S.O.S za Jadran – borba protiv bušenja nafte u Jadranu!

Već 9 mjeseci traje kampanja protiv štetnog projekta istraživanja i eksploatacija nafte i plina u Jadranu. Otkada je Hrvatska Vlada dala dozvole 5 kompanija da na 10 polja u Jadranu vrše testiranja, ekološke organizacije pokrenule su akcije SOS za Jadran. 502 kata lagi

The Star's View: Pacific trade deal crucial to health of auto sector

Canadian and Mexican trade negotiators were caught by surprise a few weeks ago when they discovered two other members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership were trying to cut them out of a side deal on automotive trade. 440 kata lagi


Trump reveals details of immigration reform plan

Sunday for the first time since announcing his formal candidacy, Republican Donald Trump issued a position paper — a written plan that outlines the specifics of a political strategy — and it should probably surprise no one that it was immigration-centric. 642 kata lagi

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How regional trade agreements can spark a fight over Feta cheese

Most of us know that swiss cheese sold in the United States is not actually made in Switzerland. Retailers and the public consider the name to be generic; for Americans, it denotes a kind of cheese, not where it was made. 855 kata lagi


Borderline Personality Disorder

After listening to the Trump-led rhetoric among Republican presidential candidates this week, one would think the nation’s most important issue is controlling our borders. Yet, as recently as last month, a Gallup poll showed only 7% of Americans consider this a top priority. 478 kata lagi