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Review of Argan Oil Shampoo and Hair Mask Naturals by Watsons

Hair is a part of our self that we cannot ignore. I must admit, I am not that religious when it comes to taking care of it. 528 kata lagi


Simple Steps for Whitening Dark Underarms at Home

Coconut oil, in addition to helping us reduce dark spots in the underarms, also serves to neutralize odors and to moisturize the area.

The underarm skin is an area of the body that tends to stain and darken easily due to several factors.  1.290 kata lagi

My take on activated charcoal.

A few days ago a patient asked me for my professional opinion on using activated charcoal as a toothpaste and I had to give the honest answer, “I don’t know enough about it yet.” We talked about what we’ve read and heard, he gave me his thoughts since he’s been using it as a paste AND detox drink…and I promised to try it for myself. 1.951 kata lagi


Burt's Bees lipstick review

A lipstick that loves back

The green beauty cult favorite Burt’s Bee is known for their natural and innovative products, focused around the idea of beeswax in cosmetic products. 643 kata lagi

Ajani Handmade - Back and Better than ever!

Like many naturals in Nairobi, I have been a huge fan of Ajani Handmade for a few years now. So when they took a hiatus last year, I felt the gap. 1.503 kata lagi


All About Natural Beauty Care feat. Jas Naturals

It’s time you take care of your skin and hair with immense love. After gruelling days at work and traffic all you want is to feel good about your skin and hair. 471 kata lagi

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Fighting skin inflammation with this unlikely ally

When I first discovered this unique and unconventional natural¬†ingredient I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I had heard of its long time traditional use for skin ailments…and in baseball?? 600 kata lagi