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Don’t miss that! Great Winter Sale in Colway International ends tonight at midnight (Polish time); 11pm Irish time.

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Do Natural Remedies Actually Work?

We all want to believe that natural is better. We think that eating natural is best (it pretty much is) and that natural remedies should be just what we need when it comes to healing and protecting our bodies. 464 kata lagi

Pin Curls for Polished Locks

What you need:
• freshly washed hair
• bobby-pins
Monat Restyle Sculpting Taffy

When hair is damp, take a tiny dab of taffy, heat activate by rubbing between palms and smooth through a 2″ section. 111 kata lagi

Hair Care



Hello  girlssss…..

I can see you are looking with your wide eyes open into your mobile phones or tablets or laptops……Now you must be wondering how I got to know this…….hehe…..because I am like you only……or I can say our generations is like that only….Last thing we see before sleeping is our cell phone…and the very first thing that we see in the morning is our cell phone only.Eyes puffiness,fine lines,dark circles are the basic problems of our generation…..keep opening your eyes now……Today I am here with Omved eye contour rescue gel .A basic need for us. 412 kata lagi

The Beauty Secrets Diary

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe

My little man and I just got over a three-week cold. I remember when getting a cold meant feeling gross for 3-5 days max. Am I dating myself by admitting to that? 286 kata lagi

Sensitive skin

Many people say they have a sensitive, irritatated and even allergic skin these days. Those people make the bigger part of our customers. Why? In today’s world when every single commercial cream and soap is made using chemical additives while they are not necessary in fact it is no wonder that people become sensitive to cosmetics even those which claim to be mild. 301 kata lagi

Face cream with natural antioxidants

As promised before, here’s a post about Natural Face Cream with antioxidants from Colway International.

The first impression:

The cream comes in a dark brown glass jar of… 660 kata lagi