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Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar

Situated on Yonge and Davisville lies the Little Sister Indonesian Food bar.

Little Sister serves Indonesian-Dutch tapas dishes.

Walking by the location its very easy to miss the place as its very small inside, with a bar/lounge upstairs. 480 kata lagi


Staff Post - Malaysian Foods to Die For

Our blog comes from our Director – Melissa and it’s about food, which I know we all love here at Pexel!

Being a Malaysian, food is more than just fuel. 572 kata lagi

Staff Posts

Kuliner Semarang: Serabi, Nasi Goreng Babat Pak Karmin & Lekker Paimo - and we will MOVE soon!

Selamat pagi!

September 2016 lalu kami menghadiri acara resepsi salah satu kerabat Almh. Ibu kami. Dari pagi begitu kami sampai Semarang, kami langsung mecoba kuliner kota Venetië van Java (Venesia-nya Jawa karena banyak dilalui sungai) ini mulai dari sarapan dengan nasi goreng babat Pak Karmin, lalu jajan Kue Serabi di pinggiran jalan MH Thamrin, makan malam di Warung Nasi Mbak Tum sampai ngemil di Warung Nasi Mbak Tum keesokan harinya sebelum pindah ke Yogyakarta. 154 kata lagi

Jawa Tengah

Trump Nukes China After Nasi Goreng Take Away 10 Minutes Late

In the latest embarrassing diplomatic gaffe involved Donald Trump, the new United States president has launched multiple nuclear strikes on China when a take away Nasi goreng meal he ordered was 10 minutes late to the White House, despite aides seeking to clarify that the fried rice dish actually originated from Indonesia. 265 kata lagi

The UnAustralian

Nasi Goreng

Hello all!

Honestly, it’s a little bit confusing to write next Indonesian Food after Rendang. They are thousands, perhaps millions menu available in Indonesia. Fortunately, some minutes ago I got an inspiration to write one of my most-favorite daily menu. 437 kata lagi

Indonesian Food

Leftover rice QuickFix

The easiest way to a cheap, tasty unsalted meal.

Leftover rice

Dried seed mix


Fried onions

Scrambled egg

Take the 0,2gr for the egg and 0,15gr for the onions.


Beware of Bali Belly (BB)

So my travels took me across the globe, from the bright lights of China, to the tranquil temples of Japan and beyond. It was not always smooth sailing… Next stop Bali. 329 kata lagi