'No fireworks' at NAFTA talks in Mexico City, but little sign of headway

MEXICO CITY – Negotiators at high stakes talks to update NAFTA have so far kept their tempers but are not making much progress on tough U.S. 530 kata lagi


U.S. Housing Starts Increase 13.7% In October - September Figures Adjusted Higher...

There is a notable intent to talk down the economy amid almost all financial news providers.  However, despite their negative tone the economic reality continues to surpass their Eeyore disposition. 631 kata lagi

Guess which 12 states are the biggest losers if NAFTA is killed (Hint they all voted for Trump)

MEXICO CITY — A new projection from the biggest business lobby in the United States shows the 12 states that would likely feel the impact of NAFTA’s cancellation the most also voted for Donald Trump. 330 kata lagi


Washington brief November II 2017

Top-Themen: Denkzettel für Trump: „Off-Year elections“ in den USA, Treffen sich zwei Populisten – Aufflammende Liebe in der Beziehung zwischen den USA und Philippinen?, APEC unter Druck – Trump richtet Schaden an; Japan versucht zu retten, was zu retten ist, Forum Weltwirtschaftsordnung: Migration, Immigration und Integration, “Promoting Tolerance” feiert 25-jähriges Jubiläum, Studie: US-Öffentlichkeit unterstützt NAFTA… 9 kata lagi

Donald Trump

NAFTA 2.0: Rhetoric vs. Reality - Part 4

The tone of negotiations has soured since the last instalment of this blog series. The NAFTA negotiations are now being dominated by talk of “poison pills” and a potential end to the agreement being nigh. 507 kata lagi


It’s been a while: NAFTA negotiations

The fifth round of talks to revamp the North American Free-Trade Agreement formally begin today.

At the last round American negotiators made a series of demands so outlandish that some speculated it was willing the deal to collapse. 107 kata lagi

The Economist

NAFTA talks: Canada, Mexico will entertain 5-year review clause over termination clause

MEXICO CITY – Canada and Mexico are prepared to engage the United States on one of its most contentious demands for NAFTA, in an early indication that proposals currently deemed non-starters could, in theory, be redesigned into something all three countries can live with. 843 kata lagi