Saturday May 28, 2016 -- NYTimes Crossword No. 0423

Saturday May 28, 2016 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0423

What I love about Saturday crosswords (wait — or do I hate it? — sometimes I can’t tell …) is that even when you get a good start in one part of the puzzle, that success does not necessarily carry over into other areas of the grid. 833 kata lagi

NYTimes Crossword

No Such Thing as "Free" Trade

As far back as anyone dares to write about, trade has been a part of our existence.  In recent memory countries of the world have sought to facilitate trade through the reduction of trade barriers and trade borders.  484 kata lagi

International Business

Poor and White in America

I often fantasize about living off the grid as do countless of other stressed out Americans. Ahh, I imagine, the sweet freedom from the tyranny of the clock and cubicle. 785 kata lagi



WASHINGTON — Canada might be forced to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement if the next U.S. president insists upon it, a Washington lawmaker said Tuesday. 218 kata lagi


Germany Buys Monsanto – and Sells the TTIP to Europe

By Peter Koenig | Global Research

Is it coincidence that Berlin approves and even recommends the ‘hostile’ takeover of Monsanto by the German agro-and pharma giant, Bayer? 1.729 kata lagi

World News

What Trade Deals Are Good For

(Source: hbr.org)


In recent months, trade agreements have moved from the arcane pages of academic journals to the front pages of newspapers, from university lecture halls to the presidential campaign trail. 1.336 kata lagi


In Defense of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The fate of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is looking bleaker by the day. While President Obama and many Republican members of Congress continue to drum up support for the deal, all three remaining presidential candidates oppose it. 904 kata lagi