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On the Horizon: Nipah virus

Our past two articles in the On the Horizon series have focused on diseases that were first identified decades ago. In this edition of the series, we’ll be looking at a virus that was only discovered at the very end of the 20th century, and the efforts being made to control it. 1.032 kata lagi

Emerging Diseases

Ilustrasi Bergambar

Inilah kali pertama selepas 15 tahun disuruh lukis gambar berdasarkan tajuk diberi.

Katanya lukis untuk kamus. Kena lukis pacat, lembu makan rumput, kutu, sikat kutu, ubat anti kutu, itik, pokok nipah, kapal korek pasir dan monyet bergayut. 20 kata lagi


The Mauritian Bat Cull... Tackling Some Illegitimate Outcries !

I may not agree to the thought of a massive, blind uncontrolled bat cull in Mauritius, but what I dislike most are the downgrading comments from some down-looking, colonial-thinking tourists who see Mauritius as their legacy and its Fauna and Flora as their property. 1.582 kata lagi

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