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The witch found the sheep

Long time ago, in a village there lived a very poor family. The family was consisted of a brother named Deedee and his sister named Lean. 208 kata lagi


Sheep Shepherd

One day, there were two children named Deedee and Lean. They were son of farmers who lived in the village. After school they raise the sheep, feeding and check their health. 263 kata lagi


Black Spirit of Evil

Deedee and Lean were siblings. Their father had a sheep in the village Sekar Wangi. Their father herded the sheep almost every day. At that time, there was a problem in that village. 334 kata lagi


Pretty Girl

Deedee and Lean were sheep shepherd. They were best friends and always herded the sheep together. They lived in a fresh and green village. It was so peace to live in that village. 366 kata lagi


Shepherd Kids

In an island, almost in all villages, people herded sheep. As two families with who had kids named Deedee and Lean, they both were friends. These two boys schooled in local elementary school at SDN Putih Bangsa. 219 kata lagi


2015 NAEP Scores Reveal Reading Instruction Changes

The results are in! The 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress scores have been released, and Tom Loveless, a Senior Fellow at the Brown Center on Education Policy has published… 120 kata lagi

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The lost sheep

Once upon a time, in the small village, there lived a herdsman named Supri. He has two children named Deedee and Lean. He herded the sheep almost every day began from early morning until early evening. 223 kata lagi