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The Green Threat (Part 2): A Green Surge Would Have Changed Little in the 2013 Election

In my last post, I looked at how the rise of the BC Greens might affect the NDP if they manage to hold on to their current levels of support. 783 kata lagi

The Green Threat (Part 1): 2017 Polling Numbers suggest the Greens are Unlikely to Prevent an NDP Victory

Polling in the BC election is showing a remarkable increase in support for the provincial Green party.   The party that won less than 9% of the vote in 2013 and 2009 is now polling at around 20% across the province and over 30% on Vancouver Island. 1.129 kata lagi

Andrea Horwath promises provincial pharmacare if elected in 2018

TORONTO – Ontario’s NDP is pledging to create a provincial pharmacare plan, appealing to the grassroots about a year out from the start of next year’s election campaign. 505 kata lagi


Stop Subsidizing Public Schools!

In an interview with CBC News, Duncan Kenney, the executive director of Progress Alberta made the following statements: “We subsidize our private schools more than every other province in the country.” He also said: “We have 15 elite private schools in Calgary collectively soaking up more than $30 million annually in public subsidies.” Unfortunately, both statements contain untruths, and are obviously intended to mislead the public. 607 kata lagi

After 'scheming' for five years, former veterans' ombudsman Pat Stogran launches NDP leadership bid

OTTAWA — Former veterans’ ombudsman Pat Stogran entered the federal NDP leadership race Thursday with an impassioned appeal to “us commoners.”

Calling successive Liberal and Conservative governments an entrenched “Politics Inc.,” Stogran said he believes the NDP can offer an alternative to the “same old garbage.” 614 kata lagi


Labour Canvass in Support of NDP's Sue Powell

Labour Canvass with Irene Lanzinger in support of Sue Powell!
Join Irene Lanzinger, President, BCFED in support of Sue Powell.

Date: Friday, April 21, 2017… 19 kata lagi