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You've Got A Great Brain

Not sure if it’s the consistently inconsistent weather…or the fact that I’m turning 38 at the end of the month…or the fact that the writing part of my new book of poetry is complete…but I’m feeling unable to quiet my mind. 521 kata lagi

On Writing

FamilySearch Book Scanning Service

Among the many cool things in the boxes that belonged to my grandmother was a Family Record Book that her grandfather had kept.  It has a bunch of information that I already knew but it was… 532 kata lagi


My baby bro !

This post is dedicated to the most wonderful brother in the world. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating, he is the most cutest, awesome-st, kick-ass brother in the world. 497 kata lagi

My Family !

A Te(a)rrible Prank

Hello Readers,

Now, today, I will be telling a completely true story. The events that follow, however malicious and frightening, not to mention unbelievable, did indeed happen to me… 392 kata lagi

Ordinary Happenings

Our knitted patchwork blanket

When Stephen and I married in 1991, we each brought to the marriage a stash (a dowry, so to speak) of  children, books and knitted swatches. 1.706 kata lagi

Our Seaview Home

Photograph Showcase: Blanche as a Young Girl

This lovely photo is my great grandmother Blanche Octavia Huband.  It comes from an album page created by her daughter, my grandmother, Mary Margaret Ellis.  Blanche looks like such an interesting little girl – confident but a touch reserved.  88 kata lagi



My Special Dedication

I am very open to talk about my childhood, albeit it’s not a pleasant one. I could write a Mother’s Day post praising my Mum for all the things in the world (and you must have read about a hundred of those by now) but this is not… 1.095 kata lagi