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MUSO: UJ's sweetest music escape

By Naomi Bango

To blur the lines between music genres, The Music Society (MUSO) of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) collaborated with The Collective and 4Taste at Auckland Park(APK) campus in their jam session on Friday. 239 kata lagi


JASHUJAN, Jangan Sok Tahu dan Sok Jadi korban

30 September 1948.
Setelah Madiun dikuasai pasukan Siliwangi dan Brawijaya, orang-orang komunis berpencar. Pada pekan ke dua oktober 1948, Musso dan Amir Syarifuddin, dua pucuk pimpinan PKI berselisih paham. 944 kata lagi


Some Albums I’m newly or forever in love with.

I’ll keep updating this when I find any new stuff I’m inspired by.

I know I often get stuck with finding new music, and I get bored with my current playlists and want something new to listen to, so this is to stimulate some exploration for my fellow muso’s! 531 kata lagi


A Muso's Tale

Dearest Mentor 

These notes flow like 
Blooming lilies dancing 
To kisses from dawns rays 

My undying gratitude 
For the precious lessons 
Pleasant sessions forever 
Etched into soulful memories  7 kata lagi


One of the world’s wealthiest countries is also one of its biggest online pirates

Piracy has been dying for years, thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Spotify that offer a convenient and affordable buffet of movies, TV shows, and music. 379 kata lagi

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