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Paul Dewar: The NDP's alternative to military intervention against ISIS

Sending our troops to risk their lives overseas must be treated with utmost gravity. The context of the conflict must be clearly understood. The strategy must be examined from every angle. 803 more words

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NDP would take from corporate executives, give to working poor, kids

OTTAWA – Tom Mulcair says an NDP government would take tax benefits from those who need them least and give them to those who need them most. 138 more words


Cheryl Hardcastle wins NDP nomination in Windsor-Tecumseh

Former journalist and Tecumseh deputy mayor Cheryl Hardcastle won the federal NDP nomination for Windsor-Tecumseh Thursday night on the first ballot.

“I am just elated,” Hardcastle said after the win. 346 more words


Alberta Budget 2015: Opposition and stakeholders react

WATCH ABOVE: From health care to education, everyone will feel the impacts of this year’s budget. Fletcher Kent has reaction.

EDMONTON – Albertans will pay more get less, all to cover the government’s mistakes, according to opposition parties. 1.262 more words


National Post View: Mr. Mulcair’s unreasoned opposition

New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair is reputed to be an intelligent man, with a talent for debate and a prosecutorial mien. All the more puzzling, then, that he would put forward such flabby arguments in opposition to extending the Canadian mission against the Islamic State, in Iraq and now Syria. 785 more words

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‘They broke it, they fix it’: have the Conservatives taken a 180 on Iraq stance?

OTTAWA — The Harper government’s position on the Iraqis and Syrians suffering under the oppression of ISIS has shifted considerably, taking almost a 180 in less than a year, the NDP claims. 691 more words


MPs start debate on ISIS mission as NDP seeks to end fight

OTTAWA – Proposed NDP amendments to the federal government’s motion to expand its mission in the Middle East will seek to end most of Canada’s military role as soon as possible. 143 more words