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5 of The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard -- BLOGGing December 2017

Christmas music is quite possibly the most underrated genre out there. It’s only socially acceptable to listen to it for maybe two months out of the entire year, so you better make it count while you can! 559 kata lagi


Killer Mixtape by Mirza Yvsof

“You like My Chemical Romance?” said Putra with a benign smile, stopping at the doorway upon entering from the next room. It was one of those unfaltering smiles that would only look gentle and inviting for five seconds; anything longer incites the realisation that it actually looked creepy. 1.218 kata lagi

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Shaping music and the world

Hello all!

I wanted to follow on from one of my previous posts (read here) which talked about how music empowers us and I focused particularly on certain women who I admire and who are working their shiz in the music industry. 1.039 kata lagi

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Your Memory Will Carry On

My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade album was released in 2006, the same year my father died. I first learned about the album weeks after his death. 462 kata lagi


My Chemical Romance: "Gerard's Denver Birthday Party"

ARTIST: My Chemical Romance

DATE: April 11, 2011

VENUE: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado


  1. Look Alive, Sunshine/Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)/Happy Birthday to Gerard Way…
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3 Keys I Got from The True Lives of My Chemical Romance (Book Lessons Series 1.0)

So I just finished reading the book The True Lives of My Chemical Romance by Tom Bryant and it’s a book that revealed some behind the scenes and the history of how MCR became one of the biggest band from 2005-2010++. 636 kata lagi


um. these aren’t exactly clean. so if you’re not comfortable with that, some of these songs probably aren’t for you.


i have friends in holy spaces // panic! 127 kata lagi