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If you're looking for acne treatment, try Odacité Bi+C

When I first heard about Odacité I squint at the price. I closed the window of my browser when I realised that the booster serum is only 5ml in size. 498 kata lagi


Life Of Blogger: Five Surprising Benefits of Using Organic Soap on Everyday Living

There are many benefits of using organic soaps. Here are Five (5) surprising benefits that might make you decide to switch to organics…

1. Organic soaps have no side effects because they contain no chemicals that may dry your skin. 197 kata lagi

Commercial Production of Semi-Synthetic Artemisinin

Figure 1. Production of artemisinic acid or β-farnesene by engineered yeast. The sesquiterpene alkenes β-farnesene and amorphadiene are both derived from FPP (farnesyl diphosphate) by the action of specific enzymes introduced from plants: amorphadiene synthase (ADS) generates amorphadiene and β-farnesene synthase (FS) generates β-farnesene. 1.135 kata lagi


Activated Charcoal to Whiten the Teeth?

Being a registered nurse, I have seen charcoal being used in a very different way to whitening ones teeth. I have seen Health Professionals use it to reduce the effects of food poisoning, to cure hangovers, to treat poison victims and I have also seen it used on massive open wounds to reduce the smell. 481 kata lagi


Super Grains 101: Need to Know Bits - Part 2

Millet is another popular cereal crop, widely cultivated in Asia and Africa for fodder and animal food. There are several varieties of millet, which have been in fact in grown in East Asia for 10,000 years. 655 kata lagi


HAO 472


HAO 472


PRoject Name: HAO472 treatment Phase I clinical trial in relapsed / refractory AML,  M2b type of AML

The main purpose: to determine HAO472 treatment of relapsed / refractory C the maximum tolerated dose (MTD). 408 kata lagi

China Pipeline

Raw sex - and it's natural too

Product review: Wicked Wanda’s RAW SEX whipped butter

As part of the Summer of my Samosaseries, I am writing about sex-related topics, delving into areas that others may shy away from and trying new things in an effort to expand people’s minds as well as my own. 1.579 kata lagi