Trump poised to 'reverse' seven decades of U.S. foreign policy, Stephen Harper says

OTTAWA — Donald Trump’s presidency will mark a landmark shift in U.S. foreign policy not seen since the end of the Second World War, says former prime minister Stephen Harper. 573 kata lagi


Loonie, peso wilt as Trump trade chief signals NAFTA talks coming sooner than later

The currencies of both Mexico and Canada tumbled after the U.S. president-elect Donald Trump’s commerce pick said renegotiating NAFTA will be a priority.

Mexico’s peso sank to a record low and Canada’s dollar posted the biggest slide since June after Wilbur Ross signaled new talks with those countries will begin quickly after Friday’s inauguration. 254 kata lagi


Five things you should know before you start your work day on Jan. 19

Good morning. Editor Nicole MacAdam (@nicole_mac1) here. Trump has the Bank of Canada pondering a rate cut. CP’s chief will head off to greener railways. 764 kata lagi


Things I read about today, January 18, 2017

Real estate developers, Construction companies, and resource mining company topped the BC Liberals Donar List.
Vancouver Sun
Opinion: This information does not surprise me too much. 407 kata lagi

BC Liberals

Donald Trump's Commerce pick says NAFTA will be early target for new U.S. administration

Breaking with Republican orthodoxy, a new Trump administration will work quickly to re-do the North American Free Trade Agreement, a massive trade pact with Canada and Mexico that has boosted trade but still stings laid off workers across the Midwest, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for commerce secretary told Congress on Wednesday. 647 kata lagi


Lying in the Bed: The exact moment Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Since Election Night, Democrats have been scratching their heads and wondering why a highly-qualified Hillary Clinton lost. What was that precise moment that turned the tide? 1.039 kata lagi

The Truth about Trade Agreements—and Why We Need Them

The Truth about Trade Agreements—and Why We Need Them. Peterson Institute for International Economics. Chad P. Bown. November 21, 2016

US trade agreements could be the first economic casualty of the 2016 election. 101 kata lagi

United States