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A snapshot in time, They were partners in crime, Across the border was the plan, Speed so fast like a madman, I had a feelin’ yea….yea a feelin’, Bigger than a lifespan your love was like some penicillin…. 252 kata lagi


Purest Form

Bandana: Juelz Flag by Avenue (at Black Wall Street)
Earrings: Rich Diamond Earrings by Vexiin
Jacket: Varsity Jacket by .Chicago Ink & Newphe (at Fi* Friday) 32 kata lagi

Dis moi qui est le plus beau et chatouiller mon ego

Miroir dis-moi qui est le plus beau
Quitte à devenir mégalo
Viens donc chatouiller mon ego
Allez allez allez
Laisse-moi entrer dans ta matrice
Gouter à tous tes délices… 243 kata lagi

Stop pushing me to the edge......

COllaR: Shi My refuge (at Kustom 9)
HAIR : Tableau Vivant – Monica (at Kustom 9)
Ciggy by Nikotin
Facial hair by Unorthodox
Pose by Inertia – Gazer 2

Hikaru Enimo

Paris sera toujours Paris !

Par précaution on a beau mettre
Des croisillons à nos fenêtres
Passer au bleu nos devantures
Et jusqu’aux pneus de nos voitures
Désentoiler tous nos musées… 372 kata lagi

The Diva Takes A Break

I hope you ladies have a fantastic gorgeous Tuesday. Sun is shining (at least here).  SL have so many events going right now that my head is spinning and I’m having a hard catching up but I am all caught up with what… 79 kata lagi