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Redefining Enlightenment

Before my Dark Night I equated Enlightenment to Godhood, much in the same way a child equates their parents to a hero. Rather than being an attainable goal, it moved further and further a way, until it was just a twinkling of hope. 689 kata lagi

My Story

6.21 (dj) Frequently / Twiglets


all too often, blinders block the truth

all too often, secrets depths drown emotions

all too often, shadows creep, seep into souls

Around and round disruptive thoughts block… 84 kata lagi

The Twiglets Prompts

Reconsidering My First CD Purchase

As an avid record collector, I had to listen to a podcast entitled In Praise of the CD. Praising the CD? Aren’t CDs obsolete? This had to be good. 568 kata lagi

SPIRITUAL POEMS: "Identity" by Amado Nervo "Identidad"


Tat Tvam Asi
(You are this: that is to say, you are one
and the same as everything around you;
you are the thing in itself)

175 kata lagi

A banda que mudou minha vida

Hoje vou contar a vocês sobre a banda que mudou minha vida, sem drama nem mistério a banda que estou falando é o nirvana ”Nossa que cliche”, eu sei mas mudou minha vida. 226 kata lagi

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Standing in the shower thinking

The heel of my hand accidentally hits the wall of the shower and a resonant bass note sounds. I strike the wall of the shower again, start to pound out a drum beat with my knuckles and the fat part of my fist. 326 kata lagi


If you could meet anyone on this earth who would it be ?.

Since this is someone on earth and not dead it really shortens the list. I think it would have to be Dave Ghrol.

He is such a humble and down to earth human despite being a part of two of the biggest and influential bands in music history. 45 kata lagi