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Mahabharata Stories: 49 – Dog Arrives at God's Kingdom

Ego is the only thing that one is left with finally and is the most difficult for one to give up. One who succeeds in giving up ego sees the One above everyone. 514 kata lagi

Sanatana Dharma Puranas

Mahabharata Stories: 25 – The Pandavas Bewitched

How many jokes have we read about a man finding a genie in a bottle and getting three wishes fulfilled, the last one being somehow to get rid of his wife! 564 kata lagi

Sanatana Dharma Puranas

MTT 75

Yudhishthira gambler
Bhima paunchy
Arjuna valiant womanizer
Sahadeva proud
Nakula Indian Narcissus
Karna man of word and a true warrior.

[BALI] Pork Star Restaurant Seminyak Bali

December 11th, 2016. I heard about this place even before it opened. LOL. Yes, I know the owners. I met them on May 2016 when they searched for a spot for their restaurant. 494 kata lagi

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