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Tjokroaminoto dan Orang-Orang di Sekelilingnya

Hanoman itu, bagi beliau, merupakan simbol di dalam perjuangannya membela bangsa Indonesia dari penindasan penjajah Belanda.

Beberapa hari yang lalu, aku berkesempatan menyaksikan film “Tjokroaminoto : Guru Bangsa”.

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How I met my Rockstar/Husband

I had been back in South Africa for almost a year… and I was staying with my friend at the time, while I finished my studies! 567 more words

THE breakup, a few years later.

I want to remember, when I know that I can’t go back.

Memories of what you were to me are fading. I know we did a lot of things but I don’t know exactly what. 225 more words

Whiskey & Ice.

I don’t do this.

I hate this in other people.

I’m always on the other side of this heart ache. I never intentionally do it for fun… But I don’t really care if I hurt them or not. 351 more words