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Ramadan Tings

Hello people.

Yeah, um… missed like two weeks of blogging and I’m sorry. My laptop charger broke *cough cough Nutella* and blogging on my phone is quite hard for me because I end up using text abbreviations for the whole post and then it doesn’t seem right. 652 kata lagi


Myths: Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Myth: ” a widely held but false belief or idea,” or ” a traditional story.” Sometimes there is truth to them; other times they are completely fabricated. 565 kata lagi


7 Ways to share your faith with Muslims--by Trevor Castor

  1. Share your testimony A couple things to keep in mind, do not glorify your sinful life. “Amazing” testimonies about deliverance from addictions and immorality will not usually be effective with Muslims.
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Abuse in Relationships in the Name of Religion

Parents use religion as a way of abusing their kids, as a way of threatening them. They use fear motivation by instilling fear in a person such as if you get caught, you will be punished. 532 kata lagi



Due to the influx of fizzy beverages in our country, Hasia Ahmed Farouta is bringing us an alternative by establishing Frutta Juice Hub. A company that produces juice from fruits and natural ingredients. 279 kata lagi


Please pray for these ministries in East Africa

Please join me in praying for Dr. Goitom B. Bahta (zegomb@yahoo.com)  in East Africa. He is the founder and senior pastor of Heavenly Peace Gospel Ministries and the president of Heavenly Peace Theological Seminary. 187 kata lagi