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Rewind: My Chemical Romance—"Welcome To The Black Parade"

By Samantha Capaldi, Feature Photo via Pinterest

I am not sure if I have started listening to My Chemical Romance again because of the looming tenth anniversary of The Black Parade, or if I am just reverting back to my inner emo self from 2006, but “Welcome To The Black Parade” has found itself back on repeat lately. 154 kata lagi


My Halloween Playlist

It’s that time of year again, where the Internet is going wild about spooky scary skeletons and the shops are throwing pumpkins and sweets at you upon entry. 247 kata lagi

Alice Cooper

10 Years of 'The Black Parade'

July 20th, in the year of our Lord 2016, an instrumental version of the intro to “Welcome to the Black Parade” was played in a video shared over a quarter of a million times on Facebook.  783 kata lagi


10 Halloween Songs to Bump in the Night

October is in full swing, and in another week, we’ll all be clad in our favorite costumes, celebrating the spookiest of holidays. To get you ready for your next Halloween bash, we’ve put together a monstrous list of the most terrifying pop punk and post-hardcore songs to ever walk the earth. 669 kata lagi


Song Lyric Sunday - I don't Love You by My Chemical Romance

This might seem like an odd choice for this week’s theme, but I promise there’s a story.  Also, I’m not sure how to take this band seriously.   500 kata lagi


Revisiting MCR’s ‘The Black Parade’

No matter how hard we try to resurrect our favourite split-up bands, sometimes we just have to accept the truth and let the once bandmates follow their solo paths. 1.066 kata lagi


I Wanna Cry For No Reason 

​I just wanna go home and cry. Put on the saddest maybe even angriest songs I can possibly find and just cry.
Possible candidates:
I Never Cry by Alice Cooper… 42 kata lagi