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“Sunshine” a nova música de Ali Hugo do EP estará disponível para download e streaming em todos os lugares no dia 2 de Setembro de 2018. 28 kata lagi

PaaS (Process & Integration) Partner Community Newsletter June 2018

Dear PaaS Partner Community,

Thanks to the partner community for the excellent contribution in the last 12 months. Are you ready to kickoff the new fiscal year? 556 kata lagi

Jürgen Kress

Don't Touch the Black Angel! This Cursed Statue Kills Visitors to Iowa City's Haunted Oakland Cemetery

This sinister cursed statue resides in Iowa City’s Oakland Cemetery, and if you’re brave enough to touch the Black Angel, you just might wish you hadn’t. 19 kata lagi


Top Political Statements Made At The 2018 BET Awards

The BET Awards are all about honoring Black excellence, but the annual event that has many times been reserved for celebrating the salacious instead, at times this year, veered from the expected and touched on topics that went well beyond entertainment, including and especially the perilous political climate in America. 1.399 kata lagi


Multiple Lawsuits Filed Within Days Of Each Other Stress Black Outrage Over Racial Profiling

A string of lawsuits filed against major retailers in the Portland, Oregon area put an exclamation point on the anger African-Americans feel toward the routine racial profiling and disrespect they experience. 321 kata lagi


Ferguson’s Economic Gap Remains Dangerously Wide, As Redevelopment Money Bypasses The Black Community

A new analysis of economic development in Ferguson, Missouri, since the police killing of Michael Brown in 2014, shows that the dangerous economic gap between Blacks and whites is largely unchanged. 369 kata lagi


Daimonophagia: Consuming Hostile Spirits

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Warning: The following methodology and ritual poem are not for the faint of heart.

Preface – Introduction to Daimonophagia 

This poem, which some of my readers might find delightfully reminiscent of black or death metal lyrics, spontaneously emerged during an internal battle with a lesser Goetic Spirit that was attempting to seize control of the human biopsychoocial organism, a jargonistic way of saying ‘initiate or perpetuate possession.’ 860 kata lagi