Donald Trump Says NAFTA Was the Worst Trade Deal the U.S. Ever Signed

NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement that lowers trade restrictions between the U.S. and Canada and Mexico, and was signed by President Bill Clinton in December 1993. 666 kata lagi


Canadian diplomats working to counter US protectionism

OTTAWA – Canadian diplomats are fanning out across the United States to talk up the benefits of trade with state and local leaders and counter what senior officials see as a worrying mood of protectionism swirling through the U.S. 888 kata lagi


A 'Trump-ed Up' Face-Off Between Hillary Clinton and the Donald on Long Island

Tonight, all the questions would be answered.

Would Donald Trump try to play the tame statesman, or the snarling orange rage-ball from the primaries? Would Hillary Clinton finally inspire the energy and passion lacking from her so-far bloodless campaign? 1.254 kata lagi

Hillary Clinton

Why Trump is Winning - Marketing 101

There is a very simple yet powerful reason why Trump is winning and Hillary Clinton is losing. It boils down to basic marketing and messaging. Trump’s message and vision is precise, visual and emotional; Hillary fails miserably in this area. 206 kata lagi

Donald Trump

Has "Free Trade" really helped us?

In my humble opinion NO.

Here is what I used to base my answer on. When we lowered tariffs in North America it was meant to encourage a freer flow of goods between nations. 409 kata lagi

International Agreements

International agreements are all over the news recently.  The trade agreement between Canada and the EU is almost completed.  Canada and China are beginning talks that will lead to a trade agreement between them.  635 kata lagi