Why a Newly Confident Mexico Is in No Rush to Renegotiate NAFTA

Mexico is increasingly confident that U.S. President Donald Trump will not be able to impose harsh barriers on imports anytime soon, and officials signaled they may hit their northern neighbor’s most trade-sensitive districts in case he does. 409 kata lagi


B.C. premier vows to fight to keep B.C. wine in local grocery stores

KELOWNA, B.C. – B.C. Premier Christy Clark says her government will defend all challenges of B.C. wine sales in local grocery stores.

“We’re going to fight that. 311 kata lagi


Make America Manufacture Again

I think there are common misconceptions at the root of the discussion of the US manufacturing job market. So I wanted to dig a little deeper to shed some light on an often talked about but not researched topic. 706 kata lagi

The new strategy for US and Mexican diplomats: Stick to the facts and avoid the name "Trump"

Donald Trump has sent US-Mexico relations into a tailspin. To set them back on track, the countries’ top diplomats avoided any mention of the combative US president when they… 305 kata lagi

Is the Border Tax Crossing the Line?

By Susan Kohn Ross and Jeffrey D. Davine

It is far too early to discern the extent of any change to the relationship between the U.S. 1.443 kata lagi

Tax And Trusts & Estates

U.S.-Mexico Trade: The Numbers and the Real Issues

By Robert A. Blecker*

Officials in the Trump administration are proposing a new way of measuring the U.S.-Mexican trade deficit that, by making the deficit look larger than it currently appears, will likely be spun to support efforts to impose high tariffs or dismantle NAFTA.   703 kata lagi

It's not just trade that's threatened by Trump's simplistic view of NAFTA

When US president Donald Trump looks at Mexico, all he sees is a $60 billion trade deficit glaring back at him.

“Maybe we do a new NAFTA… 918 kata lagi