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Dealing with haters.

Haters – who are they and how do you deal with them?

With every step we take in this world, we have some people in our lives who are constantly hating on us, and belittling everything we do. 324 kata lagi

Self Help

Hijrah dan Kepemimpinan

Harry Santosa – Millenial Learning Center
25 Sep 2016

Perjalanan hijrahnya Nabi Musa AS amat berbeda dengan perjalanan hijrahnya Nabi Muhammad SAW. Kita dapat dengan mudah membaca kedua kisah ini baik di dalam alQuran maupun alHadits, lalu membandingkannya, bahkan menceritakannya pada anak anak kita. 849 kata lagi

Human Being

The bliss of Paradise 

It was said: Describe to me the bliss of paradise. He said: There in resides the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. ❤



AL-Quran is the Muslim holy book were received by the Prophet. Koran serves as a benchmark and guide the lives of Muslims. The holy book contains the principal teachings of Islam which includes faith, laws, ordinances of worship, and other aspects concerning human life, both in relation to the Khaliq, as well as with fellow human beings and other creatures. 247 kata lagi


DHQuote by Donie Hulalata

Dari Idul Fitri, kita belajar menahan hawa nafsu. Dari Idul Adha, kita belajar ikhlas. Dari Tahun Baru Islam, kita belajar kesederhanaan. Dari Maulud Nabi Muhammad SAW, kita belajar bersyukur.

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Relationship With Allah

The way a person is reflects their own relationship with Allah and following the Sunnah.

For example, would a person go to work without brushing their teeth? 136 kata lagi


Making Du'a After Fard Salaah

There is no evidence to suggest that the Prophet (saw) ever made du’a after the fard salaah in jamaah. Neither on the Sahaabah.

If one does make du’a by themselves once in a while after the fard salaah this is ok but if they do it repeatedly or believe it to be Sunnah, this could become a bid’ah. 31 kata lagi