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Day 72: Peace

My niece Katy is here.  Last night we talked and cried, hugged, talked, and cried.  I slept peacefully and well, woke with a fullness that’s been elusive since my brother’s passing seventy-two days ago.   14 kata lagi

My Story!

(Oh, I Got Some News!) This week's Verse 1 John 5:14-15

What’s one of your very favorite things?

Mine’s a toss-up between dark, strong coffee and chocolate (milk or dark)…and no, I’m not a fan of them being combined. 1.668 kata lagi


Meine erste deutsche Geschichte !

Hallo Leute,

Ich bin neu in Deutschland. Wenn du wissen willst, warum ich hier bin und was ich hier tue, kannst du die folgenden Beiträge (auf Englisch) lesen. 136 kata lagi


Sleep can be such a struggle

I have never truly slept well. As I child I would struggle to get to sleep, it could take hours as my brain would never turn off. 498 kata lagi


Here's My Truth!

I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin anymore!! I’m obese, out of shape, and a, pre diabetic.  I used to do a lot of walking and exercising.   404 kata lagi

My Story

Day 71: Compassion

My brother passed 71 days ago. This morning I’m out early watering on a beautiful day. I see how different are the plants in my yard, different colors, sizes, and types of needles, petals, and leaves. 68 kata lagi

My Story!