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Stuff Still Happens, week 48: Why we (sigh) need pipelines

This week, the Trudeau government approved two pipelines, and rejected one other. Trudeau is winning lavish praise for his bold, statesmanlike decision in some quarters, hyperbolic, end-of-the-world scorn from others. 580 kata lagi

Election reform committee screw up

Again to today the opposition were pounding the minister because she scolded the committee for not providing a proper answer to the question of what alternative election process Canada should use. 287 kata lagi


Manusia adalah mahluk percaya. Pada kadarnya masing-masing, setiap mahluk telah memiliki kepercayaan/kesadaran berupa prinsip-prinsip dasar yang niscaya lagi rasional yang diketahui secara intuitif (common sense… 1.064 kata lagi


Nilai nilai dasar Perjuangan

Berawal dari Kertas Kerja PB HMI (1966 – 1969), yang disusun oleh CAK NUR – Nurcholish Madjid selaku Ketua umum PB HMI pada saat itu. Awalnya, Cak Nur mendapat Beasiswa “Council for Leader & Specialist” (1968) ke USA. 117 kata lagi


Proportional Vote

In the house today there was a lot of talk about referendums and giving Canadians a say. Let Heidi start by saying confusion is the name of the game. 246 kata lagi

What Did Hosni Mubarak Mean By "Democracy"

That democracy means different things to different people is a truism so obvious as to be banal. But the intercultural problem that raises remains perpetually interesting: what do people in different times and places mean when they say “democracy”? 883 kata lagi

Important Things to Consider before Committing to Purchasing a Dental Office for Sale

Buying a Dental office for sale is a huge financial commitment. Not only that, you’ll also be committing a lot of your time and effort. But you don’t really care if you’re ready. 653 kata lagi

Dental Office For Sale