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Oxygen therapy for acute myocardial infarction

This updated systematic review by Cabello et al was published in the Cochrane Library in December 2016.  The text below is the plain language summary with the… 227 kata lagi

01 January 2017

AAGBI WSM 2017: Blood pressure - how low can I go?

This is a copy of the slides I used during a talk I gave at the AAGBI (@AAGBI) Winter Scientific Meeting. The full programme of the meeting can be found… 65 kata lagi


Heart attack

What is heart attack?

Heart attack (Myocardial Infarction) is damage to a region of the heart muscle, usually due to sudden blockage of a blood vessel supplying oxygenated blood to the region ( 375 kata lagi

Heart Attack


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Don't ignore these Heart symptoms if You are a Busy Executive

Many of us believe that the most common symptoms of a  Heart Attack are chest pain, sweating and breathlessness, however there is more to recognize an attack long before it sets in.        638 kata lagi