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Super Grains 101: Need to Know Bits - Part 2

Millet is another popular cereal crop, widely cultivated in Asia and Africa for fodder and animal food. There are several varieties of millet, which have been in fact in grown in East Asia for 10,000 years. 655 kata lagi


HAO 472


HAO 472


PRoject Name: HAO472 treatment Phase I clinical trial in relapsed / refractory AML,  M2b type of AML

The main purpose: to determine HAO472 treatment of relapsed / refractory C the maximum tolerated dose (MTD). 408 kata lagi

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Raw sex - and it's natural too

Product review: Wicked Wanda’s RAW SEX whipped butter

As part of the Summer of my Samosaseries, I am writing about sex-related topics, delving into areas that others may shy away from and trying new things in an effort to expand people’s minds as well as my own. 1.579 kata lagi

Review: Natura Organics' Lip • Eye • Cheek Balm

When I was younger, my relatives used to call me “kikay” because at an age of 3, I am already fond on applying lipstick, painting my nails with nail polish, and putting an ample amount of baby powder on my face.  1.068 kata lagi

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Natural product recipes

Natural products are really cool because you get to shirk suspicious ingredients and keep yourself extra safe. These recipes for natural homemade sunscreen and essential oil bug spray were given to me either last summer or two summers ago on a piece of paper which I am now about to throw out. 422 kata lagi

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Why choose soy candles?

There are a number of candle varieties available in the market. You will see different colors or different shapes. Most of the candles you might have seen in your childhood were paraffin wax candles but now the world is slowly moving towards a more natural and longer lasting constituent of candles which is known as soy wax. 493 kata lagi


Hello All,

Today I am sharing one of my secrets with you! (Shhhhh…) 344 kata lagi

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