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The lasting impact of Trump

The Dolchstoss myth that’s sure to take hold if Trump is impeached or quits under pressure will be virulent. The tale his devotees will raise their children to swear by will describe the nefarious way that coastal elites, partisan Democrats, the liberal media, and a whole slew of other pseudo-Americans—from Muslims relishing our surprise introduction to 

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In 1931, two years after the death of 1st Sgt. Mingo Sanders and twelve years after Theodore Roosevelt’s passing, regarding the 1906 raid on Brownsville, author Henry F. 212 kata lagi


Goodbye 55

Today in History, September 20: 1995 – The US House of Representatives votes to approve the National Highway Designation Act, intended among other things to repeal the mandatory National Speed Limit of 55 MPH signed into law by President Nixon in 1974. 49 kata lagi

Historian Webster Tarpley: Nixon Was Ousted By The CIA

“Another item in the memo is a detailed report of a recent meeting of Indira Gandhi’s cabinet about the pros and cons of accepting a cease-fire once a government was installed in Bangladesh.

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