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Helping Children Make Meaning: Tips for Holy Week

When my children were in preschool, I searched high and low for Holy Week stories that I felt would be appropriate. Finding none, we focused on the joy of Palm Sunday and Easter but skipped the events in between. 618 kata lagi

Thoughts On Faith

Spring Break Day Four

Herman Starter Day 7

YAY is active. This was how it looked when I took it out of the fridge this morning. I need to take some out soon or get a bigger jar but the fridge has limited space so I’m reluctant to use a bigger jar. 292 kata lagi


How I Love My Family 'Keluarga Tersayang'

Susah nak gambarkan sebenarnya, bagaimana rasa cinta sesama ahli keluarga, mak ayah dan adik-beradik. Tapi sejauh mana kita berjalan dan melangkah pergi, kita tetap akan berpaling kepada keluarga dan melihat mereka dari jauh dalam erti kerinduan. 256 kata lagi

Asri Yussof

Big Girl Bed

At 2 1/2 Cora is still in her crib.  We asked her pediatrician at her last appointment when she thought the best time to move her would be.  494 kata lagi

My Family

Spring Break Day Three

Today’s breakfast the kids requested oats with blueberries and grapes. Finally cleared the frozen grapes in my fridge. I should make another cherry pie to clear that too. 876 kata lagi



Nhẫn nhịn có thể dẫn đến đổ vỡ. Có gì không vừa lòng nhau thì phải thẳng thắn :)

Nói để còn sửa.

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Daily Stories

The Great Binky Take Away

Before we left for Aruba, the binky attachment was at an all time high.  We told Cora that when we returned, the binky was going to go bye-bye.  387 kata lagi

My Family