Guess Who Woke Up?

Guess Who Woke Up?  by Frank Bommarito

As the Pacific Trade Deal talks near their end, automakers who typically back trade agreements that open markets for their products have now become leery of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 290 kata lagi

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Dëshmi të reja për vjedhje në litra në “Al Petrol” (Dokument)

​Kompania e derivateve “Al Petrol” nuk e ka ndërmend të ndalet së plaçkitur qytetarët e Kosovës. Pas rasteve të raportuar ditë në parë në media, për një plaçkitje në sasi të naftës. 179 kata lagi


US-China relations in an era of globalisation

Discussions concerning globalisation have had a very substantive impact in the political, corporate and academic spheres.

Globilisation is a difficult concept to manage both practically and theoretically. 1.552 kata lagi

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farmers: in advocating to your eaters 

Here’s some good evidence about how NAFTA undermines farmers, not only domestically, but also in the countries where we ” free trade”

This article from The Nation focuses on pigs, who eat corn. 87 kata lagi

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Unifor, New Democrats at odds over North America Free Trade Agreement

Unifor president Jerry Dias said Thursday “there was no doubt” an NDP government would implement a national auto strategy.

“I know (NDP Leader) Thomas Mulcair understands the importance of the auto sector in Ontario and Canada,” Dias said. 364 kata lagi


How NAFTA drove poor Mexicans north

If not for NAFTA, the United States probably wouldn’t have the issue it does with unauthorized immigration from Mexico.

The North American Free Trade Agreement, enacted in 1993, was part of a strategy by the Bill Clinton administration, continuing the policy of previous administrations, to increase U.S. 253 kata lagi

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More of the same

The Ontario “brains” that came up with the logic of awarding a Pelee Island ferry to a firm in Chile remind me of the “brains” in Ottawa that came up with NAFTA — adding Mexico to the free trade agreement with the U.S. 197 kata lagi