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Bilberry và blueberry có bề ngoài gần giống nhau. Tuy nhiên tác dụng của chúng đối với sức khỏe lại rất khác nhau..

Bilberry và blueberry có vẻ bề ngoài gần giống nhau và cùng một họ, tuy nhiên bilberry đã được chứng minh là có lợi đối với sức khỏe của mắt. 1.167 kata lagi

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How To Play Soccer

(Written by Haziq Iqbal)

Soccer, also known as football or fútbol everywhere besides the Unite States of America, Canada and Australia, is a fun, competitive game. 1.354 kata lagi

5 Stocks Wall Street 'Super Investors' Are Buying This Quarter

Like any business, the world of investing has its share of rock stars: Renowned investors who have struck gold over the years for their clients and piled up sensational long-term results. 1.131 kata lagi


Today's Trades: 11/20/17

Momentum A: This morning we closed the MU position at $46.51 for a profit of $93.18 or 9.68% after commissions. We are still holding on to ZAGG which closed today at $21.95, up 35.49% since we bought the stock on October 9, 2017. 245 kata lagi

Momentum Style A

Our Strategy For Monday, November 20, 2017.

Momentum A: We will close the MU position at the open. ZAGG is still the best option for this strategy. Instead of buying more, we will move the closing date of our ZAGG position to December 18, 2017. 144 kata lagi

Momentum Style A

When Nothing Is Original, Only Innovative

Recently Machine Head released a single from their upcoming album. You can check it out below. Almost the moment it came out people, myself included, noticed the striking similarities between the main riff and Strapping Young Lad’s main riff from “Love?”. 836 kata lagi

Oh Noes! An Uninvited Opinion