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For Good to Exist, There Must be Bad ...

This really hits home sometimes.

Like when I meet some people I’m really stumped about – specifically on how they exist. Forget the why bit … 91 kata lagi

Venting & Other "bleh" Scribbles

Weekends and Political Change

For a few years from September to March, our weekends were taken up with regattas as Edward had joined the school rowing team. There were very few suitably large dams in Johannesburg, so most of the regattas were held at Roodeplaat Dam, just north of Pretoria. 469 kata lagi


#37 Get a Tattoo

Bucket List item #37: Get a Tattoo

I got my first tattoo about 2 years ago and it was something that I didn’t really think about for very long. 788 kata lagi

Bucket List

Episode 30: The Mandela Effect


For this episode, Morgan takes Tom through the bizarre phenomenon of The Mandela Effect, where many people have shared memories of something that never happened. 52 kata lagi

Podcast Episode

That one time the former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela wrote about me. Like a little bit.

Now I don’t usually do this, because I am super low key and I never imagine that things like this could ever happen to me. Anyway, I was invited to speak on a Panel at GIBBS a few weeks ago. 1.314 kata lagi

Nomatter Ndebele

Finding an Antidote for Hate

Blogging is a tough job … whatever your niche … and especially when you don’t have one.

My Lost Blogs were always intended to be a snapshots of life sprinkled with a little gentle humour, but it is very hard to motivate yourself on a daily basis to mock what is going on the world around you when, right now, there is very little to laugh about. 183 kata lagi


A (follow-up) Letter to The Dreamers

You awake yet? I know it’s hard out here in the real world but be encouraged by the fact that you are not alone. I am real, I am present and I am with you because I understand you. 355 kata lagi