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I have an nostalgic feeling right now. I am currently “slumming” next to the wifi connection on my netbook trying to educate myself. Which reminds me of my college years. 36 kata lagi


PC, Laptop, Netbook or Tablet? How Do You Choose?

You’ve seen the eye-catching advert on TV. Read the drool worthy spec. Now you really need that must-have, all bells and whistles tablet that comes in 8 different fashion colors. 947 kata lagi


A to Z Challenge: N is for Netbook and NaNoWriMo

I’m behind on A to Z posts, and this one is out of order. It’s also a little longer than I hoped and way personal, but anyway, here it is! 861 kata lagi


Remix OS - Finally, the OS for your Mom?

Back in 2009 and a few years after that, we witnessed the rise of Netbooks (or ULCPC for the savvies). Computers that was meant to be an affordable way to get to the internet. 718 kata lagi

Controlling T-Series Vector Impedance Analyzer from a netbook

I’ve been using the T-Series Vector Impedance Analyzer program from Times Technology Company to control my dad’s MFJ-226 antenna analyzer (aka Times Technology T200). Both he and I ran into problems with it on a netbook with a screen size of 1024×600. 140 kata lagi


Increasing Netbook Screen Size

I’ve got an old Acer Aspire One 521 netbook that I’ve had for ages. One of the downsides of netbooks is that their screen resolution is 1024×600 – which is too low for a lot of programs. 119 kata lagi


My netbook works!

I am so excited that my netbook is working again! Well…it did work but it wasn’t like it used to. Somehow my mouse touchpad wasn’t working. 243 kata lagi