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The essence of beauty is my soul!

The essence of smile comes from me, the essence of beauty is my soul,
My words are my image, and my life my choice,

I leave behind both good and bad moments, I collect happy and sad memories, 188 kata lagi


5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Fandom Phrases

I’ve been neglecting the blog. After a well-rested vacation, I came home to a lot of work and have just been so busy. When I saw the prompts for August, I knew I had to at least do this one. 349 kata lagi


Nikita - Stagione 3 (2012) (Completa) DLMux 720P ITA ENG AC3 H264 mkv

Nikita – Stagione 3 (2012) (Completa) DLMux 720P ITA ENG AC3 H264 mkv

1001 Blog Authors and Gear

At 1001 Angles we have a team of dedicated and talented “photographers,” all of whom have their own unique perspective. In our efforts to demystify the creative process we have asked each of them to occasionally contribute stories, insights, and random tidbits from their many shoots. 424 kata lagi


There's always a first time

To all Beaux et Belles

Ok so I’m a newbie in blogging and I still can’t believe that I’m actually blogging right now.
Well, blogging never crossed my mind, like ever, but apparently there’s a legit reason for me to do it now. 60 kata lagi


Maggie Q To Star In 'Red Flag'

Maggie Q will star in Red Flag, a historically based Chinese adventure series from David Franzoni, a writer and producer of Gladiator.

The series is set in the early 1800s and centers on Ching Shih (Maggie Q), a young Chinese prostitute who goes on to become a powerful pirate and the head of the most successful crime syndicate in Canton China. 111 kata lagi