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Narrative Text

The Legend of Kiskenda Cave

Once upon a time, Maesasura was the King of Cows who need to apply for a nymph named Goddess Tara who was looking pretty beautiful woman that lived in heaven. 311 kata lagi

Genre Based Writing

Narrative Text

Read the text carefully then answer the question.

No Welcome at the Hotel

Once, Jack had to go to Nairobi, Kenya to attend an international conference. 1.007 kata lagi

Deep Love

Once upon a time, in a deep blue sea there lived a beautiful mermaid. She was a royal child. One day there was a fisherman whose ship was crashed by big waves. 224 kata lagi

Narrative Text

Narrative Text

Definition of Narrative

Narrative is a text focusing specific participants. Its social function is to tell stories or past events and entertain the readers.

Generic Structure of Narrative… 276 kata lagi

Narrative Text