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Martyred for Jesus: Do the Deaths of the Disciples Demonstrate the Resurrection Happened?

When I originally started this blog I had no plans of venturing into the muddy waters of Christian apologetics. Though I’ve been reading on and studying the topic for about seventeen years, my obsession as of late has been the biblical texts themselves and how to understand them properly. 4.593 kata lagi

Christian Apologetics

Glorious Day of Eid ul Fitr


The Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam is reported to have said, “And then the night of Eidul fitr, the night that is called Laylatul Jaa’izah (night of prize giving), comes along. 614 kata lagi


Arabization & Islamization

Many of us are confused. Who is a Muslim? Who is an Arab? Are Arabs Muslims and  / or Muslims Arabs?

Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims… 1.545 kata lagi

The Middle East

Islam - The Undeniable Truth - A quick lesson in the history of Islam - WS 2015 Brigitte Gabriel

Islam – The Undeniable Truth – A quick lesson in the history of Islam – WS 2015 Brigitte Gabriel

Jack Integrity

Published on Oct 1, 2015… 430 kata lagi

Ramadan Challenge: Know & Love the Prophet ﷺ

By Umm Ibrahim

He is a man who is so easy to love. He is a man whose beauty, perfection and love for us shines through so clearly, yet our hearts seem to be blinded. 312 kata lagi


The Light Personified

In today’s day and age islam is looked up with suspicion, fear and hate. Muslims are attacked at two fronts. A group of extremist misinterpreters of the religion, our Prophet ﷺ warned us against and on the other hand is a band of preposterous and hateful people assaulting muslims in the name of retribution. 850 kata lagi


CAGE Director Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ Over Refusal To Submit Passwords

The International Director of the advocacy group CAGE pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to charges relating to refusing to hand over passwords during a Schedule 7 interrogation in November 2016. 235 kata lagi