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Is the NDP good for the economy? New poll suggests nearly half of Canadians say yes

WATCH: The speculation is building that Stephen Harper could drop the writ as early as next month, kicking off a long campaign. However, the truth is, all the leaders are already campaigning. 664 kata lagi


So the NDP Really Do Want to Keep the Child Benefit Cheques

When I first read that headline several months ago, I chuckled, because it sounded like Mulcair and the NDP wanted to actually keep the cheques for themselves. 981 kata lagi

Conservative defector Eve Adams trounced in Liberal nomination fight

WATCH ABOVE: Marco Mendicino defeats Eve Adams in nomination battle for Eglinton-Lawrence riding

TORONTO – Conservative defector Eve Adams failed on Sunday in her bid to run as a Liberal candidate in the looming federal election. 598 kata lagi


You decide Canada's future

You decide Canada’s future

When Canadians go to the polls on October 19, they will not only vote for a political party or local candidate. They will vote on Canada’s future, on what kind of country they want us to be. 562 kata lagi

Forged Oak: Orphan Barrel Series Continued: More Focus on Marketing, Less on Distilling/Blending...

As promised the continuation of the Orphan Barrel Series tastings: Forged Oak.

Forged Oak, the youngest of the Orphan Barrel Series clocks in at a 90.5 proof level and 15 years of age in the barrel.  573 kata lagi

Bourbon Whiskey Spirits

NDP release a good attack ad.

This attack ad is sweet!  Best attack ad on Harperites I have seen!  Play it over and over again!