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Black people affected by cold weather in the north understand white people better

it works in the opposite view as well, where most of the white people in the south understand the black people. However, there are some factors that cause rifts in reality, such as income disparities. 296 kata lagi

Why we must endeavor to call the blacks, "Negroes"

In a world where politically correct perversity and Marxist madness has taken over, we’ve become blind to the very real racism evident in our communities. The Negro is no exception, the Marxists base his worth upon the colour of his skin as opposed to his racial identity. 481 kata lagi

Bigotry, Ignorance & Disinformation

You know when you meet someone who tells you something that is not true, or when you read a view that is historically untrue, but of which a horde of people somehow seems to subscribe to? 425 kata lagi


What is racism?

I went for my first degree at a university in South Africa so I pretty much know about racism… between white and black. 243 kata lagi


You know that you are a Negro when...

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… the thought of what you are having for dinner, makes your eyes twinkle.

Note to readers: it is only morning and you just had breakfast about an hour ago. ;-)

Jehan Daal

Are Black Americans Irrelevant ?

Are you a person of relevance? Are you as a member of your race relevant? You may ask, what in the heck is this guy talking about but let us delve into the answer to these questions. 769 kata lagi

Common Sense

The Beauty of Mankind


It could not have been much, but she had seen what she needed to see. A glance can tell a million stories depending on so many things. 910 kata lagi