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Poetry Killed the Video Star

Poetry Killed the Video Star by Ursprung Collective

Poem written and spoken by Israfel Sivad from his collection The Tree Outside My Window.
Music writtenm, performed and produced by Weylin’ Rose
Artwork: “Lacuna” by Alex Barry

Beat Poetry

Welcome to Jayrey's Universal Power Rankings!

1. Jimmy Kimmel – See “Sean Hannity” below. Kimmel also wins this round.

2. Pandas – Apparently these little guys are making the beast with two backs (logistically does that work for pandas?) at an astonishing rate. 650 kata lagi

Jimmy Kimmel

Us, Facebook's Dogs

What’s up, folks? So this is my first post… After the actual first post. But this is the first post with content that’s not about the first post! 815 kata lagi


Astrology and Spirituality

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog that is based on the universe in our palm. As I have mentioned earlier that the human beings are miniature universe and planets and their energy represents different parts of our body, astronomy or astrology also has some direct connect in our lives. 471 kata lagi


Cover Versions

In tribute to a game on one of my favorite Australian TV shows, Spicks and Specks, the updated version of which was recently cancelled due to low ratings (the Adam Hills-hosted original was far superior, IMHO) I’ve decided to regale  y’all with my top ten favorite cover versions of all time, just for shits and gigs, as my son Alister would say.  568 kata lagi

Kurt Cobain: the singer’s compositions before his demise

On the 5th of April 1994, the world of music was shattered. The dynamic singer Kurt Cobain passed away at the young age of 27. He has created numerous songs which are still played on various radios today. 63 kata lagi