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When meeting someone new, you tell your story. Which parts of your story and how much you interpret it depends on the person. It puts things in perspective sometimes, and as the perspective changes over time you realize you’ve aged. 14 kata lagi

La band di Novoselic non fa schifissimo

Si intitola ‘Sasquatch’ il primo singolo e il primo video ufficiale dei Giant In The Trees la nuova band del bassista dei Nirvana Krist Novoselic. Dopo un rapido tour amatoriale in alcune bettole, almeno così sembrava vedendo le performance su YouTube, il gruppo stupisce con il singolo accompagnato dal videoclip e da una buona produzione. 103 kata lagi



Buddha apparently didn’t want women to join the order and become Buddhists (although I’m sure they weren’t called that then) because he said it would cause the teachings to die out hundreds of years sooner. 221 kata lagi


Dark night of soul - The longing for rest

I feel so much of tiredness/lassitude/fatigue/blankness.
I cannot bring the formless to form using my power.
There is no will, interest, or energy to do so. 485 kata lagi



They’re probably the most bought item of clothing in the world. We’ve got them stocked to high heaven (no pun intended) and you can bet pretty much any vintage store, in any city will also have them in abundance on the rails. 252 kata lagi

Nirvana—Live at Reading

Our little tribe has always been
And always will until the end

Being the first document of Nirvana live that isn’t (a) pieced together from many shows over several years ( 278 kata lagi