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My netbook works!

I am so excited that my netbook is working again! Well…it did work but it wasn’t like it used to. Somehow my mouse touchpad wasn’t working. 243 kata lagi

Samsung NC20 - The Best Netbook Keeps Getting Better

The second generation netbooks are finally here. Samsung, Asus, Acer, HP, and Dell announced their new models last year and have started shipping them worldwide in mid-Feb 2009. 312 kata lagi

The Internet

The moment I realize my phone’s internet speed is faster than my netbook’s internet speed.


The Chromebook Experiment

A few months ago, I expressed a desire to upgrade/replace at least one of our laptops, if not more than one. We had 2, a “netbook” that was under-powered and too small, and a 15″ Dell that had no battery, a malfunctioning screen, and was heavy and unwieldy. 448 kata lagi


The perfect OS for my Acer Aspire One

At last I have managed to find the perfect OS for my low-end netbook; an Acer Aspire One 751h with 1GB RAM, Intel Atom Z520 CPU @1,33 GHz and a GMA500 GPU. 401 kata lagi


#JurnalLinuxKu: #2 Opsi


Ini adalah postingan lanjutan dari seri #JurnalLinuxKu yang sebelumnya, di mana saya berusaha untuk beralih dari pengguna proprietary software menjadi pengguna open-source software… 374 kata lagi



Notebook, dekstop PC atau Netbook?

Pertimbangan yang harus diperhatikan:

  • Dimensi – ukuran
  • Spesifikasi
  • Kebutuhan

Dekstop PC -> Pekerjaan yang berat (editing video, audio, dll.)

Netbook       -> hanya MS Office, internet dan media… 161 kata lagi