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Talking about Fandom: the Feels

In fandom there is the term “feeling” which is shortened to “feels”. It is that moment when you feel overwhelmed by something. You may call it sadness but it’s different kind of sadness. 337 kata lagi

The Music Guide - My Chemical Romance

There are rumours spreading left right and centre this week that My Chemical Romance could be reforming 3 years after they announced their break up. This week they released a very short video of a flag with a black cross with the MCR logo waving in the wind with the date 9/23/16 . 219 kata lagi


Art Is The Weapon/The Return of The Black Parade

Despite the complete and utter chaos that’s been going on in the world recently, there’s one thing we can fall back on, and that’s music. Comparatively, reading a book gives you that feeling in which you can essentially get lost in the story and escape momentarily. 248 kata lagi


I Just Wanna Be Mad

So I’ve always had trouble both expressing and letting go of anger, pain, humiliation, hatred, and sadness.

I really have.  I don’t know how to express what I’m feeling, so I keep it all bottled up inside because I’m caught up in this complex where my feelings aren’t valid.   422 kata lagi


My Chemical Romance isn't reuniting.

It’s sad to say, but the video that My Chemical Romance recently put on their Facebook page was all but a teaser trailer for a 10th Anniversary re-issue of… 57 kata lagi


My Chemical Romance Responds To Reunion Rumors

My Chemical Romance released a statement on Twitter confirming that the band will not be reuniting or having a tour in the future.

Read my article on Celebmix here:



Is MCR Getting Back Together?

Three years ago on 22nd March 2013, rock band My Chemical Romance closed their curtains for the final time. Fans went crazy as they had developed a loyal following that felt like MCR still had more ideas. 192 kata lagi