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Air bag maker Takata files for bankruptcy in Japan, US

UNDATED (AP) — Japanese air bag maker Takata Corp. has filed for bankruptcy protection in Tokyo and the U.S., overwhelmed by lawsuits and recall costs related to its production of faulty air bag inflators. 75 kata lagi


Modi in US: No country questioned India's surgical strike, says PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said no country has questioned India’s surgical strike against terrorist launchpads in Pakistan and “India has succeeded in telling the world about the need to uproot the menace of terrorism”. 250 kata lagi

The Anniversary of 4 Rulings that Changed America

Sunday and Monday mark the anniversary of some of the most pivotal decisions in U.S history. Except for the passage of Roe v. Wade that made abortion legal ion January 22, 1973, these anti-God, anti-Christ rulings all occurred on June 25 or 26. 518 kata lagi

California nurse facing charges for allegedly beating two-year-old boy

(WTNH) — A nurse in California is facing charges after police say she was caught on camera beating a two-year-old boy.

The nurse was hired to care for the young boy who has special needs. 81 kata lagi


Teen injured after fall from Six Flags 'Sky Ride'

(ABC News) —¬†Officials say a teenager fell from a stopped gondola ride at an upstate New York amusement park, tumbling into a crowd of park guests and employees gathered below in an effort to catch the victim before she hit the ground. 112 kata lagi


California father buries wrong man after coroner's mistake

(ABC News) — Eleven days after laying his son to rest, Frank J. Kerrigan got a call from a friend.

“Your son is alive,” he said. 574 kata lagi


Detroit judge to consider US freeze on Iraqi deportations

(ABC News) —¬†A federal judge in Detroit will consider whether to put a temporary national halt on the deportation of Iraqi nationals recently rounded up by U.S. 105 kata lagi