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So lately, I have been struggling with a lot of things like stress and being overwhelmed and being sick. I have been trying for so long to pretend that everything is fine, when in reality, it isn’t.

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Playlist: The Essential Emo

Break out your skate shoes and black eyeliner! We are on the brink of an “emo revival.” Wait, what? Didn’t emo happen like five minutes ago? 120 more words


Abigail Smith

Before passing away from her cancer, Abigail Smith left behind a message that’s so inspiring, it might just make you break down. It made me. Her faith was unshakable and reminded me of my mother’s. 73 more words

Dropping The Bomb

My fave song right now. Missing You – All Time Low

You know that feeling you get when a band all of a sudden decides to drop a bomb on you that they are breaking up or that a member suddenly decides to leave that band. 252 more words



“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary” ~Gerard Way

When asked “Who is your hero?” many people will say their mother or father, sometimes an aunt, uncle, or grandparent. 1.401 more words


Gerard Way is A G-Dragon Fan

Gerard Way is a fan of G-Dragon. He kind of had a moment on Twitter. 146 more words