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Cowboy Boots.....love em!!

While I was waiting for my daughter to finish riding lessons, I took a picture of my boots….is that kinda weird?  

I do want to be serious for a moment, when you are looking for a horse for a rider that is green( inexperienced) please look for a older horse that has been around the block.   85 kata lagi


When I grow up I want to be a Cowgirl

I have to tell you this little story, when my daughter was graduating from pre school, they lined all the children up a a big stage and called them one by one to the microphone and asked each one what they wanted to be when they grew up…..you guessed it my daughter said a Cowgirl….I was shocked we didn’t live on a farm or have every discussed horses or did she ever talk about a horse………..fast forward 10 years, we are on a farm, I always loved horses and had a pony or two as a young girl, she begins to want to get a horse and we finally purchased our first horse, he was 18 and just what she needed as she was considered green. 47 kata lagi

Один з 365

Колись я хотіла започаткувати традицію – писати про останню п’ятницю червня протягом багатьох-багатьох років. Вийшло написати про цей день два роки поспіль, та минулого року я була настільки зайнята дописанням дисертації і вихованням півторарічки, що у мене просто руки не доходили ні до чого поза цими двома іпостасями. 38 kata lagi


Pomeranian Tory & Xury

♥My Family Members, Tory & Xury♥

The Creamy Color dog is “Tory” and The White Color dog is “Xury.”

They are Brother and Sister.

“Tory” is a boy and “Xury” is a girl…

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In a Blink of an Eye

Yesterday we took a trip to Ghirardelli’s in San Francisco. It had been 3 1/2 years since we were last there celebrating Gavin’s 3rd birthday, while Blake continued to cook in my belly. 19 kata lagi


How to photograph your pet-child

For all the pet parents out there (I know someone out there just read that & rolled their eyes. Lol!) it can be difficult to photograph our furry little ones. 636 kata lagi