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like no other

Warriors and mystics. In her TED talk, Elizabeth Lesser talks of the conflict between the warrior and the mystic within her. The grit of the warrior and the grace of the mystic. 364 kata lagi


Another photo

As long as we are doing photo analysis, and the comments beneath the last post were so enlightening, I am tossing another in the mix. 212 kata lagi


Duolingo & Language Learning Tips

Learning languages has always been part of my life. I went to a bilingual school and throughout high school I took french for 3 years and german for 6 months, so I have always been surrounded by different languages. 538 kata lagi

Mandela and Me, The Reality of Changing Realities.

Life, one big conspiracy after another. Everything we know about it has come from the teachings of those that have walked before us, the discoveries made by those that seek the knowledge, and the lies spewed by those who hold (or desire to hold) power and control masses. 837 kata lagi


Liminal Lives ... as Change Agents

Artists including painters, musicians, writers, actors/directors, photographers, and others (including some scientists) who apply their artistic perspective or highly focused talents and perspectives to the work or the vocation they love, often spend much of their lives as what we could call… 442 kata lagi

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