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My Chemical Romance: How the Reunion Should Happen

By Jay Tilles

Even after years of inactivity, My Chemical Romance is still considered the voice of a generation and the face of emo. When they broke up in 2013 teens and twenty-somethings around the world let out a collective moan. 905 kata lagi


Underrated My Chemical Romance Songs (Happy March 22nd)

*G note*

Today is March 22, 2017. Do you guys know what that means? No? Just me? Well, allow me to explain.

My Chemical Romance broke up four years ago today. 3.823 kata lagi

Say Goodbye, If You Can

I’ve been attending pretty much every Final Yellowcard show that I can afford to go to, but there’s something that Ryan said before playing the finals songs of the night in San Diego that  stuck with me “We didn’t want you to wonder where we went like it has happened with so many of our favorite bands who have broken up, we wanted to say to thank you for the last 20 years and give you guys one last chance to rock out before we went our separate ways.”* And it made me feel thankful because as a fan I’m getting a chance to close out a chapter in my life where I don’t have this lingering feeling of “I didn’t know this was going to be last time” or “I wish I had gone to that show” like I do with other bands. 104 kata lagi

songs for silent screaming

recently, i’ve been spending a lot of time in my room drowning in my own self-pity. i’m a bit insecure (a bit meaning a lot) and my self confidence has taken a trip down the drain. 283 kata lagi

People Are Freaking Out Over Meryl Streep Yelling Lyrics As A Meme

“Unbe-meme-able!”– AltPress

Oh gosh! The most recent amazing internet “thing” is this screen capture of Meryl Streep at the 2015 SAG awards, paired with the most amazing call-and-responses to our most favourite songs. 262 kata lagi


Music (Motivation) Monday

I like music on my runs, I have certainly not been shy in talking about that. I know for many it’s taboo. It’s not like I have a specific playlist order that needs to play at a specific time to get me through a mile marker, etc. 331 kata lagi