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Hope betrayed? The Nova Scotia NDP's rocky fall from power

In Rise Again, author and former MLA for Halifax Chebucto Howard Epstein gives us his explanation, in irrepressible detail, of why the Nova Scotia NDP fell from power in 2013 after only one term in office. 880 more words


NDP Scandal – Ottawa

During the daily question period in parliament this afternoon, Canadian Prime Minister turned the tables on the NDP. NDP leader Thomas Mulcair did not show up for work today leaving many questions unanswered. 591 more words



with an up coming federal election I wanted to get my opinion out there. I am not associated with any party, but I do have an opinion. 47 more words


Agree or Disagree: Raising Minimum Wage will hurt businesses.

First of all, this is not a write up to claim the NDP is immediately raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. I understand that every intent is raise minimum wage… 85 more words


LNG 101: Where the LNG industry currently is at in British Columbia

In his office, Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman compares building the Liquefied Natural Gas industry in British Columbia to the path Vancouver took getting the Winter Olympics. 1.324 more words


NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo’s ‘conversion therapy’ ban bill clears hurdle

A political roadblock that imperiled NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo’s landmark legislation to ban transgender “conversion therapy” has been cleared.

“It’s fantastic,” DiNovo said Thursday.

“This means that right away the message gets sent to children across the province that what many of them are still undergoing isn’t okay and that . 309 more words


Notley announces $103 million to fund new student enrolment, reverse PC cuts to education

Premier Rachel Notley delivered Thursday on the NDP’s campaign promise to fund enrolment for roughly 12,000 new students expected to enter Alberta’s kindergarten to Grade 12 system this September. 637 more words