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Multimedia applications that I use, and why ?

When we talk about GNU/Linux to a normal computer user, the first thing he might say will be like “Linux is for programmers and all. I just want to use computer in a general way and Linux is not good for it”. 1.077 kata lagi


Interiors of Mahindra U321 MPV spied

There has been a lot of buzz regarding Mahindra’s upcoming MPV (codename: U321) and a lot of spy shots prevail on internet but this is the first time that interiors of the new car have been spied. 242 kata lagi


Play YouTube Videos in MPV

  • Install Violentmonkey into your browser and add below mentioned JavaScript script into it.
  • Create /usr/bin/ytvideo.sh script handler for ytvideo:// URLs using below mentioned Shell code.
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