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The Label Fits the Other

Violence of racial backgrounds begun in South Africa as apartheid. And apartheid was a creation of a colonist every colonized of them loves to despise – Britain. 844 more words

Township Tourism: Welcome to the New South Africa

In the new South Africa, the poor and the oppressed have been turned into a tourist attraction.

The townships on the flatlands outside Cape Town once were a symbol of the worst excesses of apartheid, the white supremacist South African government’s attempt to permanently separate the races by evicting thousands from urban centers and forcing them into squalid settlements. 1.161 more words

Xenophobia in South Africa: Another Tragedy

Every time I hear South Africa, I think of Madiba, and even when the spate of violence rocked the world with images of people being burnt in the streets for being non South African, I still thought about him. 821 more words


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Sepp Blatter likened to 'Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela' at Concacaf congress ahead of Fifa president election

Current Fifa president Sepp Blatter might not be everyone’s cup of tea but judging by the comments coming out of the Concacaf congress on Thursday he enjoys god-like status with its members. 227 more words


Courage: My Interpretation

Hey everyone. It’s been awhile since I last posted because well, school is in session. I’m taking four classes, running a guild on WoW, trying to work on my book when I can, and also trying to blog. 44 more words

Xenophobic Attacks

A recent spate of xenophobic attacks has plagued South Africa, this week leaving thousands of foreigners destitute and having to resort to make –shift  homes this winter. 144 more words