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Mike Madden | Senior Advisor Sharon Burke at New America Says Ending the Worst Excesses of the War on Terror, Including Torture, Would Be “Concessions to ISIS”

Ms. Burke appeared on MPR News on February 1, 2017, to address the national security question posed by host Kerri Miller: “Do Trump’s immigration policies make us safer?” 897 kata lagi

U.S. Foreign Policy

Mpr thinks of poetry

Remember Melville died penniless
and Bukowski in CA without mind;
Nowadays they still talk way up high
the overrated, alas they forget mine.

Music: Changes, by Charles Bradley

Thank goodness for The Current, and Minnesota Public Radio.

Without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon the greatness that is Charles Bradley. I wouldn’t have investigated him further, and I wouldn’t have discovered just how much GREAT music he has put out over his career. 208 kata lagi


Pembangunan Nasional 'Abu-Abu', GBHN Dimana Engkau?

Pemerintahan yang baik dan memiliki efektifitas bekerja tentunya harus bisa mengkombinasikan antara tujuan bernegara serta menyejahteraakan rakyat. Artinya, pejabat negara harus memulai mendengar aspirasi rakyatnya sebelum memulai menjalankan amanah jabatannya. 798 kata lagi

Khas Syukronachmad

Interview at Cracking the Cover

I did an interview for Cracking the Cover recently. You can read the post or, if you want more, the full Q & A. There’s a fair bit of linguistics and music. 78 kata lagi


Hear Me on MPR Tomorrow!

I’m going to be interviewed about Wildings on Minnesota Public Radio tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 7th, at 10:00am Minnesota time (8:00am Pacific, 11:00am on the East Coast, etc.)! 42 kata lagi

I listened to @kerriMPR speak with neuroscientist and a dance critic the other day. They tried to flesh out this word that moves through conversations of spirituality, art, dance, athletics, hospitality… 909 kata lagi