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and I'm okay with that ...

I won’t sit here and say that every aspect of motherhood has been simple. Some parts are definitely harder than others. Of course, everything you see on social media tends to blur the reality of motherhood. 642 kata lagi

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Vacation Recap

So I hate to remind you but it’s inauguration day. Kill me. As a distraction I’m writing on all things good in my life recently. Not included, my baby has learned to hold hard objects in his hands and bang them together repeatedly to make a deafening, brain numbing sound. 884 kata lagi



She leans on me sweet smelling
snuffling in my ear she nuzzles
my cheek and says, “Cuute.”

These spontaneous moments of
words show me that all is… 83 kata lagi

It Came Out Of My Head

Hi, it's your Mom again

My 13-year-old always has her headphones on (she’s obsessed with the Broadway musical Hamilton), and I can’t be bothered to go fetch her, so here’s what I’ve started doing. Whatever works, right?


Dan... akhirnya...

Akhirnya perjalanan kami mencari tempat tinggal pun selesai. Kemarin saya mendapatkan informasi jika aplikasi sewa kami dipilih oleh pemilik properti, ahh… senang nya… properti nya memang agak tua, tapi masih rapi dan bersih, dan… yang paling penting adalah anak-anak sekolah hanya jalan kaki 6 menit dan sekolah nya pun memiliki rating 99 out of 100… Wow… 319 kata lagi


A Day off!!

Have the day off today and decided to make some greeting cards for my loved ones back home! I love sending my friends and family cutesy cards but I love getting ones in return even more!



No i mieszkamy na wsi :)

So finally we live in the country side :)

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