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Il "forte" legame fra J. J. Thomson, Niels Bohr ed Ernest Rutherford

Era il lontano 1884 quando Joseph John Thomson, a una settimana dal suo ventottesimo compleanno, diventava  il terzo direttore del laboratorio di fisica sperimentale ‘ 5.511 kata lagi

Science Communication

The astronomer who contributed to the foundations of quantum physics

While in the theory of relativity Albert Einstein’s name is always prominent, in quantum physics the contributions were numerous and varied: Max Planck (with explanation for the “ultraviolet catastrophe”), Niels Bohr (with the incorporation of quantum physics into atomic model) Erwin Schröndiger (with the incorporation of the “de Broglie duality” and the beginning of wave quantum mechanics), Werner Heisenberg (and his uncertainty principle) and so on (in fact, Einstein himself made a fundamental contribution for quantum physics in explaining the photoelectric effect – the discovery that earned him the Nobel Prize). 330 kata lagi


The Future is Unpredictable

I decided to take the early morning flight from Cardiff to Dublin today as I have quite a few things to prepare before my first lecture at Maynooth, which is at 9am. 303 kata lagi


"The Wagon"

“Why can’t the new year start in the summer??” said the woman in the back seat of my car. It was New Year’s Eve going into 2018. 1.298 kata lagi

The Information Age

He Said That? 11/26/17

From Neils Bohr (1885–1962), Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922… 20 kata lagi


Great ideas come through well prepared food

Food and water are essential components for us humans to survive. Food can take various forms and ingrediences, and be good or bad depending who’s asked. 325 kata lagi

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Ideas... The bricks of progress

The marvels of the human brain are endless but the concept of idea is almost on the top.

You see a detail, an object, a person or an happening. 264 kata lagi

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