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A Message to Millennials

As the first presidential debate of 2016 approaches it is now a considered fact that the millennial of America are going to be a key determinant of who is the next President of the United States. 820 kata lagi

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Debate myth emerges anew; 2nd edition of 'Getting It Wrong' out soon

The runup to Monday’s debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and her Republican foe, Donald Trump, has been accompanied by news accounts about the first debate… 1.070 kata lagi

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Thoughts and worries

This morning I awoke with a start; jumping out of bed at 5:45am with a huge leap and almost grabbing my baseball bat. I came to in a few seconds and simply decided that what I urgently needed was a cigarette. 475 kata lagi

September 23rd National Checkers and Dogs in Politics Day

You think we have weird politics today? Well, it’s always been weird. On September 23rd, 1953 Richard Nixon, then running for Vice-President, was charged with taking improper gifts from those supporting him by giving him valuable items in exchange for his expenses while running for office. 249 kata lagi

Unboxing The Bizarre