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Robben Island – A Symbol of the Triumph of Human Spirit Over Adversity

Robben Island is known as a symbol of the triumph of human spirit over adversity. The name ‘robben’ is derived from the Dutch word for seal, as seals and birds were the only life that the Dutch encountered when the island was discovered in 1652… [click to read more]


How to be human and then some …

With Human Rights Day coming up this month (21 March), we thought we would throw out some ideas on how you can be a bit more human. 594 kata lagi


Career : Never Be Scared To Take a Decision

Recently, I read a post from a freelance on my LinkedIn wall, meeting a friend he had not seen since a while, and who told him his misfortune. 964 kata lagi

Personal Development

South Africa's Sporting Glory Years

In this series of sport articles, our international journos explore the various health and fitness habits from their cultures.  Here Peter Stemmet discusses a golden era for South Africa’s national sport teams in the middle 1990s. 505 kata lagi

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South Africa Marks Centenary of Mandela's 1918 Birth

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is preparing events and other initiatives this year to mark the centenary of the birth of the anti-apartheid leader who became South African’s first black president.

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