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Conservative MP's news letter

People in Heidi’s Federal electoral area have been sent a news letter by their MP in this news letter was a section down playing the government , Heidi has commented on this section of the news letter. 321 kata lagi

AUPE concerned about increase in private long-term care spaces

Alberta’s largest union has concerns over how Rachel Notley’s NDP government is fulfilling a campaign promise to add 2,000 new long-term care spaces across the province. 333 kata lagi


Your letters for Jan. 17

Money better spent on real crisis facing Albertans

Re: Even carbon-tax backers don’t like the way NDP implemented it, Opinion, Jan. 6, 2017

Why would the NDP choose to spend $9 million in borrowed money to sell us their climate change ideology instead of using that money to save Alberta’s children from the opioid crisis and having to use the Calgary food bank at a rate of 40 per cent of the recipients? 584 kata lagi


Where is the NDP Going?

I frequently meet people who were NDP members and have left in the last couple of years or who are members but are thinking of dropping their membership. 145 kata lagi

Left - Right - Left - Right

When discussing politics we often frame the conversation in terms of left and right, progressive and conservative, socialist and capitalist. What do we mean by those terms? 652 kata lagi

NDP ties funding cuts to death of woman found in Saskatoon on New Year’s Day

The NDP are raising questions about whether a 22-year-old woman, who was found dead in Saskatoon on New Year’s Day, tried to seek refuge at a shelter or hospital before her death. 302 kata lagi


Leadership Dilemmas: The NDP is More Reliant on Quebec, but the Conservatives have Leadership Selection Rules that Give More Weight to the Province

Both the Conservatives and the New Democratic Party are in the midst of leadership races. The Conservatives will choose a new leader this May while the NDP will hold their leadership election in October. 1.053 kata lagi