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Pleasant reading Dragonscale Clippings. Enjoyed Episode 2 of “The Oil of Sage”, and all your poems, especially Housewife 3 with “flump-flump of porridge”. You got the sound sensation just right with that description. 161 kata lagi

Freya Pickard

The summer newsletter is now posted!!!

Read about the highlights of the year so far for ORTWS in the newest edition of E-Raven!


I Get By With A Little Help

I have a neighbor who loves to get help. Paid help. Cleaning ladies, yard people, nannies, whatever, she loves it. For whatever reason I’ve never been that way. 675 kata lagi


September 2016 Newsletter Posted

The September 2016 Newsletter of Our Mother of Sorrows Fraternity has been published.  Read it here. Pax et Bonum


Make Yourself at Home in Tucson October 2016

September 22 marked the Autumn Equinox, and following close behind the weather has had a cooling trend. Soon we will be wearing sweaters and jackets, at least in the evenings. 783 kata lagi


Newsletter and MacMillan Coffee morning.

Dear Parents,

If you haven’t read the school Newsletter please do so. Lots of important information is included in the newsletters and it is vital as a parent of our school you stay up to date on the school calendar and events. 108 kata lagi