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Fears rise of gonorrhoea superbug

Sydney Morning Herald AAP 25 August 2014

Concerns are mounting over a powerful new form of gonorrhoea after a patient was found to have the highest level of drug resistance to the disease ever reported in Australia.  34 more words


Sneaky bacteria change key protein's shape to escape detection

(American Chemical Society 28 May 2014) Every once in a while in the US, bacterial meningitis seems to crop up out of nowhere, claiming a young life. 68 more words


Awareness campaign shows signs of delaying onset of drug-resistant gonorrhea in UK

(Society for General Microbiology 14 April 2014) Gonorrhea threatens to become resistant to all antibiotics used to treat it. Professor Cathy Ison will today show that campaigns in the UK to raise awareness of drug resistance have shown some success in slowing onset of treatment failure.

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Gonorrhea infections start from exposure to seminal fluid

(American Society for Microbiology 4 March 2014) Researchers have come a step closer to understanding how gonorrhea infections are transmitted. When Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the bacteria responsible for gonorrhea, are exposed to seminal plasma, the liquid part of semen containing secretions from the male genital tract, they can more easily move and start to colonize. 38 more words