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‘Isn’t it beautiful’, she asked me.

‘Yes dear, it is indeed’, I replied her. There was sunshine onto her cheek glistening like a river between beautiful meadows, coming through the small pores of semitransparent festoons near the gate.   1.524 kata lagi


Future Career Prospects in DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE

As the Information Technology (IT) Industry and the Security Industry continue to merge,  IP Surveillance systems are being changed forever. Surveillance systems today are smarter and more sophisticated, yet easier to use than ever before. 83 kata lagi



Tell us your real names, country of birth and childhood experience. 

Billy Yeterian, Kyle Sealund, Kyle Marceau, Clay Zotta, Keenan Asbridge, Chris Yeterian.

All of us were born in the US, mostly in Connecticut. 1.385 kata lagi


Love Story - The Beginning

LOVE , the word which carries millions of feelings , expressions and thoughts in it . To live a beautiful life , the very important thing in our life is… 736 kata lagi


2017 TV Show Recommendations

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

If you have a couple days off this Thanksgiving and are looking for things to do, let me offer you a few suggestions, all in the form of TV shows 😊 973 kata lagi


I just wanted to show off the gorgeous shading and lighting on his face here. Part of this is the contouring overlay… its not a BIG difference, it gives a little forehead, cheek, and chin shine, and a shadow under the lower lip. 153 kata lagi