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Pennyroyal: Nature's Herb or Abortifacient?

Regular readers know of my healthy fear of Mother Nature, and with a background in chemistry leading to a career in itty-bitty-Pharma and now forensic toxicology, many mistakenly believe that I am anti-natural drugs and just a shill for Big Pharma. 1.210 kata lagi

Featured Poison

Re:iimmune Review! 

You know that product you wish you could get your hands on? This is it!

My mother’s friend created this product call Re-iimmune and I quickly have made this a part of my natural wellness routine! 292 kata lagi

Alternative Ideas

My list of Body Care Products that are safe for Sensitive Skin!

The experience¬†with Severe Eczema changes everything, it makes me question about everything i eat and of course i’m using.

Back to natural or back to the source is the point and getting one product that is safe for a sensitive skin is one of the challenges it self. 1.226 kata lagi

Severe Eczema

Save Your Money and Preserve Your Skin With Items that May be In your Kitchen

Use These Common Household Items for Your Skin Instead of Acne Meds, Perfumed Soap, Perfumed lotions, Tooth Paste, and Chemicals.  

  1. Acne: Fresh Lemon Juice vs. Acne meds/lotions…
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Mikios Natural Body Scrub

All Natural Scalp Care Products

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

the Nature is a specialized research and development company for plant-based natural materials. The company has cooperated with a team of professors in a national university specializing in biotechnology to develop plant-based natural materials for beauty-care items. 181 kata lagi

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