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Opposition MPs urge Trudeau to 'step up' over Liberal MP's allegedly sexist comment

Conservative and NDP MPs are calling on Justin Trudeau to discipline Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio for making a sexist comment towards a Conservative colleague during a House of Commons committee meeting. 574 kata lagi


Rachel Notley fights back against O'Leary comments: 'Misunderstanding of the constitution'

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says Conservative leadership hopeful Kevin O’Leary’s recent comments about her and her government show he doesn’t understand how the constitution works. 278 kata lagi


More false news out of Ottawa

For some time now a lot of time that should have been used to run the government of Canada in a productive manor the opposition parties have been spreading false news about a working paper on changing the standing orders of the house. 757 kata lagi

Who is subsidizing whom?

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human rights, Article 26, Subsection 1 says: “Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages.” 409 kata lagi

Trudeau Government: Omnibus Rules

An excellent tool to keep track of whether or not the Trudeau Government is fulfilling the promises made in its election platform is the non-partisan collaborative citizen initiative website called the “ 335 kata lagi


Tie Talk: Mulcair's All Out of Caring

Seriously, his ties literally get less orange as he gives progressively less shits about this whole “NDP” thing. His outfit today features a beautiful tie in the shade “As Boring as Election Tom.” 20 kata lagi


Hospital hydro costs in London rose nearly $2 million over past six years

Hydro costs at London Health Sciences Centre have climbed by nearly $2 million according to documents attained by provincial NDPs, despite a drop in consumption over the past six years. 379 kata lagi