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Training can reduce arrhythmias in individuals with diabetes and myocardial infarction

Type 2 diabetes is increasing world-wide due to obesity caused by physical inactivity and generally poor lifestyle. Patients with diabetes have more than 2-fold increased risk of developing terminal heart disease (heart failure) and heart failure patients with diabetes have a greater risk dying of arrhythmias than heart failure patients without diabetes. 238 kata lagi


Rahul Sawant’s on-field heart attack forces MCA to re-evaluate medical facilities

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When a sportsman suffers a grievous, deadly injury on the field like Philip Hughes who was felled by a Sean Abbott bouncer or Raman Lamba who was struck on the skull by a powerful shot, we are always shocked and debate whether the sport can be made more safe for the players. 596 kata lagi


Cardiac Biomarker Market is Expected to Reach $2,085.9 Million by 2020

According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled, “World Cardiac Biomarker – Market Opportunities, and Forecast, 2014-2020”, the global cardiac biomarker market would generate the revenue of $2,085.9 million by 2020, registering a CAGR of 18.9% from 2015 to 2020. 392 kata lagi


Hypertension ≠ High Tension

I have had several clients who have interpreted the medical condition hypertension as ‘high tension’. They thought this was a condition related to stress. And then, several thought the condition was only present when they were feeling  626 kata lagi


Comparison of hospital variation in acute myocardial infarction care and outcome between Sweden and United Kingdom - The BMJ

Interesting article.


“Objective To assess the between hospital variation in use of guideline recommended treatments and clinical outcomes for acute myocardial infarction in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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Most Common Cause of Myocardial Infarction

Inflammation of the coronary arteries (rare); a stab wound to the heart; a blood clot forming elsewhere in the body (for example, in a heart chamber) and traveling to a coronary artery where it gets stuck. 552 kata lagi


Omar Sharif : Omar Sharif's Funeral Takes Place In Cairo

Mourners pray over the coffin of Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, 83, for a funeral procession at the Hussein Tantawi Mosque in Cairo. Sharif, the Egyptian-born actor with the dark, soulful eyes who soared to international stardom in movie epics, “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago,” died in a Cairo hospital of a heart attack,