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Legitimate Self Destruction #12 - Songs

This week’s chapter is not as intense as last week’s. This week we get a peak into Gerard’s mind. It’s not particularly deep, and not particularly useful in terms of story telling or character development. 2.238 kata lagi

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My five-year-old brown notebook.

I sat down yesterday with the intention of writing a new song. I had found a nice chord progression a few nights ago and really needed to turn it into something more than just “Simplistic 11 PM thing I did”. 1.179 kata lagi

How Mainstream Emo Made Us Talk About Mental Health

When emo hit its commercial peak in the early 00s, it ushered in a new subculture. Defined by emoting, sexual fluidity (however performative), and oppressively tight jeans, emo’s millennial incarnation was bolstered by the fact that it arrived in tandem with MySpace – the first and only social network to be inherently twinned with music culture. 3.252 kata lagi

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Singsweet Saturday: Mid-May Playlist

Happy May! I’d say “Happy Spring”, but here in Michigan “Spring” means that it’ll be snow one day, a heatwave the next, and then rain the following day. 457 kata lagi


Legitimate Self Destruction #11 - Home?

Fair warning, this chapter contains a suicide attempt. A very badly written, not realistic, suicide attempt. But it may be triggering or unpleasant none the less. 2.621 kata lagi

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SpongeBob SquarePants // My Chemical Romance - "Welcome to the Black Parade" (2006)

As much as I would love to have come up with this genius work, I did not. 27 kata lagi

Lyrics :)

Legitimate Self Destruction - #10 Time Jump

Welcome to the chapter with, probably, the most unrealistic depiction of sibling behavior in this entire story. As an only child, I have very little experience with siblings and the sibling relationship, and thus it’s not terribly realistic. 2.279 kata lagi

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