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MILK TEETH is a punk rock/grunge band from Bristol, UK, formed in 2013. They are Becky Blomfield (vocals, bass), Chris Webb (lead guitar), and Oli Holbrook (drums). 355 kata lagi


Finding Your Way...

Although being the most advanced form of life on earth, we humans are still slaves. Slaves we are not to someone else but to ourselves, to our sub consciousness, to our brain. 434 kata lagi


What I've learnt about Enlightenment so far...

Enlightenment is a state of nirvana or moksha achieved by ‘seeing’ things as they truly are, ultimately by seeing reality as it truly is. Through this ‘seeing’ we are able to relieve ourselves of suffering and detach from our egos. 259 kata lagi


A Big Fish in a Small Pond

Previous posts have alluded to the fact that when I go fishing I like to have a plan – even if it’s only there to boost my confidence/self-esteem, or to convince the wife that my hobby doesn’t purely consist of aimlessly wandering up and down river banks scaring wildlife. 574 kata lagi


Garth Brooks and Nirvana were big in 91 or was it because of Michael Jackson?

hard to believe 25 years ago when records and charts mattered. imagine a time

when sales of records were multi platinum and songs were huge. 252 kata lagi

Day 246 (Australia - Darwin)

It’s 4am and I just got home after a fun night out that had a slightly awkward ending when I made a hasty exit and found my way back to C2 Apartments. 118 kata lagi