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Dubin-Bruskin Franchomme concert performance on APR’s Performance Today: live broadcast and replay for 30 days @FredChildPT @perf_today

This month, hear my performance with Julia Bruskin of Franchomme’s Nocturne Op. 14, No. 1 on Fred Child’s Performance Today!  We were on air on MPR and its many affiliated stations on August 15, 2017, and for the next 30 days, you can listen to the broadcast… 82 kata lagi


Jokowi - JK Kenakan Pakaian Adat Saat Hadiri Sidang Tahunan MPR

Kompasnews – Presiden  Joko Widodo dan Wakil Presiden Jusuf Kalla “bertukar” pakaian adat saat menghadiri Sidang Tahunan MPR dan Sidang Bersama DPR-DPD pada Rabu (16/8/2017). 184 kata lagi


Sale of Products after Introduction of GST 

On account of implementation of GST there may be instances where the retail sale price printed on pre-packaged commodity is required to be changed. The Department has therefore issued an order according to which, manufacturers/packers/importers of pre-packaged commodities are to declare the revised retail sale price (MRP), by way of stamping or putting sticker or online printing, as the case may be, on the unsold stock… 314 kata lagi


The Justine Damond Case, #6: Transforming Policing, Demonstrating Allegiance

I’m only upset because I didn’t think of it. Several of these signs were posted, professionally, around the Twin Cities. I suspect they’ve been taken down already by embarrassed authorities, and will almost certainly be, ever after, valuable collector’s items. 1.234 kata lagi

Barack Obama

St. Thomas Program Training The Next Generation Of Journalists

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s no secret, over the past several months there’s been criticism of the news media, but that hasn’t stopped a group of young journalists. 477 kata lagi


go-job : LCC 4 Pilar MPR RI

Hello everyone, gue balik lagi dengan rubrik yang ditunggu-tunggu (padahal cuma dua anon askfm yang minta) yaitu go-job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Kali ini gue bakal cerita tentang apasih itu 4 Pilar, tahapan lomba, sama tips-tips buat kalian mempersiapkan lombanya. 898 kata lagi


Jurnal Presiden KM ITB #2: Aksi 19 Mei & Indonesia Tetap Bersatu (Podcast Indonesia)

Jurnal Presiden KM ITB adalah sebuah project podcast yang berisi tentang obrolan saya bersama Ardhi Rasy Wardhana sebagai Presiden KM ITB tahun 2017

Melanjutkan percakapan sebelumnya, kami membahas Aksi Anti Serampangan secara mendetail mulai dari forbas dan sejarahnya, advokasi di dalam gedung DPR/MPR hinnga peran Media dalam suatu aksi.

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