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366 Project - August

August brought us the end of summer and a new beginning for our family.We moved into a new home in a new town and Aidan started at a brand new middle school. 28 kata lagi


I am a Failure and that's ok.

So many times in life, our society touts life’s success. It reminds me of the movie Inside Out. Our society is caught in the first half of the movie. 312 kata lagi


Lu masih minat kesini (benua selatan) jo?

Sebuah pertanyaan tiba-tiba di lontarkan kedepan saya. Ya… bicara minat tidak minat ya minat, kenapa? Karena itu impian yang tidak mudah dicapai dan saya orang yang tidak mudah menyerah (setidaknya itu menurut kawan-kawan saya). 471 kata lagi


The Yellow Flowers and You

I have wanted to shoot in this field for quite some time. I am so glad on this day I decided it was time. It was noon and I didn’t care. 130 kata lagi

My Family

Starting School at Watling Street.

I started school at Watling Street Infants, in September 1949. I remember how big this building seemed to be, with it’s high wall around it (I think on two sides) There was an outside toilet block across the playground and the School Hall was entered from the playground. 2.210 kata lagi

My Life

My Mom Who Left Us

What does it feels to be taken care of your mom? What does it feels when your mom is always at your side to support you? 700 kata lagi

My Family

Fall Festival and Party Games

Tonight is our local homeschool group’s family night and the theme is “Fall Fest”!  Our families are encouraged to bring a DIY carnival type game.  Complicated construction or expensive materials are just not necessary for great games!  368 kata lagi

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