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Heart Attack at the Heart Attack Grill

It is hard enough to stay a healthy weight in America, and we could all do with a healthy culture to support us in this struggle. 249 more words

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Myocardial Infarction Survivors Face Higher Cancer Risk

The risk of developing cancer is significantly higher in survivors of an acute MI compared to the general population, according to a large Danish national registry study. 125 more words


Neuregulin1 induces the endogenous heart regeneration program in zebrafish

Contrary to mammals, zebrafish can regenerate their hearts after a significant loss of their cardiomyocytes. Taking into account the high incidence of myocardial infarction in humans understanding heart regeneration in zebrafish might provide clues to enhance our limited regenerative abilities. 736 more words


What? A miracle, or, What a miracle!

“God is still on the throne and prayer changes things.”–Virginia Brandt Berg, The Promises of God Are Streams That Never Run Dry

On Friday morning of April 10, 2015, I went to my doctor at a local GP clinic because… 1.853 more words

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Major government health directive monitored for efficacy and safety

Last year I was fortunate to become part of a team at Christchurch hospital led by emergency care physician, Dr Martin Than. About 7 years ago in response to some local issues with how patients presenting with chest pain were being evaluated for potential heart attacks, Dr Than began a research program that investigated what clinical, demographic, and biological (blood) factors could best be used to safely and efficiently rule-out a heart attack. 723 more words

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The Angel Of Death (1970s)

The Angel of Death

When I was training as a Cardiology Fellow in 1978 there was a sixty-odd year woman on our service who had a massive heart attack about a week before. 629 more words