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Rebirth - Nagato

Nagato, the man who once called himself Pain after he lost his best friend Yahiko. Thereafter, he quickly became the power which tried to take over the world and it’s pain by starting anew. 74 kata lagi


Nagato Cheese - Nagano

There are a handful of Japanese cheese producers that I am a big fan of and one of them is Nagato from Nagano. It’s on the top of the mountains, the air is clean and crisp and there are cows. 138 kata lagi

Ginza 銀座

2GADO's Project 365, Tasha's Week 29

This week, I experimented with freelensing.  This is a technique of holding the lens, detached from your camera, in front of the sensor to create unusual focal planes, similar to what you find in tilt shit lenses. 219 kata lagi


Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi, Nagato & Kyon (2008)

The last couple of exhibitions by me have concentrated heavily on Japanese anime: Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power, Shugo Chara… and now… 357 kata lagi

Creative Work

What The Fox?

On the way home from Nagato Jeremy and I passed by this huge shrine. We turned around and came back to check it out. After parking we realized the shrine area was much larger than we were expecting. 382 kata lagi

I Do And Adieu!

Baring It All For the Sake Of The Adventure

While driving out to the Mara Kannon Shrine, Jeremy and I passed signs for the Tawarayama Onsen. An onsen is a hot water mineral spring bath.  1.006 kata lagi

I Do And Adieu!

Not Your Mother's Rock Garden (18+)

While Jeremy was making dinner on Valentine’s day, I was researching the fertility festival. During my research I found out there was a very interesting shrine in Yamaguchi Prefecture (the prefecture we live in). 539 kata lagi

I Do And Adieu!