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New Zealand's windy Northlands

After picking up our van in Auckland, we made our way northwards toward the very top of New Zealand’s North Island.

North Island


Bay of Islands… 541 kata lagi

New Zealand

Discovering Who We Really Are

Pride often gets in the way of our ability to love. It gets in the way of discovering who we really are and what is our purpose in life. 104 kata lagi


Golf Swing Sequences from Swingprofile.com

Golf swing sequences can be improved with the Swing Profile mobile app on your iPhone and iPad. It provides the top ways to record and analyze golf swings. 33 kata lagi



painted from one of my photos – learning that it’s much harder than it looks to paint a flower…

New Zealand

Dunedin Botanical Garden and Signal Hill

Last Saturday was host to an amazing summer-like weather: more than 20 degrees, no chance of spotting a single cloud on the pretty blue sky! 669 kata lagi

New Zealand

Rose 'Sympathie' by GraemeLScott

Medium red Hybrid Kordesii.
Exhibition name: Sympathie ®
Bred by Reimer Kordes (1922-1997) (Germany, 1964).
Hybrid Kordesii, Large-Flowered Climber.
Red. Strong fragrance. 20 petals. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. 15 kata lagi