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Nightlite Campaign- T-Shirt Fundraiser

Show your support for Nightlite and make a lasting difference within the community

Nightlite is offering t-shirts featuring the Nightlite logo and the #stigmabusters hashtag to spread awareness and support…

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The state of mental health care in the US is atrocious.  Not as bad as when it was thought the ill were possessed by demons, and people were kept chained and naked in dank cells.   751 kata lagi

WcW: Vampybitme

I love a good cosplay! So it should be no surprise to you that this weeks WcW is all about a favorite cosplayer/model.

This weeks WcW is all about: 270 kata lagi


So my friend hooked me a with copy of One Piece Film: Gold. Aww man I cant wait to see this movie. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. 8 kata lagi

NAMI: Tell the House to Protect Mental Health

Debate is raging over the future of health care-insert your voice into the conversation to protect mental health.

Call Congress tomorrow.

Ask them to protect Medicaid and insurance safeguards that help millions of Americans get mental health care. 74 kata lagi

Neurodiversity News & Notes

One Piece Film: Gold Review

Story: 7
Art/Animation: 7.5
Sound: 8
Characters: 8
Enjoyment: 10

Final Score: 8.1

One Piece Film: Gold is the 13th theatrical film in the One Piece franchise (I was honestly unaware there were 13 movies, I thought there were like 4). 773 kata lagi