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This thing called 'family'

There are connections that occur when family spends time together. This was reaffirmed to me during the tender time of my uncle Charles’ passing.   I visited his beautiful widow and children at their home.  402 kata lagi

The greatness of home cooked food

‘我从小照顾兄弟姐妹,结了婚看孩子,孩子长大后看你们两个孙子,你们长大后,我得看另外两个小孙子。我这辈子都在照顾家庭,准备三餐给家人。如果有人能够煮东西给我吃,我会很开心。’ -my 阿嫲 1.045 kata lagi

Home Cooked Food

A Remembrance Of My Father This Memorial Day!

Allen K. Smail June 4, 1923 to June 20, 1999. My dad was setting in his car when he had heard of Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor of December 7, 1941. 73 kata lagi

My Family

A Time to Remember

It’s Memorial Day and a time to remember those who have sacrificed and those who died for us.

On this day each year, I always think of the uncle I never knew that died in WWII.  193 kata lagi


Different parent styles

I found this article and really enjoyed reading it. I do not really believe in these parent styles, but if I had to choose one I would choose the attachment and gentle style. 104 kata lagi

My Family

My family

I haven’t told you much about my family, so here it is:

My Mom:

I usually call her mom, mother, or mommy (she doesn’t like Mommy, so I just do it to annoy her).  363 kata lagi

About Me

Sisters in Heart

I know all of you is wondering who is my Best friends . What really is their role in my life. Now, I’ll introduce to all of you who is my Sisters in hear. 201 kata lagi

My Family.