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Let's talk about the Wendigo.

I would like to start the blog today with a quote by the late and great George Carlin off of his You’re All Diseased album. 1.091 kata lagi

Monstrous Monday - Kasa-obake

Name: Kasa-obake

From: Japanese Folklore

Classification: A haunted or monstrous umbrella known to be either helpful or deadly. 883 kata lagi


New story available

Really excited to share that my micro fiction piece, “Turnover”, is now live at 101words!! The story is only 101 words long, and it’s about a disgruntled narrator who is having some trouble with their golem making process… 32 kata lagi


Tomorrow the moon
will be full of herself
hiding behind the cape
of the afternoon sun.
It is of no matter
the moon would say… 32 kata lagi


Mythbusting Monday - Drinking Water During Exercise


“Drinking water while exercising will give you cramps”

I certainly wouldn’t recommend chugging it, because who wants to jump around with a belly full of liquid? 48 kata lagi


Paris' First Wife and Astyanax's Post-Trojan Life

Things are getting really strange with Servius (=Jacoby Abas 46, f1)

Servius  on Virgil, Aeneid 9.262

devicta genitor (sc. Aeneas) quae cepit Arisba]

“Which his father took once Arisba was conquered…” 276 kata lagi