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Into the closet ~ Day 31

As I look around for Starr or Dena I do not see either one of them and spoke with Starr earlier seems she is a little under the weather and not sure if we keep missing Dena because of the time or what but it will just be all me entertaining you today and that kind of sounds like a scary thought am not big on words so let me just get to it. 256 kata lagi

Politiker og model?

Tja, hvad kan man sige? En måde at komme frem på i denne verden er at skabe opmærksomhed, om den er god eller dårlig. Man kan diskutere hvorvidt det er positiv eller negativ opmærksomhed som den politisk aktive Nikita Klæstrup har omkring sig. 165 kata lagi


5 Shows to Watch Over Winter Break

While winter break may be coming to a close for some, there’s still plenty of time to binge watch a show or two via Netflix. 446 kata lagi



nikita rewatch ➝ 1×01: Pilot
“You’re here to kill for the man, honey. They’re going to teach you to kill with a gun. They’re going to teach you to kill with your nails.

58 kata lagi

Going to Town with Sharpie Metallic Markers

I’ve been so in love with J. Crew’s black boxes (Black boxes!  Any Nikita fans out there?)  So I asked Little McGifty to decorate the box and well, I’m her Mom, but I think the results were magic.   22 kata lagi

Little McGifty

Nikita Mirzani selebriti penuh sensasi dan kembali menjadi hot topik

Belum lama ini beredar kabar, Nikita Mirzani dan mantan finalis Putri Indonesia terlibat dalam kasus prostitusi, selebriti cantik yang ditubuhnya banyak tatto ini memang penuh sensasi dan selalu menjadi hot topik dalam pemberitaan selebriti, selain memang Nikita Mirzani yang suka berpenampilan hot tentunya. 393 kata lagi

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