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Alberta premier reassuring business leaders about economic outlook

CALGARY – Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is trying to reassure business leaders as her NDP government prepares to hand down its first budget on Oct. 27. 87 kata lagi


What you need to know about the NDP's platform

Amended at 5:30 p.m. ET Friday, Oct. 9 to clarify that Mulcair has said he’d unilaterally stop appointing Senators, not that he’d unilaterally abolish the Senate. 1.760 kata lagi


Close election races shaping up in Regina, Saskatoon: poll

A new poll out Friday shows close races are shaping up in Saskatchewan’s two largest cities heading into election day. The Mainstreet/Postmedia poll has the Conservatives leading in Saskatchewan with 34 per cent, followed by the NDP at 24 per cent and the Liberals at 18 per cent. 281 kata lagi


Mulcair says he'd join coalition to defeat Conservatives

NDP leader Tom Mulcair said the NDP is more than happy to form a coalition to defeat the Conservatives — and blamed the Liberals for jettisoning previous attempts. 191 kata lagi


Three options for government after federal election day

SASKATOON – With election day getting closer and closer, many Canadians are wondering what their federal government will look like after Oct. 19. Political scientist John Courtney says there will be three possibilities for government after the election takes place: a majority, a minority, or a coalition. 351 kata lagi


The Trans-Pacific Partnership: What does it say about the parties’ positions on trade?

The 1988 federal election was memorable for being a campaign fought on the issue of free trade. Then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney campaigned on opening up free trade with the United States while the opposition Liberals and NDP fought against it. 80 kata lagi

Six Ways That the Greens Are Canada's Most Progressive Party

In the midst of a campaign dominated by horse races and attack ads, by fear and scandal and appeals to our basest political instincts, it is easy to forget that elections are meant above all to be about policy. 1.037 kata lagi

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