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4 Key Elements of Our Press Release

If you’ve kept up with my marketing/branding series “Marketing Your Novel” recently, you’ll know that we distributed our first press release at the end of April. 887 kata lagi

Writers - Steve D'Adamo

NEWS Announcement: Any Vehicle, Any Time

“DropOff Vehicles possible in a New Sharing Village (NSV) network”

No motorized Vehicles are permitted inside NSV’s, except for cargo delivery or Emergencies. Walking, cycling, or skiing and snowshoeing in snowy conditions, is encouraged. 343 kata lagi

NEWS Announcement:

NEWS Announcement: No More Money

“All NSV’s now operate based on total Sharing”

As a member of a NSV, certain Rules and Rights apply. All resources including local raw materials and local labour from each Village are used freely to satisfy the Needs of that Village. 269 kata lagi


NEWS Announcement: A Guarantee for Work

“A Guarantee to all working-age NSV members for the opportunity to work in any NSV worldwide”

Membership in a New Sharing Village(NSV) entitles you to the Right to work. 187 kata lagi


NEWS Announcement: No-Cost Lifetime Medical Care for every NSV member

To qualify, you must be Poor.


NEWS Announcement: No Cost Lifetime Education (k-12) for every NSV member

As a member of a New Sharing Village, you and your Family are entitled to a “Level Good” Education (K-12) locally in your NSV. As Regional Colleges and Universities are constructed, your Right is extended there as well. 146 kata lagi