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Dirac and the Dead University


Things change state in the real world. They transition from one essential thing to another, departing from one essence and taking on another. When stars collapse into neutron stars, the gravitational energy overcomes the constraints of Heisenberg upon the localization of individual neutrons, allowing them to be packed like sardines into one colossal neutron ball. 1.361 kata lagi

The College

I refute it thus?

A while ago I read Max Tegmark‘s “Our Mathematical Universe” (Amazon link) – which introduced me to the concept of “Quantum Suicide… 226 kata lagi

NaPoWriMo:Alchemy in Reverse

Alchemists from ancient times

using magic, fledgling science,

attempt to turn base metals into gold,

a noble metal, prized above all,

used for good and used for hate… 246 kata lagi


Cryptoquote Spoiler - 03/30/16

“The opposite of a great truth may well be another profound truth.”   —   Niels Bohr

(We tend to be so locked in to our own great truths that many of us don’t consider this.  54 kata lagi


What you call real is actually not real

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real”

– Niels Bohr (Nobel Prize Physics 1922)


Photo credit – Hunter Byrant via unsplash.com

Interesting karma between Einstein and Bohr

I had a new year’s resolution never to mention Einstein in my posts again. Never say never again! I have a new resolution. I will mention his name as part of physics exposition but I will no longer comment on his personal history. 709 kata lagi