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War Orphan - Nagato

Nagato, part of the Uzumaki clan who formed the Akatsuki alongside Yahiko and Konan. We know him as Pain who destroyed the Leaf Village using the beings he controlled. 81 kata lagi


Itachi showed his ability in Naruto Online

Recommend an MMORPG called Naruto Online to you. This game has legitimate authorization of BANDAI NAMCO. Both its image quality and the ways of play are quite good and I have played it for almost half a year. 297 kata lagi


I DESPISE this character!! -Haruhi Suzumiya!

Okay so real confession time, I still have a bunch of characters I absolutely despise. Shocking right? Here, take my anime fan membership card. It may be a bit.. 1.062 kata lagi


Chibaku Tensei - A tribute to Pain

Ei there guys!

So I had this idea in mind for a very long time and it took me a while to get it done even though it does not look like much. 42 kata lagi

Random Rambling

Rebirth - Nagato

Nagato, the man who once called himself Pain after he lost his best friend Yahiko. Thereafter, he quickly became the power which tried to take over the world and it’s pain by starting anew. 74 kata lagi