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══ ʚ∘ɞ═══════════════════════════

*:・゚✧ Mori –

hair\ booN Lab.005 hair (Materials) 56 kata lagi



Side Horns- .:::G.ID:::.Singularity Horns CyberZ Event

Head Horns- { Speakeasy } Black horns RARE Speakeasy {Mainstore}

Ears – Stretched ears-Omimi-  

Hair- *Drot*Alice- Drot-

Beard- Unorthodox Noah Facial Hair  73 kata lagi

The Edge

The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. 75 kata lagi



A snapshot in time, They were partners in crime, Across the border was the plan, Speed so fast like a madman, I had a feelin’ yea….yea a feelin’, Bigger than a lifespan your love was like some penicillin…. 252 kata lagi


Purest Form

Bandana: Juelz Flag by Avenue (at Black Wall Street)
Earrings: Rich Diamond Earrings by Vexiin
Jacket: Varsity Jacket by .Chicago Ink & Newphe (at Fi* Friday) 32 kata lagi

Dis moi qui est le plus beau et chatouiller mon ego

Miroir dis-moi qui est le plus beau
Quitte à devenir mégalo
Viens donc chatouiller mon ego
Allez allez allez
Laisse-moi entrer dans ta matrice
Gouter à tous tes délices… 243 kata lagi

Stop pushing me to the edge......

COllaR: Shi My refuge (at Kustom 9)
HAIR : Tableau Vivant – Monica (at Kustom 9)
Ciggy by Nikotin
Facial hair by Unorthodox
Pose by Inertia – Gazer 2

Hikaru Enimo