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A little note

My name is Rose and I can say with reasonable veracity that I might just have an addiction to the fictitious world. I say this because I spend most of my free time reading or watching movies. 238 more words

Hunter Of Libraries

Forever Young, Forever Dance

One day last spring I saw Nikita wandering along Swanston Street near the State Library of Victoria. It was sunny that day. Seagulls frolicked about on the grass. 403 more words

12 Monkeys - Review

If you are a fan of the movie then this is definitely for you. If you haven’t watched the movie, then this is still definitely for you. 453 more words


Binge Bite: Buying Ammo, Kicking Ass, and Cracking Walls on Nikita

Welcome to Binge Bite, a new series where we’ll break down a television show’ best-of’s and how-could-you’s before the ending ruins it. Finishing a show is almost always the worst. 1.498 more words


5 Fandom Friday: Nerdiest Things I've Ever Done

This week’s Fandom 5 is all about the nerdiest things we’ve done. As I started thinking about this week’s topic, I thought I was going to have trouble making the five, but once I started digging in a bit, well, let’s just say I nearly forgot how much of a nerd I was growing up, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. 704 more words