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A museum post.

Last week has been a cultural week. I finally had the time to visit some of the musea I wanted to visit in what? Forever? My first stop in my cultural investigations was Naturalis in Leiden, the Netherlands. 191 kata lagi


Snake - Monochrome Madness 2-5

When I was posting my pictures from the day at the Naturalis last week I kept one of the many of them from you guys. It was a picture I took of one of the skeletons they had displayed. 79 kata lagi


Exploring the Netherlands: Naturalis, Leiden

My BF is over for a week again and as it is Easter we thought it would be nice to explore this nice country a bit more. 395 kata lagi


The Difference between Success & Failure in Life.

The life on this earth follows a process. If you don’t do anything and simply sit, nothing happens into your life. But when you take action, it’s not necessary you get what you have desired out of life. 1.621 kata lagi


Menulis Skripsi (7): Strategi Penelitian (Research Strategy)

Pada tulisan sebelumnya saya sudah membahas tentang metode penelitian di bidang akuntansi. Di kesempatan ini saya akan membahas lebih khusus lagi terkait dengan strategi penelitian. Bagaimana hubungan antara strategi penelitian dengan metodologi penelitian? 961 kata lagi