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ON THIS DAY: October 7, 2017

October 7th is

Frappé Day

LED Light Day

You Matter to Me Day *

Fallen Firefighters Memorial *

Inter-American Water Day *

International Personal Safety Day * 1.274 kata lagi


Microsoft intensifying its presence in the higher education research field

Last July, Microsoft and The University of Sydney announced a continuous partnership with the University’s Nanoscience Laboratory to develop quantum technology based computers. It is now confirmed that the IT giant has also established a… 85 kata lagi

Q Research

The Time Axis and a 4-D Universe

My friend Dave says he manipulates events captured in time every day.  Dave is a video editor, among other things. He views the video on a screen with a timeline below it. 682 kata lagi

Grave Thoughts Again

This is my last full day in Copenhagen before flying back tomorrow evening, so I decided to take care of some unfinished business by visiting the famous  540 kata lagi


5 Mind Blowing Inventions & World Changing Ideas That Came From Dreams

Is there more to dreaming than we think? Has a dream ever influenced the path of your life?

Other Stuff

Adhyatma Vidya The Science of Mind

Adhyatma Vidya (skt.) is traditionally known as the knowledge of mind or true self or in a more modern sense the Science of Mind. The rich and fantastically elaborate culture of the ancient Indians were perhaps the first civilization to study, theorise, and test mind. 381 kata lagi