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Here's how often the second season of Netflix's "Narcos" was pirated online

A lot of people watched the second season of the hit Netflix series Narcos without paying for it. The entire series or parts of it were streamed, downloaded or torrented 6.4 million times on sites other than Netflix… 279 kata lagi

High rents killing band culture

Escalating property prices and escalating rental rates have many effects. The Auckland band scene is just one of them.

@wallacelchapman Auckland, New Zealand

HERE’s AKL issue.

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Indians watch stolen films on desktops

More than 68 per cent of the visits Indians made to watch pirated films and TV shows were on a desktop. That is very surprising for a country that experts say is high on mobile… 175 kata lagi


Specials - Releases im August

Heute gibt es natürlich ein Special. Dieses Mal habe ich mir etwas Neues überlegt. Ich habe euch eine Liste der nächsten Releases, sprich im August, erstellt. 437 kata lagi

Ostani kraj mene

Svi smo se makar jedanput zapitali: Kada bismo mogli da se vratimo kroz vrijeme, da li bismo nešto promijenili u našem životu? Kada bismo mogli, da li bismo izbrisali nešto zbog čega smo patili, zbog čega smo se kajali? 101 kata lagi

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Get your Groovin' On

Image credit – GTM website

The anticipated Adelaide festival Groovin’ The Moo (GTM) is here again for another year, and boy are we excited for the line up! 146 kata lagi