Bilderberg grupa predstavlja skup ljudi koji su moćni na određenim poljima poput politike, medija i preduzetništva. Ova elitna grupa svake godine sastaje sa na različtim mjestima, oraginizujući skupove u najluksuznijim hotelima. 499 kata lagi

Clinton says she'd take Bill 'out of retirement' for White House jobs role

Why in the world would anyone make him in charge of jobs, when he’s the one who signed NAFTA, and our jobs went out of the country? 301 kata lagi

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Fixing The U.S. Economy 101

A short course in inspired Economic Theory by Dr. John — a rank amateur but one who kind of enjoys being able to survive in today’s American Economy: 315 kata lagi

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"Barking Up The Wrong Tree": Ted Cruz Keeps Talking About 'Wages' — But He Won’t Support Raising Them

“Washington” is keeping wages down and impoverishing the American middle class, at least according to Ted Cruz, who has adopted economic populism as a line of attack against the political establishment as a routine part of his stump speech in recent months. 871 kata lagi

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Germany road trip - March 26-27th

Nice to get away from Prague for a bit, nice to be back driving.

Timing was lucky as we ended up at the Easter / end of winter celebrations.