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The New War on Drugs

By Horus Alas

4/20 has come and gone once again. While recent Twitter timelines were aflutter with Snoop Dogg memes and cultural paraphernalia, it’s worthwhile to note some of the more pressing real-world implications of the unofficial National Stoners’ Day. 935 kata lagi


The Watergate Scandal's Saturday Night Massacre of 1973

One of the most shocking episodes of the Watergate Scandal occurred on the evening of October 20th, 1973, what the press would dub The Saturday Night Massacre… 899 kata lagi

Forgotten History

The Hidden History of Cannabis

The Hidden History of Cannabis

Chris Rice (2018)

Film Review

This documentary traces the medical, textile and spiritual use of cannabis from its first discovery in ancient China. 540 kata lagi

Hidden History

Cynthia Nixon has already shaken up the New York governor’s race

(Source: www.vox.com)

Cynthia Nixon, the Sex and the City actress and activist, declared her challenge against incumbent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo almost a month ago, and since then she’s managed to shake up what should have been a sleepy Democratic primary race. 2.599 kata lagi


Rare Error "richard Milwous Nixon" Coins/medallions

Rare Error “richard Milwous Nixon” Coins/medallions
These Are Extremely Rare. Nixon’s Middle Name Is Misspelled As "Milwous" Instead Of The Correctly Spelled Milhous. I’ve Never Seen Any Others Like Them. 74 kata lagi


I Am Not A Crook

Those who watched the Watergate scandal surrounding Richard M Nixon should be having feelings of deja vu. The whole country was fascinated about what the president tried to cover up during his term in office that was considered illegal. 177 kata lagi