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Where is the helm and the hauberk?

Yes, as you may have guessed from the title, I am back and working on the Rohan scarf. The cross stitch was actually finished last Wednesday, but then I was crazy busy and so didn’t post about finishing it on Friday (or the post I had planned for the weekend about having multiple projects on the go…lets try again this weekend!) I think that I need to make this longer than it’s ‘supposed’ to be, so it’s going to be more than 40 hours…I’m planning on just extending the celtic knotwork thing in the middle as long as I need to, so it should be relatively easy to do :) Now, if I could only decide which side I prefer… 213 kata lagi

WIP Wednesday

So, why does Christmas only have 25 letters???

Becuse there’s no l!!!!!

Yeah, I know, I’m hilarious :D The stocking is coming along slowly- I keep finding excuses to not work on it, which is hardly ideal, but on Sunday I had a tidy up and reorganisation and then immediately picked it up to work on while I watched Les Miz. 239 kata lagi

Where is the horn that was blowing?

This will actually be the last WIP Wednesday posts that I make for a while which includes the double knit scarf! It’s going away for a while, since today is the first of February, and that means I start another cross stitch stocking! 232 kata lagi

A Day in Whistler - COMING SOON!

by Margarita

Hey! We’ve started working on a little project called ‘A Day in Whistler’.

I won’t tell you the details just yet but we will share it as soon as it’s ready! 22 kata lagi


Religion Podcast: ft. Mohamed & Javid.

Hei og velkommen til dagens episode av Podcast med Nikita 3MEDA. Dagens tema er Religion, og jeg snakker med noen jeg kjenner, som har et annet etnisk bakgrunn, nemlig Afghansk og Somalisk. 16 kata lagi

Where now are the horse and the rider?

This is a fly-bu WIP Wednesday post, I really should be researching for job applications (anyone want to hire a maths PhD with a love of yarn and crafting???). 320 kata lagi