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One Piece : Soft and Fluffy

Chapter 872

The Castle has been destroyed. What is the Tamatebeko and why is the Castle collapsing?! 431 kata lagi


One Piece : Go, Caesar!

Chapter 871

Germa 66, Luffy and Sanji are waging war against Big Mom so that Caesar can fly the others to safety.

For some reason I don’t think any of this plan is going to work. 281 kata lagi


One Piece : Farewell

Chapter 870

Big Mom is awake and everyone is hiding inside Bege. The final fight is going to be upon us I think. 357 kata lagi


Hello World://SF!


On September 11, 2017, lightning struck San Francisco, California. 34 kata lagi

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One Piece : Under Siege

Chapter 869

The plan has failed. They don’t even have a escape route anymore. Time for Plan B? 334 kata lagi


One Piece : KX Launcher

Chapter 868

Again the more I learn about Big Mom the more I love her. We’re back to the present and the plan at hand. I don’t want her to be defeated now… 426 kata lagi