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a. Pengertian Newsgroup
Newsgroup adalah suatu tempat penyimpanan yang biasanya dipakai oleh usenet (sistem dikusi internet yang tersebar) untuk berbagai pesan yang dikirimkan dari banyak pengguna pada lokasi-lokasi yang berlainan. 226 kata lagi

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Friday, 26th September 2014

Unsubscribe, v.

Pronunciation: /ˌʌnsəbˈskrʌɪb/
Etymology: < un- prefix + subscribe v.

1. Theoret. To remove one’s details from an electronic mailing list, newsgroup, or similar service and thus cease to receive its contents. 6 kata lagi


Diario di cazzate...

Tra i soliti propositi post vacanze, mi sono detto…voglio proprio tornare a scrivere online! Voglio fare un blog! E cosa trovo? un albore di blog nella mia esplosione di adrenalina spagnola, nato in MSN Spaces, roba da matti! 100 kata lagi


eBay for Fun and Profit - How to Make Money on eBay

In course of time, Omidyar became a multi-billionaire and done quite a few “eBayers” thousands and thousands. Now there are way more than a million gadgets detailed on eBay nearly every working day, and increased than 5 million consumers have marketed some thing on eBay at one time or a new. 483 kata lagi

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Torrents vs Newsgroups, The infinite battle

Disclaimer : Piracy is not something i condone, Unfortunately both methods have been infrequently used to distribute illegal files, This article refers to utilising both methods to acquire legal files such as Linux distributions and other open source software. 968 kata lagi

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, wherever you may be

As I dip my toe again into the waters of IF, I am struck by how much things have changed since my last foray.  I guess 4 years of absence will do that to you.   383 kata lagi

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