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Structure of Tangkuban Perahu Story (Narrative Text)

Tangkuban Perahu

Long time ago in West Java, lived a beautiful girl named Dayang Sumbi. She was also smart and clever. Her beauty and intelligence made a prince from the heavenly kingdom of Kahyangan desire her as his wife. 1.363 kata lagi

Nokomi’s Story

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Nokomi. She lived with her dad in the middle of pole. Her house was made of stone and wood piles. 415 kata lagi

Gift of The Night Fury

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Hiccup who lived in Berk. Hiccup was not lived alone, his father and his dragon always faithful to accompany him. 419 kata lagi

Dalem Boncel (English Version)

Dongeng Sunda, disadur dan dialihbahasakan oleh Mamak.

Long time ago, near Giriawas mountain, there was a village named Kandang Wesi. In that village lived a couple with their only son, Boncel. 466 kata lagi


The witch found the sheep

Long time ago, in a village there lived a very poor family. The family was consisted of a brother named Deedee and his sister named Lean. 208 kata lagi


Sheep Shepherd

One day, there were two children named Deedee and Lean. They were son of farmers who lived in the village. After school they raise the sheep, feeding and check their health. 263 kata lagi


Black Spirit of Evil

Deedee and Lean were siblings. Their father had a sheep in the village Sekar Wangi. Their father herded the sheep almost every day. At that time, there was a problem in that village. 334 kata lagi