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Who was leader of your country and what do you remember most about that person?

The US president that I remember the most is president Nixon. I turned 17 one month prior to his resignation. I remember listening to his resignation speech. 56 kata lagi

Watergate: How Has It Changed Government Today?

Watergate was not only impactful during its first announcement to the entire nation, but continues to have a lasting impact in its impression it has left on the American people in terms of the government’s interaction with the law, and the sense of distrust it has instilled within them.   505 kata lagi

American And National Identity

Watergate: Dark Age of the US Government

Watergate is one of the most notorious political scandals of the twentieth century.  Its name alone suggests collusion and scandal. In June of 1972, news surfaced that five burglars had been arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate Complex in Washington D.C for attempts  to bug the offices of top-ranking DNC officials. 585 kata lagi

American And National Identity

1968: The season of planting is not the season of harvest

“French intellectuals of a certain age tend to divide their lives into two parts – ‘before May’ and ‘after May’. Philosopher Jacques Rancière defined May 1968 as a political moment which ‘signals the very essence of politics.’ Twenty years later, Jacques Capdeveille and René Mouriaux saw these ‘events’ as ‘L’entre-deux de la modernité.’ But what does 1968 mean? 294 kata lagi

Vietnam War

Some Summits Soar, Some Plunge

As Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un prepare for their June 12 meeting in Singapore, there are three crucial lessons they can learn from past summits, such as Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong’s encounter in the early 1970s and the Ronald Reagan-Mikhail Gorbachev summits of the late 1980s: They will need to establish common policy ground, manage their respective domestic politics, and forge trusting and respectful personal relationships. 1.574 kata lagi


The Sherbrooke Record - Obituaries - February 16, 1960 (Part 2)

Hastings, Brigham Jewel

B.J. Hastings, of Tomifobia

Tomifobia — The funeral of B.J. Hastings, who died at the Sherbrooke Hospital on Wednesday morning, Jan. 13, was held the following Saturday morning at eleven o’clock at Cass Funeral Chapel in Rock Island, and was largely attended by relatives, neighbors and friends, including the brethren of the Masonic fraternity in a large group. 1.074 kata lagi

The Sherbrooke Record