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Not a Proper Critique

Today’s daily prompt says, “Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.”

I have problem with that prompt since I don’t have specific subject I usually blog about. 304 kata lagi

Just Look at All That Pain

Recently, I go back to my teenaged-MCR-fangirl mode. I binge watch their videos on YouTube: music videos, the making of the music videos, live performance, and interviews. 561 kata lagi

‘I Write Articles Not Tragedies’

Celebrating our relationship with popular music

If you had a good rummage around the nether regions of your wardrobe, would you emerge with a Panic! At The Disco hoodie and a collection of unfathomably tight skinny jeans?   919 kata lagi

University Of Glasgow


When you go and would you even turn to say
“I don’t love you like I did yesterday?” (My Chemical Romance)

Dear you,

Remember me, 177 kata lagi

RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW: My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

For my second venture into untread territory, I take a look at the most “emo” (but not really) band you can imagine with their most iconic album:  1.133 kata lagi

Rock Reviews

Need-To-Know: Creeper

Sometimes bands come along that take you by surprise for resurfacing a sound that really hasn’t been relevant since Morrissey’s face could be purchased un-ironically on a T-shirt. 201 kata lagi