Have SIngaporeans Woken Up to the Implications of the ASEAN Agreement on Free Movement of Labour?

Some Singaporeans might think that the PAP Government has gone a long way to tighten the influx of low-cost foreign labour into Singapore by raising foreign worker levies and lowering the ratio of foreign workers to locals. 1.324 more words

The Market

Free Trade Globalization

Globalization: The New World Order. A Martin J. Ryan VIEWPOINT.
What lies beyond the thrust of this Free Trade article is the inevitable growth of robotic automation replacing human labor in the not too distant future, which may result in an escalation in social upheaval. 1.993 more words


With Fast Track poised to pass Senate, Franken keeps up fight for better trade policy

A procudural vote last week greased the wheels for Fast Track in the U.S. Senate, but Sen. Al Franken is keeping up the fight for a trade bill that does the least harm to U.S. 459 more words


Love in the time of racist police, FEMA Camps, Mindless PC addictions, Propagandist TV, DEPRESSION

Ever wondered where the love went?…  personally or in your neighborhood or in Washington, D.C.?

The spiritualist movement is on the rise.  Not Hindu, nor Native American, nor Christian, Jewish, Islamic, but a slowly growing movement in which people remember their inner voice, act mindfully and create positive space around them.  542 more words


WILLIAM M. DALEY: Free Trade Is Not the Enemy

New York Times — CHICAGO — IN 1993, President Bill Clinton tapped me as special counsel to lead the fight to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement. 179 more words


Obama and Warren Fight Over TPP and Sherrod Brown Ascends New Heights of Foolishness

Free trade agreement: Slang referring to government giveaways to the 1%, achieved via exploitation of the working class

The feud between Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama is the most entertaining aspect of this president’s 7-year tenure. 828 more words