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NIKITA & BONFIRE Sample Sale in Munich (22 Jun)

🔘 Munich 🇩🇪 Germany


❗️ Up to 80% Off ❗️

✔️ Street & Outerwear Samples

✔️ Cash Only Accepted

✔️ Music by DJ MAENDI from Radio 80000… 88 kata lagi

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Something Different...

Gets out his lock-picks and jimmies the locks on Starr and Dena’s blog page and now for something completely different ~Hello Everyone! I am Sten, Starr’s husband (Or ex-husband after she reads her blog * 668 kata lagi

Happy Birthday Maggie Q

Happy Birthday Maggie Q! She turns 38 today.

Maggie & Friends 39 kata lagi


walking and jogging

I have never been an athlete. I like the carbo-loading, but not the rest ;-). My sibling would exclaim, “don’t you just love the burn?” And my response was, “I can get the same endorphin rush by reading a book while eating chocolate, and there’s no pain involved.” 421 kata lagi


A-Z Film Challenge: Day Fourteen

On the ‘home straight’ now, and up to the letter ‘N’. I have an idea for my top pick, so let’s see if it stays the course today. 753 kata lagi


Never Underestimate The Value Of Subtle Suspense In The Suspense Genre.

Well, whilst I was watching the first season of a “this is hilariously silly, but I’ll watch just one more episode…” American TV series called “Nikita” on DVD, I realised something about the suspense genre – subtle suspense is important. 498 kata lagi