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STI - Gonorrhea How Men Could Avoiding This?

What is STI? STI is Sexual Transmitted Infection. During the world war this is really the best way to take over enemy armies. Did you remember a poster with slogan “She may look clean – But”, that was a poster to prove that many soldiers and sailors were infected by this disease. 484 kata lagi

New Strain of Gonorrhea Emerges|A new strain resistant to antibiotics has been found in Europe


The Old Cures Aren’t Working

Sure, conventional wisdom says that doctors can easily cure gonorrhea with antibiotics–good news for the 300,000 people a year in the United States who get it, especially women: Although gonorrhea typically clears up on its own eventually, if it goes untreated it can leave us with pelvic inflammatory disease or infertility.

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Gonorrhea May Become Incurable, Experts Fear.

Workers at a Canadian clinic have discovered that almost 7 percent of their patients with gonorrheahad a strain of the bacteria against which all oral antibiotics… 416 kata lagi

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Common STD Grows Resistant to Treatment in North America.


  Stain of fluid containing gonorrhea courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/CDC/Norman Jacobs

The most commonly acquired sexually transmitted infections(STIs) in the U.S., chlamydia and  785 kata lagi

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Gonorrhea Is Now One Antibiotic Away from Being Untreatable

Back in October, we told you that Gonorrhea could possibly become untreatable, well, unfortunately, the disease is closer to untreatable than it has been since doctors devised a way to treat it in the first place. 363 kata lagi

Care sunt cele mai frecvente manifestari ale bolilor cu transmitere sexuala?

O scurta enumerare a principalelor simptome este dificila asa incat am optat pentru o enumerare a celor mai importante sindroame provocate de BTS si a cauzelor infectioase care le produc: 247 kata lagi


Cum au evoluat BTS in ultimii 50 de ani?

In prezent BTS reprezinta cea mai importanta categorie de infectii si majoritatea adultilor au cel putin o BTS!

Cum s-a ajuns la aceasta situatie?

1960 – nu existau decât 2 BTS mai grave , sifilisul şi gonoreea, ambele tratabile; 173 kata lagi