Theory, and a 21st Century Japanese Cartoon

Something about Bleach I find very interesting.

First, let me pre-empt this by saying as a history enthusiast (the kind that will tell you about the incompetence of Cortez’ men terrifying Moctezuma and the people who answered “no, no, no” to the three-question government form that demanded Japanese Americans stop being Japanese, not the revisionist fanatic kind) with a morbid fascination with advertising (First created in its modern form by Freud’s nephew who literally sought to find a peacetime use for propaganda, by the way), who went to school for Sociology, yes, I am interested in generational theory , I do think Howe & Strauss dates are a little whack-a-doodle, and I came over here after living in Koube with my Japanese side, and no, the whole world does not use the same generations that America, Canada, and a lot of Western Europe do, because the world is not homogenised/just America. 3.958 kata lagi