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Multimedia applications that I use, and why ?

When we talk about GNU/Linux to a normal computer user, the first thing he might say will be like “Linux is for programmers and all. I just want to use computer in a general way and Linux is not good for it”. 1.077 kata lagi


Interiors of Mahindra U321 MPV spied

There has been a lot of buzz regarding Mahindra’s upcoming MPV (codename: U321) and a lot of spy shots prevail on internet but this is the first time that interiors of the new car have been spied. 242 kata lagi


Play YouTube Videos in MPV

  • Install Violentmonkey into your browser and add below mentioned JavaScript script into it.
  • Create /usr/bin/ytvideo.sh script handler for ytvideo:// URLs using below mentioned Shell code.
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The SUV: Reminders and criticisms

Sam Spiller

Many of you dear readers may not recall this, but in my review of the Hyundai Creta a few months back, I took a few shots at how the preferred type of car for the commuting city soccer mom was a either a mini- or regular-sized SUV, even though the majority of SUVs driven by this demographic have no business whatsoever being in an urban environment. 954 kata lagi

South Africa

Mitsubishi Introduced The First Compact MPV in Indonesia, Xpander

Indonesia is a country that likes MPVs so much. You can see MPVs everywhere in the South East Asia country. No wonder many carmakers (especially Japanese) offer the Multi Purpose Vehicle in various dimensions from compact to luxury. 393 kata lagi