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One Piece : 10 Days Ago

Chapter 807

We were left in chapter 806 with a lot of questions, mainly about Sanji, that you’d hope would get answered sooner then later. 420 kata lagi


Saw my psychiatrist today

I saw my psychiatrist today. I see her every 30 days now. She again raised my anti-psychotic (Latuda) dosage. She has gradually raised by 40 mg every month since she started me at 20 mg a few months ago. 259 kata lagi

A Reminder to Take a Step Back on Mental Ill-health and the Holidays

I naturally get excited as the holidays near because I look forward to the joyous time with my family after being away at college for so long. 573 kata lagi

Bangladesh Tells All! (by Namibia)

Earlier today at a press conference, the governmental representative of Bangladesh was questioned about the debate surrounding LGBT rights and their resolution, which they presented a few minutes before. 158 kata lagi

Human Rights

"Sack Up" and Suicide

I am always on the lookout for articles and other ways to draw attention to men’s mental health, having a husband, a grandson, and 3 sons – one of whom went to war and one who is living with schizophrenia. 303 kata lagi

Law and Disorder

Most people who land in Marathon County
jail have a mental illness, but rarely get the treatment they need

While doing rounds at the Marathon County Jail… 2.336 kata lagi

Day 15 - All About Protein

Today marked seven years of wedded bliss for the Hubs and I. We celebrated last night, without the tiny human, by going to dinner at a restaurant to which we had never been.  317 kata lagi

30 Day Challenge