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My Connection to Rare Disease Day

Today is Rare Disease Day. It may just be another day for you, but today is a very special day for my family.

My mom was diagnosed with a rare disease in 1987. 440 more words


Baby's first casting!

Since our little angel loves the camera so much! We decided to enter him into a baby competition at our local mall. He absolutely loved the camera, the attention and couldn’t stop giggling, showing off his two first teeth and posing! 144 more words

Diary Of A Fit Mommy

A Mid-Week Baby Update

(If You Have no clue what I’m talking about click HERE to read the three former posts about my baby’s, eh…adventure in the NICU.)

Good news! 601 more words


Mandi manda depan rumah

Musim-musim panas ni apa lagi yg best selain berendam dalam kolam, budak2 3 org ni minta nak mandi kolam, so ayah sediakan kolam depan umah tok, hangpa berendam la sampai kecut hehehe, 17 more words


Akid & Ariff | Merentas Desa | Skfrm 2015

Jumaat 30 Januari 2015
Hari ini Akid dan Ariff dapat hadiah sempena kejohanan merentas desa peringkat sekolah kebangsaan Felda Rimba Mas, boleh tahan juga la stamina depa dua beradik, aku bg sokongan la sepanjang depa dok lari tu, beli air 100 plus botol besaq bagi minum.. 32 more words


Gluten and Dairy Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

February, for a lot of you, has been a cold, snowy misery. What better than warm from the oven cookies to make everything feel better. At my house we love oatmeal cookies. 204 more words

Connie Cockrell

for a moment, it will be a moment ♫

{25 feb 15, 1:06 am}

A long or lenghty day comes to an end. Briscolo, Marley (book cover, book bonus postcard), Furfantino, Nasolo, Pandolo, the 9 Yoshi arrived yesterday plus the Kamek that they sent as a kind gift, one Doggy from Heaven on the screen when nothing else is on the screen, have to sleep now, as I have to. 136 more words

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