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Tonkotsu Miso Black: Vivi Bubble Tea — Hoboken

Score: ★★★★★

What: Asian, Taiwanese.

Where: 117 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Menu: Website

Come for the bubble tea, stay for the ramen!

Vivi Bubble tea has an established reputation for their tea, they have such a large amount of tea+bubble/jelly and hot/cold variations that it can only be described as crazy, enough to give you a good analysis paralysis, pick any two you like and it will probably be a safe choice; but in between all that selection, and their snacks (all of them delicious) their ramen stands out: it’s tasty, it’s rich, it’s filling. 187 kata lagi

New Jersey

Some of the Pointless Arguments!

To debate is to disseminate information. You can be composed, aim and throw scathing attacks on anything and get away with it under the disguise of a “healthy debate”. 748 kata lagi

Simply Scirbbled

7 Anime Favorit

Siapa yang tidak tahu Anime di zaman ini? Sepertinya Kidz Zaman Now sudah familiar dengan Anime. Bahkan penyuka atau penikmat dari Anime tidak terbatas pada usia anak-anak dan remaja. 5.117 kata lagi

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Rock Lee Hidden Leaf Green beast - Never Giving up! Showing the World who he is - (Nov 21, 2017)

Continuing from our Naruto’s story, they are many other characters that play a huge part of this show. The Konoha 11 is a good example of why this show makes up a good fan based. 353 kata lagi



{{Key points:

MC = Main character

FMC = Female main character}}

And the tales begins here;;

This story is about a boy born in ching ching city of japan……… 381 kata lagi